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Journalist Shoshona Reid is adept at digging up compromising information — so much so that she has started blackmailing a lot of people and threatening them if they dont pay. She is a client of Rebeccas sex therapist, and when Shoshone is killed, Rebecca becomes a murder suspect. To save yourself, Rebecca begins investigating the death of a Shoshone…
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Albert has the enviable job of being employed by a plush hotel to cater to the female visitors. His duty is to satisfy them in any and every way possible. All is not well for Albert though because he falls in love with a rich and voluptuous woman who decides that maybe his career isnt the best for the both of them. Will Albert become monogamous... has love changed his lifestyle?
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A television drama crew has come to a sleepy village and many local girls volunteers as extras hoping to become famous. /
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Young Anna and Laura, neighbors and best friends, study at a Church school, where instead of serving God, they decide to devote their lives to Satan. Anna keeps a very personal diary, her friends read lustful and passionate literature, manipulate their teachers, spy on nuns, and reject Church views and their community. And then its time for summer vacation. Annas parents leave the estate for 2 months and her friends are left alone...
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Three beautiful female athletes take a weekend off from training to vacation at a relatives villa complete with private beach. While relaxing, enjoying the water, and topless sunbathing the girls weekend alone is interrupted by three escaped criminals on the run. Led by Pierre Luigi, the three criminals take the girls hostage and submit them to torture and rape before the girls get their bloody revenge.
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The life of a Parisian photo model turns into a nightmare when the photographer with whom she used to work begins to pursue her constantly but she refuses his offers.
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When a lunatic murders the three daughters of the Pharaoh, he faces an awful death. Centuries later, his mummy returns to create mayhem on Earth. Just as the murdering commences, the mummies of the three beautiful sisters return to stop him.
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Naima is 16 years old and lives in Cannes. The school year is over, ahead of the holidays — in the company of a 22-year-old cousin from Paris, Sophie, who is ready to teach her grown-up sister the rules of adult life. Seize the moment — its main motto. This means that rich and generous men exist to make young beauties happy and give them pleasure. Such a sea of temptations! You cant refuse. If, of course, you forget that you have to pay for pleasure.
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Porn star Luna tries to find a balance between the demands of her job, the need to take care of her sick father, who suffers from Parkinsons disease, and the taunts of her friends about how she makes a living…
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A hungry young journalist is drawn into a tale of steamy sex and murder when she begins an article about an erotic webcam voyeurs club.
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Fashion photographer Scott begins to suffer from nightmares in which he kills a beautiful girl. Soon he meets the beauty of his dreams in reality, and, falling in love with her, begins to fear that something irreparable may happen to her.
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