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It is not uncommon for marriages to get a little cold in the bedroom after a few years, even when the wife is as hot as Isabelle Deltore is. But after getting turned down for sex over and over again, Isabelles husband is fed up. He wants her to help keep the fire alive. Isabelle concedes to give him the pussy he has been deprived of, but under one condition. She still has to finish her chores. That is not a problem for her husband! She folds clothes while riding his throbbing thick stick, making sure to get every crease out as she feels his cock inside her. Isabelle looks fine as hell with her long blonde hair as she gets that linen taken care of while taking this desperate husbands D. Then, she does some dishes while he sticks his Swiffer in her snatch from behind. I guess every marriage has its compromises!
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My laptop gave up so I walked across the street to my friend's house to borrow her laptop. Her dad opened the door and told me she’s not home and asked if he can help me with anything. I said I wanted to borrow her laptop so he invited me in. I always thought of Mr. Parker as a dad I’d like to fuck. I never expected to find myself alone with him knowing the house will be empty for a while. We sat down in the living room and the longer we talked the hornier I got. He was obviously checking me out which made me just want him more. I noticed he must be into my feet because he couldn't take his eyes off of them since I walked through the door. When I started to rub them on his lap he got a massive boner. Now I really wanted to see how big his cock is. And I was right it was huge. I could barely fit in my mouth but it was perfect for wrapping my sexy french pedicured toes around. My feet drove him crazy so he ended up fucking me really good. I came all over his cock so many times before he drenched my feet in his warm cum. Omg, I don’t even want to think about if my friend knew I fucked her dad. But honestly it was so worth it!
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Lana Rhoades gets her holes destroyed by Steve Markus! Lana is looking sexy as ever in her black lace body stocking that leaves her perfect tits exposed and thigh high boots. She teases by the pool and shows off her lustrous curves then makes her way over to the lounge where she meets up with Steve Markus. Steve pulls his cock out right away as Markus buries his face between Lana's ass cheeks. Lana starts sucking that big dick while Markus pulls his cock out and slides it right into Lana's tight little pussy. Then Lana drops to her knees to service both of those big cocks at the same time. They take turns fucking her face then make their way upstairs to the bedroom. Steve pounds Lana from behind as Markus feverishly shoves hid dick deep down her throat. The guys take turns having their way her her horny pussy then Lana begs them to penetrate her beautiful backdoor. Lana takes both dicks deep in her asshole before Steve Markus take this horny slut to DP heaven! She proves she can handle two huge cocks at the same time then gets her asshole filled up with both of their huge loads
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