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Kibitsu is a school for rich teenagers, the elite of society. There are very few girls in it, but they are all very sexually attractive, which gives guys no rest and they are constantly looking for a way to persuade girls to have sex, although they have nothing and do not come out. Keichiro lost her parents when she was little, she lives with her older sister, who works as a teacher at the same school, although you cant tell by her temperament. She helps her enter there, which is a kind act of charity, but knowing what will happen next, it is unlikely that she would agree to it. Keichiro immediately comes to the attention of students who are not averse to having fun. The poor girl is dragged into a series of events, she becomes another sex doll for them. From the hopelessness that forces her to submit, so every time she succumbs to the temptation, she suffers these outrages. As it turns out, shes not the first person to be treated like this. But Saki will find out about it and she will definitely not leave it like this. Its time to pay for all that they have done, she thought, will she be able to stop this vicious circle and the prevailing impunity in the school, or will she become another toy in their hands!? Hentaimage
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The main character of this story - Kail, is one of the 7 heroes who defeated the evil Lord. After that battle, he begins the conquest of the continent to unite the people who live on it.Only his younger brother, Sillom, who is also one of the seven heroes, confronts Kail. Kyle stole his throne, but was unable to kill him.One day, another of these 7 heroes appears in front of Kyle. She is Nina, the elven Princess. Kyle knows that Nina and Cill are lovers, and a dark desire begins to burn in him...
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Tachibana Ichigo - the main character, is an ordinary student, but he knows the secret. The house on the hill used to be inhabited by witches and now this house belongs to the teacher Yoshiko! Yoshiko is engaged with the main character, and suddenly turns out to be the same witch who lives in a house on a hill. One night, the main character goes to a house on a hill to see what his teacher is doing and see her witchcraft.
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The hero of this story Takashiro Shugo is an ex-police officer, at the moment he is out of work. But from time to time, he takes on detective work from his former boss. As the story progresses, the main character is assigned to find the missing person Kozuki Yura. She turns out to be his ex-girlfriend. While he is searching for her, several mysterious murders occur that are somehow connected to her.
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Inyouchuu is an adaptation of the eponymous hentai game genre visual novel. However, in its creation, the emphasis was not on repeating the game. The trick is not that in Inyouchuu there is no plot, but the length of the scenes. The plot, if there is one at all, can be retold very quickly. In a certain school, a boy and a girl guard another girl from monsters. But they were quickly captured. Where did the monsters come from, why, and how the characters relate to each other, is not explained. The peculiarity of this hentai is that the hentai part of the video is very large, we can say that 20 of the 24 minutes in the series is pure hentai.
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Chisato is a modest and beautiful girl at the University, all the guys go crazy for her. Sato is no exception, he has long been in love with her, but can not Express their feelings, as Often constantly meets someone.
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Shibui Ryuji is a teacher of a girl school whose students are born in well-off families. All students hate him because of his figure and perverted nature. However, he happens to know the weakness of Tenkawa Ayumi, so he raped her. Tasting blood, he begins to rape his students, one after another taking advantages of their weakness.
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