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It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and buddies Andy and Holden are relaxing in their underwear while playing video games together. What starts as fun and games turns into a hot fuck session as Andy lures Holden into the bedroom. Holden’s definitely a fan of getting that beautiful cock sucked, but he’s rarely found someone who can take all of him. Enter: Andy, who is more than eager to give him his best shot. These two sexy boys have immediate chemistry, and Andy looks right at home in front of Holden and his massive member, which he handles expertly. Despite having been at CF a short time, Holden has proven himself a stellar top. He has Andy in the palm of his hands from start to finish in this one.
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:58 -Views: 7
I think CF fans have been shippin’ Max and Elian more than any other pair - and I don’t blame ya! The very first time these two got in to action together, the sex was so intense and energy so electric it was all we could do to hold the cameras steady and capture it all! It makes sense sex between Elian and Max is amazingly hot and intense - both of these guys are as sexy as can be, are passionate, know how to have a good time, and darn well know how to fuck. Having said that, though, they still manage to blow me away whenever we get to see them with anyone, and will blow you away here! For his part, Elian was going to make the absolute most of his chance for another go at Max. Elian’s dominant side comes out as he gets Max to work on his cock and deepthroat him, fucking Max’s mouth and really taking charge of him. Max was loving having Elian take command like that, and it set the action up for all the intensity that followed! Elian has his way with Max’s hole, and judging by the noises he makes and the look on his handsome face I think Max would not have wanted it any other way! If you want to see what is most definitely one of the hottest fucks we’ve ever filmed, brace yourself for this one!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:54 -Views: 7
Tall, blond, toned, and hung, Graham landed at CF ready to have himself some fun. Even if he wasnt a sexy stud, stripping down and getting off on camera for us, Grahams still the kind of guy youd find yourself eager to get to know better - hes tremendously outgoing, has a kind of "hot nerd" vibe to him, has a great energy, and is wonderfully personable. Within minutes of first meeting him, hell have you feel like youve known him for ages. Graham is a runner, and is quite passionate about his love for running. It might seem strange to some of us that someone can be so passionate about something like running, but for Graham it not is somewhat meditative, but hes also highly competitive and running helps him feed those competitive urges. I suspect that competitiveness will come out for us, also, as he sets about being as hot and as sexy as can be!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:50 -Views: 4
This episode is the ultimate example of a CF vet teaming up with a new freshman, with the results being mindblowingly hot. It was a must we get Travis and Holden paired up with one another, and the amazingly intense action that comes out of that pairing reinforces that. I suspect Travis found himself sucking and bobbing up and down on Holden’s cock at the outset of the action here and thinking, “This dick is the reason I came back to CF” - Travis lusts after Holden’s cock here, worships it, sucks it like it’s all he ever wanted to do, and his oral onslaught drives Holden absolutely wild. We all know Travis well, though, and we’re all getting to know Holden quite well also. So we are all entirely aware the incredible oral action means both guys get so worked up and ready to fuck, and we’re in for a furious fuck session. Indeed, Travis goes from worshipping Holden’s cock to being at the mercy of it, getting drilled deep and hard. Need more proof Travis loves Holden’s cock? The hands-free load Travis shoots is it. Need proof Travis’ hole drove Holden wild? The load he blasts all over Travis’ hole is it. Do not miss this episode!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:47 -Views: 8
Erik’s a stud, and a gentleman. He mentions it in his introductory solo, and it was certainly evident the entire time he was out here to film it - he likes making people smile and spreading good vibes, and is a genuine pleasure to be and have around. Of course, he’s also pleasant to be around because he’s so damn sexy! He not only looks hot, but just has a charismatic and engaging energy and attitude that draws ya in, and leaves you unable to resist his charms. Erik’s a skater, and at the risk of talking about stereotypes he certainly has that easygoing skater vibe. And might I also mention he’s ripped and hung?
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:43 -Views: 6
While I wasn’t too surprised Zander agreed to give some guy/guy action at shot while at CF, I was a bit surprised he was down to try getting fucked for his first time. I was further surprised when he agreed to have that first time be with Barron! Barron’s hung and he doesn’t go easy on a bottom - when he fucks, he’s a man on a mission. The mission here would be working over Zander’s hole hard and deep, and not holding back. It turns out that was entirely fine with Zander! Zander’s young, ripped, and eager for new experiences and adventures. Finding himself on the receiving end of a hard fuck from Barron opened his eyes to pleasures he’d likely have been unable to imagine just months ago, and I think he’s entirely ok with that. Despite being a worked out stud himself, Zander gives himself up completely to Barron. I suspect many of these alpha male types occasionally find themselves fantasizing about what it might be like to submit to another guy and let them have their way with you, and that’s precisely the position Zander finds himself in here - while loving every bit of it.
