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We're pretty sure handsome straight guy Mickey saw one of the other guys fucking the Fleshlight, he came in one night and said he wanted to use it too. We're always down for whatever this gorgeous straight guy wants! Check him out getting naked and lubing up that sexy dick, sinking his shaft into that fake mouth and going to town on that toy! The sight of his big balls swinging and slapping is so fucking hot, and the sounds of him thrusting his wet boner in and out of it is enough to have us all dripping precum. He really enjoys himself with that toy, finally pulling his wet meat out and spewing cum over the floor. Damn, who wouldn't want to be that toy?
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Catching up with fellow paperboy and mate Jay, played by the gorgeous young Charley Cole, star of the show Alfie, played by Lucas Phelps discusses the hot older man who’s new on his paper route. Getting Charley hard at the description, Alfie doesn’t know what to do, but with Charley around, he’s always got an idea up his sleeve, or down his pants! Suggesting Lucas should get some practice in for sucking dick, his own huge dick is rock solid and too much temptation for the handsome fresh faced young Lucas. Soon wrapping his red lips around the thick straight shaft that never seems to end, Lucas tries to take it all and has to admit defeat — it’s his ass that will have to go balls deep instead! Fucking right there on the sofa, these boys get naked and Lucas is soon riding Charley, his own impressive monster meat hard and getting played with as Charley feels the warm depths of Lucas getting further down over his dick. The hairless young lads flip and twist on the sofa, bottom boy Lucas truly getting broken in by his super-hung mate, unable to hold back for long, Lucas’s lickable abs are soon covered in his load, Charley quickly whipping out of his ass and squirting over his friend’s cock and balls, both laughing off the sex and getting back to the game!?
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Nothing like two hot young twinks getting all wet and lathered up. And oh yes, NAKED!. Ryan C and Ashton Rush happened to be hanging out with us one night when Ashton said he really wanted to go and get in a nice bubble bath. We weren't surprised when Ryan decided to get in and join him. We grabbed our equipment as fast as we could, while the water was running and the boys geared up for a bit of clean fun. Ashton dropped his drawers to get in only to reveal his huge hard on in anticipation of his romp with Ryan. They climbed in the water and started to make out. Ashton stood up and Ryan gave his cock some attention but Ashton really wanted Ryan's meat inside of him. Ashton wanted Ryan's long cock in his mouth and more importantly, Ashton's wet hole needed to be filled. Ryan likes to go deep, which is exactly how Ashton likes it, so Ryan mounted Ashton and fucked him doggie style. Hearing Ryan's wet ball sack slap against Ashton's bare ass was a huge turn on. After getting fucked silly, Ashton got his final reward and slurped down Ryan's thick load.
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Landon Vega is napping by the pool when wickedly hot Luke Wilder wakes him with a sensual stroke to the boy’s beautifully bronze back. The couple get cozy, stroking one another’s smooth skin as they kiss under the hot summer sun that dances across their ripped young bodies. The guys bring their bulging crotches inside to take this tryst to the next level.
Author: Rgporn -Date: 15-08-2018, 22:33 -Views: 6
Part 2: In part one of a scene so hot we split it into two, Justin White and Gordon Grant satisfy their perverse urges and gorge themselves sucking Tommy Poulain's twink cock -- and each other -- as well as massing his lovely body. Now, in part two, tall and lanky Justin decides he needs to play "monkey in the middle." On his back, with Tommy pumping his face full of thick, young, uncut meat and hunky blond Gordon bareback fucking his ass, Justin is in cock pig heaven! Gordon fucks the cum out of Justin, making him shoot an enormous load, and Tommy gives Justin a facial before Gordon unloads, all over Justin, seeding the masseur's cum-hungry ass with fresh protein.
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Nicolas Daner is shackled and showing off his ass as this spanking starts. A hand runs over the ass and spanks it a couple of times. Nicolas is gagged too and moans as the hands run all over him. His ass reddens as the hands spank on it. Nicolas moans through his gag as the hands keep spanking. His tight hole is fully exposed too and fingers rub over it. He writhes as the hands tickle his body and continue to slap on it. That sexy ass gets so red as the spanking continues. Then Petr Zuska, his tormentor, shoves a finger into Nioclas' ass. That makes him moan even louder. A whip is then used on his back and ass. His hole is then invaded by a butt plug which stretches the hole wide. Nicolas is turned over, onto his back and he feels the heavy hands on his chest and pulling at his nipples. His cock pokes out of his jock strap and a peg is placed onto it as more are put on his nipples and body. He moans and quivers as he feels the pegs. Then the jockstrap is removed adn Nicolas' dick is wanked hard. That cock gets rock hard and soon shoots the cum all over his body.
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