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It's all you do, in fact it is all you know. To stroke your pathetic, tiny, irrelevant joke of a dick. You stroke to anything now, it has overtaken every single part of your life and has become a huge obsession and dirty habit you have. With each and every stroke you know you are weakening yourself over and over. You can't help yourself but lose deep within submission.Before you know it you were knee deep in FEMDOM and completely lost in your addiction. It took over your mind and your penis, you were unable to shift the lingering thoughts of HOT, SEXY DOMINANT bitches and it made your dick harder than ever. Overnight your addiction turned into daily worship and now you are completely consumed you are obsessing and jerking 24/7. Femdom has overtaken your mind, dick and soul and you are stuck in this vicious cycle with no way out. Part of you LOVES it the other LOATHES it but either way, normal vanilla life is not a lifestyle suitable for anymore. You cannot resist my curves my teasing ways. I tempt you deeper than ever and you enjoy every single stroke. So keep on stroking, keep aching for that high and lose yourself to what you love....MP4 * 213 MB * 00:07:14 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Are you ready to get wasted? I'm going to get you so fucked up today. Getting you high from those nitrates and humiliating you for my entertainment. Grab that bottle, put it to your nose and sniff it deep for a nice long 10 seconds. I'm going to push you right in at the deep end, I'm not going to slowly ease you, I'm going to fuck you up so much.I want your head dizzy, I want you on a completely different planet and I want you to do exactly as I say. Now stroke that cock for me and cover the other nostril and inhale for another 10 seconds. Don't stop. Keep going! I want you to hit that bottle over and over again. Now slide those fingers in and fuck that ass. You love giving up control to me, don't you. You really are such an easy target. Weak and begging to become weaker. Int0xicating you with my fierce beauty and powerful nature you will hit that bottle hard and on every click of my fingers. Intense, fast and hugely intoxicating. Sniff it all up bitch, I want you to completely lose yourself for me.MP4 * 332 MB * 00:10:54 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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It’s My birthday soon!! And in celebration we will be doing a few of my favourite birthday things. Most important – that celebratory birthday drink! Shots are a traditional way to mark the occasion, and on My birthday you and I will take a birthday shot together as you wish Me MANY happy returns. Of course you will be drinking a shot of your cum, a chilled glass of obedience, good boy juice. Today we will prep the your drink. After you’ve stroked your cock to Mt incredible body your balls will be SO heavy with delicious cum. You want to fill that glass up for ME, so you can toast My perfection on My special day. Of course because My birthday will be a day of abstinence you don’t get to cum which is why we are prepping today. Get the messy bit out of the way. So come my birthday, it’s No muss no fuss straight down the hatch. It’s so HOT to think of men all around the world crying out CHEERS GODDESS! As they down their cum in My honour. Stroke, cum, store your precious nectar…and then join Me on My birthday! missed My actual birthday? that’s ok! You can still celebrate after the fact, time is an illusion anyway : )MP4 * 129 MB * 00:10:17 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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By now you must know I really don’t care if you eat or not. You are My slave, I don’t have to worry about your well being at all. In fact you’re totally expendable the only question is do I want to really take the time to train another slave. I suppose you can scratch an existence form drinking My spit and eating what meager dust you can find off the bottom of My shoes. It’s actually too good for you. Well there you go! You have had your sugar rush drinking My sweet spit now I can send you back to work. I’m going out tonight, you stay here and clean. Bye slave, I’m out.AVI * 265 MB * 00:05:06 * 720x406 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Winter is here and nothing says winter like celebrating the holidays. When I think of the holidays, I think of how grateful I am for all of the good things that have happened in my year. When you think about the holidays, I know you think of how grateful you are that you get to experience my body the way you do. Especially my tits. It wouldn't really be a holiday celebration without celebrating these perfect mounds of mine. There's nothing like them really. Just the sight of them can send you into an aroused frenzy. So today you're going to spend a few minutes out of this busy holiday season to worship my breasts. Who knows? Maybe I'll give you a little present and slide off my blouse.MP4 * 434 MB * 00:07:24 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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I’ve decided you will be spending all of your money on Me this Christmas. I know you can’t resist My perfect feet. With every move I make, the urge to send will become stronger. Spending all of your ca$h on Me makes you so fucking hard. What are you waiting for? Buy this clip now!MP4 * 229 MB * 00:06:32 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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