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:39 -Views: 7
As we all know, Travis’ enthusiasm for raging hot guy/guy action has not waned one bit since he first appeared on CF. In fact, I’d suggest it’s only increased over the years, and that’s true whether he’s on the receiving or giving end of a hot fuck. It’s also true when he’s sucking cock and rimming a hot ass. In this hot pairing with Andy, Travis sucks Andy’s dick like it’s all he woke up that morning wanting to do, and you can tell part of what he’s enjoying and getting off on while sucking Andy’s cock is feeling it in his mouth and along his tongue - not only wanting to give his partner pleasure, but fully immerse himself in the act of sucking a stiff cock. If you thought the oral was energetic, enthusiastic, and hot, hang on tight for the fucking! Travis holds nothing back as he goes to town on Andy’s hole, and it’s all Andy can do to brace himself for the furious pounding he finds himself on the receiving end of.
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:36 -Views: 6
Kennedy’s well earned the reputation as one of the best lays at CF. With his incredibly likeable personality and a sexual prowess that makes for some scorching hot videos, he’s the submissive sweetheart of many men’s dreams! Dawson’s reputation also precedes him. A super nice guy, until his clothes are off, he has no problem putting his dick right in a guy’s face, pushing down on his head until he’s balls deep in his mouth- while he looks down approvingly from above. In fact, he does just that with Kennedy- and Kennedy loves it! After choking on Dawson’s cock till his eyes tear, Kennedy presents his ass and begs to be plowed. With his head in the competition, he puts his ass to work like the power bottom he is, riding Dawson until he’s caked cum all over himself- and not stopping until Dawson’s load is smeared all over his face and mouth!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:32 -Views: 6
Travis is on a bit of an enthusiastic dick-sucking tour of CF right now. While we all know and love Travis for being such an eager bottom and such a skilled top, I think he returned to CF intent on showing us all he can suck dick with the best of ‘em, and he does precisely that here while working over Graham’s impressive cock at the outset of their pairing. Make no mistake, though - it’s the fucking that’s the main event for Travis, and certainly the main event for Graham once Travis gets his big dick buried in Graham’s hole and starts to pound away. The upperclassman goes to town on Graham’s ass, and Graham is loving every bit - and every hard inch! - of it. Graham finds himself on the receiving end of a hard, fast, deep dicking and Travis find himself a bottom that may just like taking a furious fuck as much as he does! The results speak - and moan, groan, grunt, and gasp - for themselves!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:29 -Views: 4
It’s not often a new CF freshman’s first guy/guy action has him bottoming, but that’s precisely what happened with Zander. I had no problem with that whatsoever, and I certainly don’t think Zander did either! He looks great getting fucked, clearly enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and the entire session involved some incredibly hot action. Zander’s back now, though, and eager to show us he can give as good as he gets! It’s his turn to be the one doing the drilling, and - just as with getting fucked - Zander looks hot as heck while doing it. Zander’s embracing every new experience he can at CF, and that includes sucking cock. Indeed, he does a masterful job working over Andy’s big dick here, eagerly stroking and sucking it and getting Andy worked up. He gets Andy so worked up, in fact, that Andy’s soon pleading with Zander to fuck him. Zander delivers on that, and more!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:25 -Views: 5
Malec’s your classic Tall, Dark and Handsome - and that’s only the beginning! He’s hung, buff, and confident and at ease in front of the cameras, and he knows how to turn you on! While every guy jerks off, some are able to take to jerking off in front of our cameras and for our site better than others. There’s nerves to overcome often enough, and it can often take guys a bit of time to get fully comfortable in front of the cameras. That’s not the case with Malec, though - he was ready to go from the start, and I think he really got off to knowing people would be watching him and getting off to him in turn. When Malec gets off here, he paints that toned, buff chest with a nice load and keeps turning you on with his deep moans. He’s a stud, and one I can’t wait to see more of!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:21 -Views: 5
We’ve been treated to the hot sight of Andres in action a couple of times, but hadn’t yet seen this stud bottom. That all changes today! Not only do we get to see Andres take a hard pounding, but we’re also getting to see Dane do the honors! Dane is certainly a favorite among CF fans, and every bit of action he gets in to must not be missed! Throughout the action here, it’s obvious Andres is in entirely new territory. When he first arrived at CF, he wasn’t sure he even wanted to give bottoming a try. Early in this episode, even, you can tell by the look on his face and some of his body language he’s still trying to figure out the feelings - he’s moaning and gasping and his dick is rockhard, but I suspect he wasn’t sure how to react to how Dane’s dick drilling his hole felt. By the end of the action, though, he’s pulling Dane in closer, his arm wrapped around him, needing the sensations Dane’s cock is delivering, and blasting out the big load Dane’s cock fucks out of him!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 9-01-2020, 23:17 -Views: 5