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Kitty hit us up saying she was a real big fan so we invited her to come hang out and meet the man himself. We took her back to the studio so her mouth and pussy can get to know Mr Blackzilla a little better, and that's when she realized she might be in big dick trouble! When Shane pulled out his cock, she almost shit a brick but once she got used to the size, she worked a big load out of Blackzilla's balls!
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After dropping you off at school, your sweet innocent MILF mom went over to Blackzilla's house to suck some big black dick and get her pussy stuffed and fucked. Now you know when you mom was 'Running Errands' she was doing it naked bent over a couch getting a foot of thick monster cock in her mouth and pussy?That's what happened, she got stretched out to the max! No wonder she was so happy as a stay at home mom!
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