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Alexa Nova and Summer Hart have a contentious relationship. Alexa keeps sneaking into Summers place to steal her underwear, and Summer is starting to feel a little uncomfortable. So, when Summer is trying to have some alone time by riding a dildo in the shower, she is pissed to find Alexa licking the pussy juice off of it! She grabs Alexa and throws her on her bed, sitting on her face for a domineering muff munching session. She makes the girl cum over and over, using every bit of her sexual prowess along the way. Then, she assures Alexa that next time all she has to do is ask and Summer will rock her world again!
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Turning around on her heels, Lotte smiles as she pulls down her shorts, revealing her pink panties. Slowly taking off her top, she uncovers her round breasts and perky nipples before taking off her panties and laying completely naked on the couch.
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Cz Bliss Part 1 - novinka studia AYOR pro září 2013. Je pozdě večer a mladík bloudí lesem, až narazí na osamělý statek, kde se svítí. Rozhodne se vejít. Statek je plný nadržených kluků, co myslí jen na jedno. Jak to asi dopadne? Originál CZ zvuk. Formát 16:9, 9 herců do 25-let.
En Bliss 1 is the latest AYOR release that brings you fresh looking young European guys. These guys give it all they've got in two hours of hot action. They blow dick, rim tight bolt holes and fuck each other in sexy two and threeways. To watch these boys in action is pure Bliss!
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