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Are you at that age where you are starting to look back at your life and wonder what you could have done differently? Are you looking around you wish you had done more with the time you had. Are you having a midlife crisis hunny?Its common for guys to feel like you do when you hit a certain age, its common for guys to go and do silly things during a midlife crisis. Buy a car for example or develop a drinking problem but I dont want you to do something silly or dangerous I want you to come to me for the kicks and the thrills you require. Ill make that heart beat again and Ill make you so happy even your family and friends will notice a change in you.MP4 * 834 MB * 00:08:35 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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When you accept my files, download my files and run my files it makes you complicit in the act. The act of me getting inside those devices and hacking into them, you know what I am capable of since I advertise it and you give me full authorisation to do this.You allow me to get closer than anyone has ever before and makes you a willing victim, a victim that has requested his own demise and has usually begged for it at some point.Are you a victim, are you the prey or just a stupid loser for letting me do what I do.You cannot blame me for doing what I do when you dumb men hand it to me on a plate. You are aware, you are knowing and you are complicit in the act..MP4 * 935 MB * 00:09:38 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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In the finale of Dim The Lights, Austin Avery goes all out to heat up a cold winters night for Brock Banks...and for himself. In this condom-free scene, Brock finds a seated Austin waiting for him in a dark room, wearing nothing but a jock strap blindfolded and bound from head-to-toe. Hes excited too when horny Austin expresses the desire to be used however Brock wants! At first though Brock takes it slow with deep kisses and a foot rubbing Austins crotch.
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you awake in My dungeon, restrained in chains. What am I going to do with you, My latest captive? Mmmm... dont struggle, let Me help you relax. Ill decide your fate as I enjoy a smoke. you become fixated on My lips, My tight leather gloves, My divine legs. Watch every inhale and bask in My thick white smoke as I taunt you mercilessly. you are Mine to keep now. After thoroughly teasing you, I put out My cigarette and put another to My poison lips. Now you may stroke to My mesmerizing smoke. Feel My pleasure rising as I feed on your demise. Its too late to resist, with every last drop of your cum I will claim your mortal soul. Bewitched by My sinister smoke, you obey willingly. Welcome to Smoke slavery...MP4 * 508 MB * 00:12:57 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Are you tired of being lonely, of going to bed alone every night after spending hours jerking off instead of having sex? Do you want a girlfriend? Well, I have something to alleviate that pain — a solution to your self pity, perhaps. No, I will not pretend to be your girlfriend, this is not one of those clips. I’m here to remind you something crucial to bring you back down to reality, to stifle those desires that keep you from true happiness.I want to remind you that any girl who would ever show any affection toward you — any sort of interest at all — would not look anything like Me. She would be ugly, boring, completely unremarkable. Why would you want to settle? Why would you want to settle when there’s Me? Serving Me, a beautiful Goddess, is far more exhilarating than having a mediocre girlfriend. Spending money on dates with a below average girl is a waste of your resources. It will feel much, much more fulfilling to serve Me. To give to Me.Serving a Goddess beats having a naggy girlfriend any day. So quit your hunt — quit your self pity. Give up on the desires that hold you back, and dedicate yourself to Me. You will feel better.MP4 * 572 MB * 00:07:45 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Description: Jamie Pavel is going on a nice and relaxing jog. He is dressed only in a pair of red gym shorts, revealing a tight and muscular body. This boy likes being watched. Someone gets an eye of this tall blonde Russian stud with a fuzzy chest. As Jamie jogs by he sees how he is being looked at. And this little slut decides to invite the guy back to his place to show off for him. This guy does not know what he is in for, because Jamie is a dirty talking nasty mother fucker. He pulls out his rock hard uncut dick and begins to beat it. He leans back on the bed and demands that his voyeur watch every stroke. Then he flips over and begins to hump the bed. He shows off how he likes to fuck, but then his fingers start playing with his own hole and he realizes that he wants to get fucked nice and hard too. He finishes off by shoving his follower outside and cumming on the sliding glass doors. This dirty fucker is ready for some hard core gay action. I think we should give it to him.
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You’re self aware enough to know that you’re not a real alpha, right? Regardless of what anyone else thinks, or what you convinced them of, you and I both know who you really are.You’re a weak and pliable little bitch, easily manipulated by pretty girls and beautiful women. You love being My little bitch, and you certainly aren’t ashamed to be who you are in front of Me. Yet, you hide your true identity from the rest of the world. You lie to everyone you meet, simply by acting in ways that aren’t true to your default, submissive state.Don’t you worry: I’m not going to punish you or taunt you for this — in fact, I am going to applaud you. You have successfully convinced everyone you know that you are somewhat of an Alpha. You managed to find success in your career, and you have decorated your exterior shell in such a way that disguises the weak, soft core that exists beneath it.Your deception allows you to make money in order to please Me, to serve Me, and that’s why I encourage you to keep up this little act of yours. The costume is working, which allows you to work for Me.Keep it up, perfect it, and always return to Me in your true form, stripped of that ridiculous costume you meticulously put together.You may have fooled everyone else, but you will never fool Me.MP4 * 640 MB * 00:08:40 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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