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Busty and gorgeous Jasmine Jae has just returned from her business trip to an empty house. Her husband’s away at work and all Ms. Jae wants to do after a long time away from home is to get fucked. She comes home alone ad she can't wait for her husband to finish work and stuff her holes with his dick! But unknown to her, sneaky fucker Jordi has hid into her luggage and is there to spy on her! But once this horny MILF catches him in the act, she’s got other ways of punishing him! Jasmine puts this sneaky brat to work by worshiping her massive boobs and eating out her dripping wet pussy! After all, Ms. Jae just wanted to get fucked so why not teach this pervert a sexual lesson he won't ever forget?
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Johnny is out buying his first pipe when he runs into his friend's mom, Rachael Cavalli. Rachael finds out about Johnny's purchase and decides that if he wants to do grown up stuff then he should learn to fuck like a grown up, so she has him takes his pants down as she gives his dick pleasure
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Diego Cruz is one hot muscle stud. This gorgeous young bodybuilder graces us with his presence once again... Mostly because he missed fucking our hot, freaky babes. So when Diego hit us up looking for some prime pussy once again, we knew EXACTLY who to call. Tiny teen, Ashley Daniel of course. She's that fun-sized fantasy girl that will be squirting on your dick by the end of the night.
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Welcome to The Sessions, a sexy series that allows you into one of the most intimate spaces known to man—the therapist’s office. Be a fly on the wall as patients and practitioners explore their sexualities. Each episode features a different therapist, patient, and a whole new set of sexual boundaries being crossed. In Part 12, sticky-fingered Emily Addison seeks help for her problem, but therapist Mick Blue believes her compulsive stealing is just a symptom of the real underlying issue. What Emily is really craving isn't shiny jewelry but more excitement and danger in her sex life, so Mick suggests she needs to try losing control! He binds her wrists with a stolen necklace, and gives Emily all the orgasms she's been missing and more.
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