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Masseuse Ella works hard to make sure her clients get a totally relaxing experience. When she notices a male customer getting aroused during her session she reaches between his legs and caresses his bulging member. She then turns him over and washes his penis before giving him a soapy wank. She shows off her virginal white lingerie before giving him a blowjob. She sucks him until he cums in her mouth, proudly displaying the contents of her work before swallowing it all!
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Since the "Stroke Break" scene, Marks secretary Tindra has left the company. Mark decides today is the time to introduce new girl Rina to his stroke break ritual. As he explains what Tindra used to do he flops his cock out in front of the shocked girl! She is taken aback but cant take her eyes of his big dick. As he starts jerking off she strips out of her dress and shows off her ass and skimpy lingerie. He soon shoots a massive cum load that has her breathless for their next session!
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At the end of a party Jonny asks Louise about a tribal headdress hanging on her wall. She warns him not to touch it as it has the power to swap peoples bodies, but he ignores her. The following morning they are horrified to discover it works! Louise wakes up in his body and suddenly has a cock - that she is all too excited to show off and play with. She calls the other girls in and lets them have a play with the cock. With all 3 girls jerking him off he soon has a massive orgasm!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 12-12-2019, 23:31 -Views: 21