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Mistress Alexis knows the best way to fuck a slave's hole is by stringing them up like a puppet and keeping them helplessly bound for her big, thick cock! No escaping, no running away and no choice but to take every inch of her dick like an obedient little fuck slut. Качество видео: HDRip
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:Eliza is the perfect Mommy Domme who is sweet, caring but also strict and cruel at the same time.
Best of both worlds! She teases and edges just the tip of her gimp's cock as that is all he is worthy of.
His cock is securely locked in a device that only allows just the top of his shaft to be touched making milking day extremely frustrating.
Eliza brings him to the edge and back while giving him the full Mommy Domme experience until he is finally allowed to shoot his long awaited load.
She takes every last drop of cum and shoves it in his mouth as all good boys know to clean up their mess.
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If there is one thing Mistress Marley believes is that all men were put on this planet to be fucked! She straps on her biggest black cock and pounds her sissy boys ass turning him into the fuck-hole he was born to be. Качество видео: HDRip
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