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We are all from Colorado but Fox and I now live in Portland, OR. To answer the basic questions - Mikey moved away so he is no longer on the show with us. Fox and I (Ethan) are dating. Ethan is usually the top but we do flip, and we do bareback.
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Derek Reed breaks the silence by asking Mike Lobo what he is looking at on his phone. He shows him that hes watching porn, but Derek has a better idea. They could fool around to break the boredom and with that they start making out. Angel Ventura and Bennett Anthony have not seen each other in a long time. Once their lifeguard uniforms are off, Bennett starts sucking Angels cock. Adrian Suarez begins giving Zario Travezz one hell of a BJ which makes him forget about all his worries. Soon enough he has his big cock deep in Adrian. When Troy Thomas and Luke Taylor discovered the used condom on the floor, they decide that they should have some fun too. Luke rims Troy against the wall before fucking him bent over.
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Set in a beautiful 15th century castle on the outskirts of Rome, Italy. An unsuspecting American tourist played by Eddie Stone travels to Europe for an adventure of a lifetime and ends up the victim of a mugging. With his passport, Euros and ID gone, Eddie is lured to the Italian castle by Joe Foster and soon finds out it is a sexual playground for gorgeous Italian men. A weekend of steamy encounters ends up with some hot twists and turns in the labyrinths of the grounds.
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