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Based on the story of Zalman king. Photographer Gabe (Anthony Addabbo), his assistant Annie, and their boss hire a ship to conduct a photo shoot on the high seas. But Gabe does not suspect that his friend turned out to be a traitor and lured him into a trap, and the models involved in the shooting, in fact, specialize in cotraband weapons. Dean (Timothy bottoms) wants to sell illegal cargo to the crew of a South African submarine, but soon everything begins to go wrong...
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Aging ladies, man Massimo Castaldi with his wife and teenage daughter goes on vacation to the sea. And everything would be fine, but poor Massimo will have to be separated from his young mistress Laura. But there are no hopeless situations, and Laura goes after the family in the guise of a nun-tutor for Sonya who failed the exam. Meanwhile, the rich Castaldi drew the attention of a couple of crooks who decided to kidnap one of them for ransom. As members of the glorious names — three, and of the attempts of bums will be exactly three…
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Paige, still in love with her ex-boyfriend Wells. Lost touch with him when he joined Inner Sanctum, a cult where women seduce wealthy men during a dark ritual. Paige, decides to participate in the cult ceremony to get him back. But Paige gets caught up in steamy situations with other men. She finally lets go of her past and goes back to the Inner Sanctum where she just cant say no.
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The girl Mora became a psychologist, because in her life something dirty and cruel was missing. Throughout the film, she tries to deal with her problems, whose roots go back to her childhood.
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On the verge of despair and financial collapse, the sophisticated beauty Isabel turns to an influential businessman, Shater, who can save her firm. He agrees to help on one condition: either Isabel brings two women to his hotel room and watches them make love to his chauffeur, or no deal is made
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The police decide to catch a serial killer on live bait.Will the COP be able to catch the killer first, or will she be the next victim?
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Richard Robinson is a classic case of a porn filmmaker who displayed enough talent to go mainstream but never got a break. Even Joe Sarno ended up making hundreds of films, videos without ever having a shot at the big time (unlike 20th Century-Fox giving his contemporary Russ Meyer a multi-picture deal). Such is the pigeon-holing fate of a pornographer.
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With a name like Sam sharp, people expect a detective, not a gorgeous woman. For the most part, Sams cases are pretty tame, so when she gets a request to track down the magazine publishers sexy young wife, it seems simple enough. But when her investigation finds a body at the bottom of the pool, it becomes clear that not everyone is telling the truth - and that she must use more than her investigative skills to uncover the killer.
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A sexual researcher writes a book about sexual relationships and arranges an online survey.After that, some of the interviewees are found dead...
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Barbara Welsh, a sex therapist, sits behind a glass partition and watches couples copulate. In this way, she studies the problems of her clients. In one of these sessions, a rich client dies. His death was framed as a car accident. The investigation begins, and soon it turns out that the death occurred an hour before this "accident". The police determine that the last person to see him was this still quite beautiful, although already middle-aged blonde. Detective Gary Hudson pays her a visit.
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