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Having lost his investments, the businessman finds solace in the arms of a young Secretary. The ardent beauty knows how to knock out from the head of the man all superfluous thoughts, except one- " I Want!".
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Gorgeous babe Isabella Crystin walks in on her sexy girlfriend Billie Star as she relaxes on the bed. Isabella is in the mood for some fun so she kisses Billie to see if she wants to play! Billie is more than up for it but this time she decides to blindfold Isabella and tells her to find her while Billie strips naked and hides over the other side of the room! Playful Billie climbs up onto the bed and Isabella puts out her hands to find her when Billie pisses over them and Isabellas tank top! The blindfold soon comes off and Isabella is very receptive of Billies piss play! These gorgeous lesbians start to strip off and taste the golden piss which has soaked through Isabellas tank top. Next, Isabella stands over a naked Billie and pees through her hotpants, letting her juices trickle down over Billie, then leans down so that Billie can lick her crotch of her denims. When both girls are naked, Isabella holds a jug under Billie who is bent over doggystyle as she pisses right into it, then Isabella pours some into a glass before taking a taste of her piss in mouth, while pouring the remaining golden juices from the jug into Billies mouth and over her tits! Isabella lays back on the bed and Billie starts to lick her pussy when all of a sudden her mouth is filled with golden pee, then they switch places and Billie has a go too! These lesbians are having so much fun that they need to orgasm so enjoy sharing a glass dildo which they not only fuck each other with, but piss all over too. Finally once they have both cum, Isabella catches more of her piss in the jug while Billie sprays her in golden showers, then these pornstars both share the final jug of piss poured over their naked bodies!
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Strap on HARD and TIGHT for the ultimate pleasure trip through LUST, SPACE and TIME! Watch as forbidden time travelers journey through history and the Final Frontier of sexual pleasures. History has never been this NAUGHTY or this HOT in this trilogy of TA TIME TRAVELERS. SADDLE VIXENS - While travelling through a western ghost town, two lusty and beautiful women stumble upon a mirror that transports them to the Old West. When the girls are mistaken for prostitutes, the girls take advantage and get ALL their naughty parts explored. TIME LOVERS - In the future, Daria attempts to travel back to pre-revolutionary France to rescue her lover Leon who fell through a time portal. But it is no easy task as they travel though ancient Arabia, 1920s gangland Chicago and eventually the FUTURE! It is lust through time! SPACE LUST - A male female duo must travel through time and space to save their beloved time-traveling program. But their time machine has other plans! The travelers end up ...
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Fashion model Emmanuel flies to Africa to visit his rich girlfriend in Egypt. Crystal is a divorced woman who lives with her daughter Magda in a large Villa. Along with Emmanuel to come photographer Carl and Lori, second daughter crystal. Antonio, crystals hippie lover, lives in the Villa. Lauries arrival, with her nonconformist demeanor, adds a breath of fresh air, and disrupts crystals life...
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XXX Superstar and Fan Favorite, Asa Akira, has put you - the fans - in control! By listening to her fans through social media, Asa has given you the rare opportunity to conceive every over-the-top, envelope-pushing scene! The result? Asa delivers an awards-worthy, jaw-dropping performance in Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll!
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Cute brunette Stefany last appeared on Wet and Pissy in June 2016 and in that time she has gone from a sweet, shy girl to a full on sexy minx! Dressed in a shiny PVC minidress and stockings, Stefany knows exactly how to tease and a year of modelling has given her much more confidence and sex appeal! She pulls down her panties and bends over on a leather sofa before sprinkling a stream of piss while still touching herself. She catches some of her golden juices in her hand and tastes it before moving onto some sex toy play! Stefany uses a purple speculum to gape her pussy wide apart and while she is stretched, Stefany sprays another stream of her perfect piss over the floor! Kinky Stefany laps up her piss from the leather sofa and fingers her pussy. With her legs spread apart, Stefany looks seriously hot as she pisses again while still fingering herself. She gets hold of a glass vase and as she gets onto the floor, she lifts her leg up and pees into it, dipping her long brown hair into her juices and pours the remaining liquid into her mouth and over her dominatrix style outfit!
