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The two young men refuse to admit that they have been partaking in any lascivious public behavior until they are presented with the criminal instrument. At this point in the interrogation, they look to strike a deal with the loss prevention officer. The officer uses his understanding of their legal jeopardy to work out an agreement with the two suspects that is beneficial to himself. Justice properly served, the two young men were Released with a warning. Case No. 1902054-78.
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These sexy twinks are on their way to a sexy singles resort where they can fill every vacancy and indulge in some really hot man on man loving! Watch as these young and gorgeous cock hungry hunks give as good as they get with deep stroking flip-fucking action in every scene guaranteed to turn your head! So grab the lube and a box of tissues...then cum on and check in so you can check out the boys in this ass reaming adventure!
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Welcome to Urban Spokes, a secret sex club for San Franciscos hottest, horniest, most intense cyclists. Award-winning director Tony Dimarco captures the underground network of big-dicked, fast-moving bike studs who work hard and play hard. When Rod Petersons chain breaks on a ride, Ryan Rose offers to help him fix it at the Spokes headquarters, but not before Ryan uses both of Rods holes! Messenger Griffin Barrows is star struck meeting famous app developer Brent Corrigan, and Brent is so impressed by Griffins riding abilities, he extends an invitation to join Spokes. Connor Patricks nearly collides with Spokes member JJ Knight, but instead of being angry at each other, they take the opportunity to collide JJs massive cock into Connors willing ass. On Friday night, Rod, Griffin, and Connor make their way down to the Spokes shop for their initiation ritual at the mercy of Spokes leaders Ryan Rose and Trenton Ducati. Who will be the newest initiate into this elite riding club? Go for a ride with the Urban Spokes to find out!
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Sebastian is an art student with an affinity for dirty movies. He spends his free time in his private room on campus shamelessly satisfying his porn addiction, always with the volume inappropriately high. Multiple disturbance complaints from university residents attract the attention of the local precinct. More detailed accounts of Sebastian’s disturbances expose his specific taste for gay porn. Before long, Sebastian finds himself in a real-life version of the policeman porn fantasies he so favors.
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