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Natalia is pregnant, so her milk production should start without any problems now. With swollen udders, she is told to pump herself for the first time with the double breast pump. Natalia is horrified by the stuff that comes out of her, but first milk is never the best (or much). She just needs to keep doing this regularly to get her production up. We still have a few months before she gives birth, so we will get a few gallons out of this one! Regular sessions and a lot of patience are required, because Natalia is easily upset. She’s precious now, so we will treat her well.
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The darkness has a certain smell to it. The air is damp, musky, stale. Alone! Static emerges from the background filling the gaps. Cold - so very cold. Pain, fullness, light. Screaming. Someone... something is screaming crying - terror. A butchered animal? The screaming, it’s me! Locked to the floor by a metal device in my ass. A small television hisses. I wake, groggy. How had I gotten here, when, why, who brought me? The television begins to speak. I’m here to entertain. To prove myself. To suffer. I can do this! I will survive. I will endure. These unseen masters will get their show. I will degrade, defile, and debase myself for them. Whoever they are!
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This is going to be a diabolic game show series. This works only with real life friends. This time we invited Darcia and Zazie who are close friends for years. They only need to answer 10-10 questions correctly, and then take home a 5000 USD. However there is a catch. If Zazie gives an incorrect answer, Darcia is being whipped. And if Darcia gives an incorrect answer, Zazie is being punished. To make their task even harder, they must count the strokes together. If they make a mistake, that stroke is repeated. At each wrong answer the number of punishment strokes increase. At one point we offer to halve the number of strokes for that round, but only in case the friend delivers the lashes. In a final bonus round both girls gets a whipping standing next to each other, arms over head, depending on the number of wrong answers. Beware! If we say this is going to be diabolic, we mean it!
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Still a blind hole Anastasia comes out of the barrel. Its time for another game. She has to guess what implement is about to be used on her. If she gets it wrong she gets hit. If she gets it right we move on to the next toy. Each item gets to see some use on Anastasias quickly bruised ass. Her tits are still tightly tied and the wiggle as she screams in pain. Anastasia gets into a nice comfortable position and the vibrator and fingers are employed to torment Anastasia. Shes teased until she cant hold back anymore. She begs for orgasm.
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French HuCow Ulysse has never wanted to be here. She has never stopped resisting and she is still a long way from becoming a docile HuCow. At this point, we don’t know what to do with her anymore. Will she ever fit into our herd? Even touching her hair (let alone her udders) is too much for her. The only thing we can do is keep milking her, and hope she will accept her new role in life. We still would love to transform her, because she has the softest natural udders, so supple and perfect! We put Ulysse in a brand new position on the milking frame (arms spread), to see how she will handle the goat milker today. Not very well, as you can imagine.
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Penny Pax has found herself in a precarious situation. Shes in sexy lingerie, tied to a wooden column, unable to escape. She is the epitome of a damsel in distress, and with those big blues eyes, she definitely sells the part. The Pope enters and begins to inspect her body, slowly rubbing his hand across her exposed flesh, making sure to caress her big tits and sweet, slutty pussy. He slowly rips her clothes away, then shoves her panties in her mouth. The pain first comes by way of the flogger. After some impact play, her pussy is devastated with non stop orgasms. The nest scene begins and Penny is flying in a side suspension with one leg high in the air. The Pope enters with his crop and goes to town on her pussy and tits, before moving to her sensitive feet. This slut is so turned on by what is happening that her mouth opens as soon as she sees the cock. The Pope fucks Pennys mouth until the dildo is soaked with her spit, and then he moves to her pussy. The orgasms pour out of her and once she has enough of the cock, he finger fucks her into more orgasms. In the final scene Penny is on a table and sprawled out like a meal at dinner time. She is completely helpless and unable to stop what is about to happen to her. Penny is subjected to more flogging before The Pope initiates the most powerful onslaught of imposed orgasms she has ever experienced. She thrashes around trying to escape, but to no avail, as the orgasms keep coming, again, and again, and again.
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