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Rachel Rivers is bored and horny at home. While everyone is away she gets a naughty idea. She starts recording herself beating her pussy. Her Stepdad comes home early to catch her daughter in the act. Rachel is busted but with some quick thinking, she thinks of a solution to avoid punishment. She perks up and sucks her stepdads cock, feeling unfettered Jmac picks her up and then 69 in mid-air. Rachel gets her pussy pulverized by her stepdads massive cock. She gets stretched to her limit in her pussy and acrobatically.
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Behind the innocent face of Zoe Bloom is a sweet girl who loves taking it in the ass. She was scared to try it at first, but now it’s her preferred way of getting fucked! Watch this beautiful girl take a thick rod in her backside, suck dick straight out of her ass, and get a warm creampie in the end.
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Jenny Wild and her boyfriend Stanley Johnson are celebrating romance. Stanley has set up a trail of candy and roses for Jenny to follow when she comes home from work. After taking a look at the note, Jenny does as instructed and finds herself in the living room. A note tells her to turn around, and when she does shes met with a deep kiss from Stanley.
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