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Cute girlfriends Ginger Mary and Stasey are busy cooking up mischief, as “Kitchen Lessons” directed by Xanthus begins. Sweet blonde Stasey grabs her redhead sweetheart for a kiss and cuddle, neglecting their pancakes for a moment as their mutual lust grows. They pause to eat their culinary creations, but after a few mouthfuls they are back to kissing, pulling off each other’s t-shirts and pressing their beautiful breasts together. Ginger Mary sits up on the kitchen counter, tugging her panties aside so Stasey can lick and rub her shaved pussy. The adorable redhead sucks Stasey’s big nipples, then pulls her panties down and eats her pussy avidly. She takes some more licking herself, before they lie side by side to fingerbang each other. They finish in scissors, grinding together wildly.
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Stunning brunette Verona Sky watches in tears as Blue Angel packs her bags. It’s a tempestuous start to Nik Fox’s erotic movie “Please Don’t Go,” and one that leads to the hottest make-up sex, as the gorgeous blonde relents and returns to her lesbian lover’s bed. She kisses Verona gently at first, their passion rising rapidly. Pulling her babydoll lingerie down, she fondles her beautiful breasts and sucks her hugely erect nipples avidly. Verona responds by undressing her girlfriend, nuzzling her puffy nipples. Blue Angel’s eyes blaze with desire as she unties Verona’s frilly panties and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, making her moan with horny excitement. Verona is soon dripping wet as her sweetheart licks and fingerbangs her to a climax. Now Verona repays the attention with interest, tonguing Blue Angel’s splayed pussy and tight asshole voraciously, then licking her clit as she frigs her to an explosive orgasm.
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Cute Lena Reif and Olivia Sin are playing cards, as episode four of Sandra Shine’s erotic series “Loving Couples” begins. When sexy Lena loses, sweet blonde Olivia consoles her in the most adorable way, tugging on her long braid as she kisses her tenderly. She undresses Lena, lapping at her stiffening nipples, pulling off her panties and licking her shaved pussy skilfully. Lena’s gorgeous face is a picture of bliss as Olivia’s tongue works its magic. Now Olivia sits astride Lena’s face as the hot brunette eats her shaved pussy, licking her clit rapidly. Olivia turns around into a sixty-nine, perfect ass up as she spreads Lena’s hot pink slit open, thrusts a couple of fingers inside and drives her to a powerful orgasm.
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Being an adult talent agent is a difficult job. Booking talent to fuck every other guy except yourself. "Why don't I get any pussy?" All those beautiful women coming through the office. You do all the work for them and what thanks do you get? 10 - 15 percent of their income? That's not enough.
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Good friends Ella and Carol want to take their friendship to the next level. They both caress each other as they strip naked and Ella starts to lick Carol's ass hole. She loves rimming and follows up with ass fingering and these playful girls switch places so that Ella enjoys the same treatment! Using a pink dildo, Ella inserts it into Carol's ass and really enjoys giving her pleasure. Carol then bends Ella over, on her back as she slides a red vibrator in her ass afterwards! These girls are very fair when it comes to anal toy play! They switch between each other as they get off using the red vibrator and after they have finished, this erotic couple kiss.
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Dark haired hotties Lexi Dona and Greenvelle tease each other while wearing lingerie on the sofa. Both girls can't wait to get more intimate with each other and soon, Lexi Dona is lying on the sofa while Greenvelle licks her little ass! Lexi returns the favour and soon she has her finger deep in Greenvelle's ass. Using a beaded sex toy, she inserts it into Greenvelle's hole and makes her lick her own juices. Lexi enjoys being rimmed then Greenvelle inserts a big black pole up inside her ass making her groan! Both girls share this dildo and really enjoy getting their asses filled and licked even more!
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Cute redhead Elin Flame is distracted from her studies in the most delightful way by adorable blonde Zazie S. As Nik Fox’s hot lesbian movie “My Geeky Girl” begins, the way Zazie’s tight t-shirt hugs her perky, bra-less breasts makes it very difficult for her girlfriend to concentrate. Before long, Elin succumbs to temptation and returns Zazie’s kisses, their mutual passion growing rapidly. Zazie pulls her sweetheart’s top down and lavishes attention on her beautiful breasts, then offers her own nipples to Elin’s eager mouth. She kneels between Elin’s spread thighs and tugs her panties aside to lick her prominent clit. The redhead gasps with arousal as her lover eats her pussy skilfully, making her body flood with intense pleasure. Now Elin kisses her way down to Zazie’s hot pussy, licking with great focus, making the sexy blonde shiver and moan through a powerful orgasm. Zazie lies back and Elin straddles her face in a sixty-nine so they can eat each other in unison, tongues and fingers going deep as they make each other cum again. It was just the study break Elin needed…
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Stunning Stacy Bloom takes a bath, soaping up her beautiful big breasts, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie “Watch Me Get Wet” begins. As she steps out of the tub, she’s watched appreciatively by Elina De Lion. The lovers kiss, Stacy peeling off her sweetheart’s sexy lingerie, licking her stiff nipples and shaved pussy. She sucks the tall, slender brunette’s prominent clit and fingers her to a fierce orgasm, then lies back to get pampered. Elina laps at her hot pussy with its neat dark bush, making her squirm and gasp. She straddles Stacy in a sixty-nine, riding her face as she eats and frigs her juicy slit until they each climax on the other’s tongue.
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