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Barefoot Confidential 68 [DVDRip 352p 1.36 Gb]

Barefoot Confidential 68 [DVDRip 352p 1.36 Gb]

Try for a moment to imagine that the lovely foot that youre now caressing is like a fine glass of wine. Its been aged appropriately, eighteen years at the minimum. After you gently Released the foot in question from its exquisite container, you raise it to your nose and take a deep breath. Notice, if you will the subtleties in its bouquet. The dulcet aroma of a finely arched foot should dance across your senses like a ballerina out of control. After enjoying its sweet scent, you raise the toes to your mouth for the first real taste. Run your tongue along her sole and try to imagine the miles this young lady has walked in order to bring you her perfectly pedicured feet. Are you ready to take in your first deep draft? Be generous to yourself, you deserve it; there are plenty more beautiful feet in your future!

Video Cast: Gracie Glam, Alexis Ford, Olivia Alize, Evelyn Hughes, Victoria White
Adult Videos: Barefoot Confidential 68
Relise Adult Videos: 2019
Adult Videos Site: Kick Ass
Video Genre: DVDRip, Movie
Duration: 02:16:55

Quality: SD
Video: MPEG-4 Visual, 624x352, (39:22), 29.97 Fps, 1320 Kbs
Size: 1.36 Gb

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