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Видео со съемок "Wank Party #105". Акцента на сексе в ролике нет, в основном показано, как проходят съемки, как парни расслабляются, готовятся, общаются между собой на чешском (скорее всего). Жаль, что нет субтитров, но некоторые созвучные фразы можно уловить, как то "представь себе бабу", "не бойся" и т.д. Оригинальное описание с сайта A few months back we had a lovely Wank Party, #105, with Hugo Antonin, Leo Lombar, Roman Baren and Pavel Sora. Now we can present a very nice backstage video of that scene. In the video we are able to see the guys relaxing as they smoke their cigarettes before filming, and as they get set up to start the scene. As they interact with the crew and each other we can enjoy some hot sucking from Hugo and Pavel before they are joined by the others. The guys have to go in and out, as directed to make sure they get things right. They stop to take photos too as the scene progresses,with lots of chat and laughter. Wiith lots of chat and interaction and much hot sexy we are able see how the scene was created. It ends, as ever with the cumshots too. Доп. информация: Дата выхода ролика на официальном сайте - 12.07.2019
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Were not sure if its because its his first time in front of our team or if its Peters beauty thats making this boy nervious, but not to worry, this soon passes as Peter kisses and puts his hand over his crotch, soon to be replaced by his mouth sucking every inch of this perfect boys dick. With some rimming Peters hole would appear to be ready to be fucked, and Peter loves every moment of it, firstly being fucked, then riding to later be fucked like the true bottom he is in doggy possition. No need to say by the relentless fuck its not long before both lads are shooting their loads!
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Pierce Paris is addicted to watching porn on his computer and he doesnt care who knows it. He is very proud of his huge massive cock. His best friend and roommate Taye Scott walks in on Pierce doing his thing. Instead of freaking out he joins Pierce for a one on one jack off session that turns into hot ass eating deep throating and Taye getting his perfect round ass fucked big time by Pierces huge cock.
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Scott Finn arrives to see Quentin Gainz, but finds him in the shower. Scott loves what he sees, as Quentin washes his amazing body. Hes nearly caught, and runs off to watch TV. Meanwhile, at the pool, Ian Oakley and Evan Landers are enjoying the Summer sun. Quentin gets out of the shower and sits with Scott to watch some TV. After a quick chat, Quenin lets Scott know he caught him looking, but that he liked it and wants more. Scott jumps at the chance to start sucking. The boys at the pool start to wonder why Scott hasnt shown up yet, and go inside to explore. Ian and Evan are surprised to find Scott blowing Quentin, but decide to jump right in to the fun. Its the time of Quentins life, as the boys take turns kissing, sucking, and rimming him. The guys take turns on each other, fucking all over the couch. After an epic fuck, they all retreat to the pool for more fun in the sun!
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