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Bailey Brooke is a waiter working one of the most posh hotels in the area. She figures she’s going to have an easy day serving kind customers in the sun… that is until she meets Addison Lee. Addison treats Bailey like dirt: She belittles her, makes her remake drinks and even uses her as a footrest! Bailey can only take so much for so long and eventually snaps. She is sick and tired of posh bimbos treating her like shit! It’s time for Bailey to get a taste of the high life…
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Sam Bourne leaves a special surprise gift in his girlfriends room: a remote controlled dildo. The real surprise, however, is when his girlfriends mom, Rebecca Jane Smyth, comes for a visit and opens the gift instead! Sam doesnt realize that hes turning on the wrong girl, but that wont stop them from finishing what hes started now that Rebecca Jane is left craving Sams young hard cock!
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Alex Legend has run out of options… He needs a girlfriend and he needs her now! So, he decides to make an appointment to visit the Build A Babe workshop! Within minutes, Alex creates a new companion for himself… However, even he is surprised when he sees who steps out to meet him. Nicolette Shea greets her new lover for the first time and lets him know that she’s eager to please. Alex decides to test her out the only way he knows how… by taking out his thick cock and fucking Nicolette’s wet pussy!
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Jolee Love is a sexy masseuse who lives to give her clients the full-body treatment at her lavish home. After a poolside tease, Jolee decides to dive right onto Keiran Lees cock instead, opting to attend to the one thing that can give her maximum pleasure. After sucking and fucking Keirans massive cock, Jolee goes for the ultimate full-body finish: a pussy creampie.
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Madison Ivy takes a seat in the VIP room at the strip club and loves what she sees when the sexy Monique Alexander makes a grand entrance and privately performs for her. Monique rubs her hot body over Madisons, sensually teasing her during a lap dance, but she has a surprise in store for her. Madison wronged Monique in the past, and Monique has not forgotten about it, now seizing the opportunity to get even, and get off!
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