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A lovely couple named Parker Marx and Lindsey Cruz got into the cab today, and the heat was making them both very horny! Parker inquired as to whether he could rent the cab for half an hour. I told him I needed to make money, so he offered to have Lindsey suck my cock! The blowjob she gave me was well worth it. Parker and Lindsey then fucked in the backseat. He made her pussy squirt and then came all over her face and tits!
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I saw Lyen Parker walking. She only spoke a little english because she was from Hungary. Though she was on her way to see friends, I convinced her to stay with me by offering her 200 euro to show me her boobs. 200 more and she showed me her amazing ass. After she agreed, I then offered her 400 euro to suck my dick. She was shy, but when she felt my hard cock, she dropped to her knees. I fucked Lyen doggystyle against a tree, then came on her ass!
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Rebecca Jane Smyth was almost ready for her driving test, but during her final lesson, we just couldn't get on the same page. She didn't bring her highway safety manual, she wasn't checking for hazards, and I have to admit it was frustrating. She even called her boyfriend mid-lesson, and he called me a dick! I've never met the lad before in my life! Back at the testing center, Rebecca told me her problem was that she needed to relax. Since I'm her instructor, she asked me to help, then took out my cock and gave me a blowjob! I played with her big tits while she sucked my dick, then fucked her in the front seat and back seat. After a horny titwank, Rebecca took my cum right on her tongue!
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I got the camera rolling, had my angel with me to translate, and had the pretty Kizzy Sixx on my couch. Kizzy was interested in being an adult model, and with her innocent looks and braces, I thought she could be a big hit. I helped her strip so we could shoot some photos of her small boobs and round ass, then she gave me a blowjob. I fucked her doggystyle and cowgirl, then she wanked me off for a facial that covered her braces!
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I saw Barbie Sins out and about wearing a slutty pink dress that made it look like she was on her way to go partying in Ibiza. I could practically see her big tits from down the road! Barbie needed a lift four and a half hours away, and asked me if I would be her driver. I've wanted to fuck her arse for some time now, and that would be my reward. You kidding? I said yes right away!
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Keiran Lee, a wealthy financier, has come to a renowned art dealer’s house to conclude the purchase of a rare life-sized sculpture of a woman. As Keiran examines the piece, he can’t help but remark on its sexy realism. Encouraged to touch and probe the sculpture, Keiran is stunned when it winks at him. After regaining his composure, Keiran sits down to finalize the deal, only to realize that the statue has again come to life in the form of Alessandra Jane and is sneakily teasing him. After narrowly avoiding detection when Alessandra sucks his cock, Keiran is finally able to explore every inch and orifice of his masterpiece, including Alessandra’s perfect round ass. Once their anal romp is over, Keiran’s left wondering if it was pure fantasy – until the art dealer returns and notices that the integrity of his sculpture has been compromised!
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