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Some of our members may recognize Lena from several years ago on Wet and Pissy - and what a pleasure to work with her again. First and foremost, Lena still looks amazing. She has that magical quality of giving a performance that makes us feel like we are the single individual watching her. But what about the ? After wetting her jeans, Lena hops on to the table, does a quick little belly slide on its surface and undresses meticulously. Now in her bare glory, we have the answer to our question about her . Lena earns another top mark here, and this first shot is exceptional. Down on her knees, she starts off peeing in an almost squatted state until she pivots forward. The table top proves to be a prime location, with Lena shot in full frame as the puddle forms nicely beneath her fantastic stream. She takes a few moments to slide and twirl on the glass surface, tantalizing our senses. During some self stimulation with a rubber dildo, Lena pees for us again. This is a very raw pee, in the sense that she doesnt seem concerned about setting herself up for any particular pose, but just letting it fly as she lays back. A large goblet is the focus of her final pee as Lena gives us one more wonderful piss to remember her by.
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Victoria Daniels is watching her gorgeous friend Ani Black and wants to get into some naughty fun. She walks over to her and kisses her to get her attention before sitting on the floor, while Ani lifts up her dress and pisses over Victoria, spraying her golden juices over her tank top and into her mouth! Ani starts to lick her own juices from Victorias chest and then takes off her tank top and soaking wet leggings, helping her to strip naked. Victoria gets Ani to bend over in the doggystyle position over the floor while she balances on the end of the sofa with her legs spread, spraying her golden piss all over Anis back. She also licks her own juices and these naughty brunettes love the taste of their piss. Ani lays back on the sofa while Victoria licks her pussy and soon enough, Ani is spraying a powerful stream into Victorias mouth! If you love lesbian piss drinking, you wont want to miss this scene! Victoria bends over the sofa and Ani fingers her, while Victoria releases another stream of her piss down into Anis hands. These gorgeous girls relax on the sofa and enjoy fucking their own dildos - one black and one white, before they fire more piss streams towards each other. They help each other to orgasm then indulge in a bit of foot fetish to finish off this seriously hot watersports scene!
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Today on VIPissy we have two stunning European babes who cant wait to get intimate with each other. Black haired Alice Nice and brunette beauty Honour May. Honour is feeling very in control and while wearing her crotchless lace bodystocking, she pushes Alice onto a chair and lifts up her leg before over Alice in her skintight, skimpy red dress. Honour licks up her juices from Alices dress and works her way down to Alices crotch before licking her pussy. Honour leans back as Alice shoots a stream of piss into her mouth then these gorgeous lesbians kiss each other. Honour leans on the fireplace and pisses again into Alices hand and then aims towards her mouth to let her indulge in piss drinking too. Alice strips naked and pees again into Honours mouth and over her bodystocking while Honour lays on the floor. This kinky pair then aim more of their pissy streams through a glass tube and lap up their juices from the ground while diving into it. The piss play turns them on so much that they both need to orgasm, so take turns fucking each other with a golden vibrator then finally they both shoot their golden pee into the tube at the same time, collecting even more of their golden nectar!
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Exotic babe Isabella is on the phone when her cute blonde girlfriend Cayla walks into the room and wants some attention. She leans over and caresses Isabellas tits and still trying to put her off her telephone call, climbs on top of the table, spreads her legs and pisses all over Isabella! This gives her quite a shock, yet she is pleasantly turned on by the experience. Cayla lays back on the table while Isabella licks her pussy and then Cayla helps her take off her soaking wet top before letting Isabella spray her golden piss over her own clothes. Both girls continue to get naked while Cayla climbs on top of Isabella and pisses into her mouth in the 69 position. Cayla teases Isabellas pussy while her own piss soaked pussy gets licked. Afterwards Cayla climbs off and Isabella fires a stream of piss up into the air and into Caylas eager mouth. She treats Isabella to some more pussy licking lesbian action before sitting on the floor and letting Isabella piss over her gorgeous long blonde hair and face. They switch places and after Cayla gives Isabella more golden showers, both girls are sufficiently soaked in their golden nectar! These naughty babes enjoy fingering each other and finally they lap up both of their juices from the wooden table, enjoying every drop of their golden pee!
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