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We need to have a little chat! You used to be one of our top sales people and now your numbers are in the toilet! What gives? Is everything ok, I truly hope it's nothing serious? Wait...what? You're distracted by me? By my body? Well, that's something I can definitely help you with! We can't have sex because I can't risk getting fired but what I am going to do is put on a little show and let you jerk off to me pleasuring myself. What do you think? Will you jerk your stiff cock for me?
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In Private’s XXX Hair Salon, one of our models Alexis Crystal gets given two men to groom her high maintenance needs. How can they resist her tempting pussy, one stud starts to rub her wet box while the other sucks on her perky round tits. She returns the favour with a double blowjob and continues to deep throat each stud as they take turns crushing her pussy.
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Velicity Von isn't just the secretary for a family-run law firm. Her boss is her husband and he just found out his son is fucking the new partner. The headaches and stress could kill him. But Velicity knows how to help her boss relax. Can the father learn something from his son and have fun at work? Velicity thinks so!!!
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Johnny was very excited to get a cake from the bakery with the hot Latinas. He was so amped up he ran right into a sexy girl while turning a corner who made him smash the cake all over his face. This spanish hottie felt really bad she made such a mess of him. She offered to clean him up since her apartment was nearby so Johnny went along with a face full of cake. This flirty lil momma took her top right off when they got to her living room because she didn't want to get it dirty while she cleaned him off. Once she saw the bulge in his pants she went right for it and felt it up. She was not shy and before long was slobbing all over his hard cock. You have to see this hot Latina bounce her sweet ass all over his dick, she has serious moves.
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You're on your way out the door but stop in to remind your secretaries that they can't leave until they finish those reports you've had them working on. They beg you not to make them stay late on Valentine's Day, and they show off the outfits they wore for their dates later tonight. Though you're going home to your wife, you can't help but be turned on by these two hot women. Olivia lifts her skirt you can't believe she's not wearing any panties. You know you're supposed to be saving your cum for your wife, but you have no choice at this point: if they want to fuck, you're going to do it. Mallory Olivia take turns giving you a blowjob riding your cock, but they're just not impressed by your gifts to your wife berate you as they use you. Olivia complains about how the roses don't smell good, and Mallory says your super cheap chocolates just wouldn't cut it if you were her husband. You're cocky think you can have sex with these ladies then also pleasure your wife later, but Olivia knows you better than that. As they drain your cock of every last drop of cum, the gravity of the situation sinks in: You no longer have flowers, chocolates OR a hard cock to give your wife later. You're so screwed.
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