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Nick Vargas stops by his girlfriend's house, but her parents Eve Berger, Tomm tell him she will be home later. They tell him to sit down as Eve shows off her outfit. Nick is confused why both of them are coming on to him. But he doesn't resist for a second! It's an instant wild fuckfest, pussy licking ass fucking and tons of cumming !!
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Angel Piaff, is trying to study but she's distracted by Brick Moorwood, Jamie Oliver making out. They ask her if she can help them study biology. In other words a bi threesome! Angel is totally game! The three of them get down and dirty, studying every inch of each other's bodies! Boys and girls all at once has never been better! Pussy and cocks all at once! The study session is complete when all three are bursting with cum
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Clean-cut and handsome Beau has certainly made himself loads of fans since arriving at CF, and had himself loads of fun fucking, and most recently, being fucked for our cameras! Pairing him with veteran Kenny, we knew we could have a lot of fun this scene. Kenny has proven time and again that he’s not only up for anything - but absolutely loves pushing boundaries for himself and others! Here, Kenny and their horny blonde coed set their sights to bring Beau out of his gentlemanly ways and get a little kinky by exuding his dominance over Kenny’s willing body and tight ass! It’s a win/win for Beau and Kenny both, as Kenny gets to give in to his submissive side and draw a hard-pounding and cum-spattering performance from the tight-bodied Adonis that is Beau!
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Nicole Love has been fantasying about watching her boyfriend fuck another dude for ages, and he finally has said yes to her bisexual demands. Jeffrey Lloyd is just as excited to get fucked by him too. They all engage in a steamy boy and girl threesome full of pussy and dicks giving them everything they ever wanted!
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