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Mientras el Rey y su querida esposa la Reina deciden que al final copularán delante de toda España en vivo y en directo, Torrente ve en televisión una entrevista que le están haciendo al Dioni, el ladrón del furgón. En su entrevista dice que el sabe más cosas de las que la gente cree. Eso le hace pensar a José Luís Torrente, que puede que tenga alguna pista sobre el paradero del Chihuahua. Así que decide ir a por el, y como no, invitarlo a putas, a ver si le saca alguna información.
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Patrick here, as I'm sitting in our office I get a special phone call. It's Abby Lee Brazil! The sexiest Brazilian babe I've ever seen. Abby is the real deal. She's beautiful and everything we love here at Philavise. She was telling me how she loves the site and just wants to hang out. Abby is such a cool model.The first person I call is Jordan. He was supposed to help out his ex gf who was being nasty at the moment. Well, that definitely wasn't going to happen. Jordan and I were just chillin at our friends place when we get a special knock on the door. The rest is history.
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Чернокожая Luxury Amore ублажает своего белого господина. Сосёт его член, тщательно вылизывает ему жопу, сквиртит, дрочит его член между своих грудей, разрешает ему сесть на своё лицо и снова начинает целовать и лизать его задницу. А напоследок покорно принимает "золотой дождь", позволяя ему помочиться на своё лицо и большую грудь.
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Marsha was making a sandwich for her man when she realized she fucked up big time - she put mustard on the bread when he doesn't like mustard - it was also the last pieces of bread they had. Marsha crawled to her master and apologized but it wasn't enough! He grabbed her by the hair, slapped her and commanded her to kiss his feet! Marsha bent over like a good little whore and took a spanking from his belt before she stuffed her mouth with his gigantic dick, making her tear up! Marsha got dominated by her man - fucked, spanked, choked, spit on and muffled with her own panties! She kept apologizing the whole time she was getting disciplined!
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If you couldnt tell from the beginning of this scene, Cassandra Nix is into some rough, barbaric and filthy sex! From torn up fishnets to ball gags there is nothing this girl wont do in the name of being dirty! Being tied up is nothing to Cassandra and she loves it when shes roughed up and she cant do anything about it! Our boy bent her over the bathtub and started off slow - until he almost tore her a new vagina and held her head under water while fucking her! Our boy noticed how tight and pretty Cassandras butthole was, so he decided to stretch it out by shoving his massive cock deep in her ass! This scene is NUTS!
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