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Jade Nile and her husband Jimmy are love doctors. When they find a client that won't bring himself to touch his own cock, she has her husband do the deed. He gets laughed at, and finds out how small his cock really is. Jade now wants a real cock and turns her husband into the cuckold he really is.
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Barbie Sins is one tricked-out and gothed-up fuck doll. With her creamy skin, black lipstick and beautiful titties, this savage beauty was built to bang. But when she pours oil on her vicious body and she gets nice and slick and sticky---well, that just makes her tiny asshole and tight little pussy even MORE ready to destroy some lucky guy's rod. And today, that lucky guy is Markus Dupree. Markus was born to slay slit with his giant dick. And make no mistake, Markus' prick isn't the only thing that's gonna pound Barbie's holes, cause he's got a few nasty tricks---and TOYS---up his sleeve that are about to find their way into Barbie's deepest and darkest places.
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Excited to give her modeling career a boost, Mazzy jumps at the chance to work with famed photographer Chad White. With her height and slim frame, she's perfect in front of the camera. Chad decides that with a little extra work, she's definitely going to make it big in the industry. Of course, that work is going to involve her cocksucking skills and tight pussy. She's willing to do whatever it takes, including swallowing every drop of his cum.
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Big booty Abella showed up today poised and extremely ready for some fuck fun with James, especially with her friend here to watch. Unsure of what to wear she decides with bright red as James walks in the door. Abella was very thankful he could cum over today and after all that's why James was here, to fuck her hard.
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