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Fresh from fucking Betty, Archie rushes to the sauna where Veronica is trapped. He finds Veronica passed out, so he carries her inside and tries to figure out what to do next. Veronica comes to and tries to talk to Archie, but Archie is much more concerned for Veronica's health than about whatever she has to say. Once Archie has confirmed that Veronica will be okay, he tries to confess that he has had sex with Betty. Before he can get the words out, Veronica interrupts him to say that she doesn't want another girl to steal him away.
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Wild Australian beauty Isabelle Deltore returns to Cherry Pimps with a bang! This hot babe can not wait to get naked with voluptuous hottie Melissa Lynn. The girls matched their outfits and even their lingerie once those tops and tight little shorts decide to come off! Melissa can not get enough of Isabelles beauty perky tits and wants to just suck on those nipples all day! The girls take turns using their toys to see who can cum the fastest and the hardest before getting together to scissor with a big dildo and an Hitachi to help them along. These girls love the sensual touch and can not wait to cum with you! Archive from 6-17-2019 5pm LIVE show!
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