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Stunning raven-haired beauties Khloe Kay and Petra Blair are a pair of dueling widows and tensions are running high at their rich husband’s wake. The two beautiful ladies are competing to see who was more important to their late beau the only way that matters, with a good old fashioned fuck-off. Petra and Khloe challenge each other, deciding that without a husband there to judge their contest they’ll have to flex their best skills on each other. Khloe licks and teases Petra’s tight pink pussy, showing her all of her best techniques. Petra, not to be outdone, takes Khloe’s cock down her throat, sucking and slurping on the beautiful divorcee’s body until she’s nice and slick and ready to pound Petra all over the wake.
Author: Rgporn -Date: 14-12-2019, 23:26 -Views: 22
Our new Blondie talent is back super horny in another impressive performance. Gabi feels great doing porn and wanna become a famous super star pretty quick. With sets like this we have no doubt she ll rock the industry really fast…BAREBACK OF COURSE
Author: Rgporn -Date: 14-12-2019, 23:16 -Views: 25