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The ass smothering session isnt over yet. This is an extended session where my ass slave will spend hours trapped under my ass. He came so far and waited so long to serve me I want to make a lasting impression on him. Well, his face to be exact! He needs to experience the full Mistress Kawaii facesitting session. I use him and tease him with my perfect giant ass. It just keeps getting bigger. Heavier and wider, my ass crvshes his face. He can hardly breathe and becomes weaker and weaker by the minute. He squirms around but escape is futile. Theres no way he can get away. He will never forget this session, as it is the best experience he has ever had in his life. He will forever remember the scent of my ass on his face from being shoved up so deep in my ass crack. He will deal about tis forever. He might just fall resting forever under me.
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Im visiting all the cadets to understand their physical value. This cadet is so shameful ! He seems to have come out of a nazist camp, his cock is helpless and very small and his nails are completely rotten! This man is really a rejection of nature. At the end of my visit I assign him to clean the toilets.
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My masseuse girlfriend went on holiday and she asked me to replace her for a few days.Of course I said yes because I have many kinky idea for these days and Im sure this will be a great fun!Today came to me a really sexy handsome guy because he has back pain.I begin to massage him but in my mind there is a lot of kinky ideas.I talk to him in a friendly way and I ascertain that he has a wife and family.Perfect! Im sure that my plan will work!
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Kandy loves the forest and after riding her slave around like a pony as seen in ‘Her Pack Mule’ she now has him laying on the ground where she can trample him and if he is lucky sit on his face. Kandy starts by walking up and down his body in her flip flops and then marching on his chest. She then kicks off her flip flops and steps on his chest and then one foot over his face so he can lick her soles while she pinches his nose with her toes.
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As close to my pussy and ass as he can get: Nothing but a thin nylon film! As I smother him, I inform him I will invite my friend Mistress Damazonia over to sit on my lap while I sit on his face. His dick gets hard from the lack of oxygen, then even harder from the ball busting and slapping I administer. Suffer, slave! It kind of gets me off!
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I created this device to make sure my slave gets Zero pleasure when being orgasm trained. His penis is so small, I had to make sure it Never get stimulation while being milked. He will cum Without satisfaction, to remind him of the shame of having a small penis. His cock is measured, and so is his load. And to make certain he is humiliated, I make him Eat his Load right in front of me. His semen is recycled, and he is laughed at. Because there is no greater shame than eating the sperm of a small penis.
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Sergeant Jessica has a squaddie in to see her as hes failing the swimming trials as he cant hold his breath under water for long enough. So hes been sent for special training with herself and shes going to sit down on his face and see just how long he can hold his breath for. She has a timer to see just how well hes doing. A pathetic first attempt, he needs to try harder so she sits back down. Sitting in various forwards and reverse position to test him fully, she pushes him each time to improve.
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