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В связи с возрастающей безработицей в Японии принимаю закон, который обязывает всех отчисленных студентов, не способных к дальнейшему обучению, заниматься общественными работами. Самые лучшие студенты получают поощрительные призы.
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Half a year after Naoto Takahashi’s father got remarried, he hasn’t gotten used to the new family members: his stepmother, Sachiko, and his new little sister, Yui. One night as he tries to figure out how to smooth things over with his sister, he gets an app to allows him to take 
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In the near future, the birth rate of men decreased so much that humanity was on the verge of extinction. In a matter of urgency was issued a new law, which referred to a "license to free sex." The bearer of this license could have sex with absolutely any girl he liked, whenever and wherever. Moreover, according to the new law, the woman had no right to refuse the bearer of this paper. One night at the hands of Takumi got the license. Needless to say, his life has changed dramatically? (c) VenZell
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My name is Ogami Akira. My job is to turn girls and women into WHORES. I work for a special organization and they don't really like me because I put my interests above theirs. Well, so far everything suits me. Therefore I again undertake the next order. My goal is a rich mother and her two daughters. My contact is a maid working for them. Well, let's see what will actually be this usual-looking order...
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After Kengo reported the death of his mother, he returns to his hometown from which left seven years ago. There he meets his stepsisters from his father's mistress. They were never let out of the house and kept in fear. Kengo tries to confront his father to free the girls, but he is still afraid of him.
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