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College babe-cum-camgirl Domino Presley is having a hard week. First, her annoying mom interrupted her cam show last night, and now there’s some guy in her living room when she was supposed to have the house to herself! All Domino wants is to put on a hot lesbian show for her audience, but that big dolt Eli Hunter scares her friend away by spying on them making out. Lucky for her audience, Domino won’t let this fuck-up ruin her show. To make him pay for his mistakes, Domino gets Eli to fuck her and suck her dick, and he has no idea he’s on camera! What happens when he finds out?
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Video from the filming of photo sessions . The Director directs the Actresses so that they take the necessary poses and fix them for shooting the next frame of the session . The girls approach the process with humor, on the set constant laughter and a lot of funny episodes . The film clearly shows that Studio shooting porn is not a fixation of sex on the camera, but a creative process .
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Lizzy is cleaning the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. Chloe comes in and yells at her. She isn’t happy with the job Lizzy has done cleaning the other rooms. Lizzy apologizes to Chloe, but that isn’t enough to make it right. Lizzy offers to re-do the other floors in the house. Chloe still is not happy. Then Chloe notices that Lizzy is wearing makeup. Lizzy’s been preening herself to make herself look prettier, instead of focusing her attention on cleaning the floors. Lizzy admits that she’s tried to make herself look pretty because she was hoping that, after finishing all the chores, she could go out with Chloe. Chloe laughs. She NEVER wants to be seen in public with Lizzy. Lizzy is POOR. She doesn’t have nice enough clothing. Chloe would never want to be seen with a someone who dresses rags like the ones Lizzy wears. It would be embarrassing.
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Today’s Hands on Hardcore special by DDF Network is an intense XXXtreme group sex orgy featuring two leggy and flexible bombshells. Gina Ferocious is a brunette Spanish hottie with brown eyes and perfect natural tits. The petite sweetheart starts making out with her horny slutty friend Nicole Pearl from Russia. This blonde stunner knows exactly what she wants and fills her playmate’s wet pussy with a huge double dong, sticking it up her ass and sliding it in and out her pink!
Both lesbian bombshells will be joined by our three studs David Perry, Yanick Shaft and Mike Angelo who soon fulfill the two babes’ kinkiest fantasies! One after the other gets his big hard dick sucked before today’s 4K fuck fest begins! Gina Ferocious gets ass fucked balls deep and rides one massive meat after the other. She can’t wait to get DP’ed to the extreme and moans ecstatically while reaching one climax after the other.
Nicole Pearl sucks those enormous dicks down her insatiable deep throat and gets her tight wet holes crammed with one hard cock after the other. The light-skinned Russian bombshell shakes her curvy ass while two long dicks penetrate her at the same time. Finally, our two cum-hungry babes kneel in front of their three hard cocks and get loads and loads of jizz blown all over their pretty faces.
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Babely blonde Kayla Green is our trainer for this week's installment of Fitness Rooms, and she's ready to get hot and sweaty with Anna Rose! For their full body workout, the ladies begin with some arm toning bicep curls, then move on to Romanian deadlifts to work their hamstrings and butts. Next, Anna performs some reps of dumbbell incline press so that she can tighten her chest, but Kayla can't stop staring at her big tits! Once the workout is complete, Kayla gives her sexiest instruction yet: she tells Anna the best thing to do after exercise is sex! The ladies bust out some oil and lube up, then take earns tasting each other and making each other cum!
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Good friends Sasha Sparrow and Victoria Pure are chatting in bed. Victoria complains to Sasha about how they're both working too much, and Sasha vents about how her husband hasn't eaten her pussy in a while because it's hairy. Victoria tells Sasha she loves hairy pussy, and dives between her legs to eat her out! Turning Sasha on, Victoria then sucks her tits, then Sasha eats the blonde's ass from behind. After some 69 and tribbing, the ladies cum hard and lie back kissing softly.
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European lesbian lovers Dominic Anna and Emylia Argan are cuddling in bed, with Dominic sitting in between Emylia's legs. Emylia kisses Dominic, then takes a bra strap off her shoulder. Playing with a breast with one hand, Emylia slides the other hand into Dominic's panties and rubs her pussy. Turned on, Dominic lies on top of Emylia, then intimately performs cunnilingus on the brunette's hairy pussy. The ladies make themselves cum in 69, then playfully tease each other!
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