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Tyler Nixon is in a bit of a pickle. He and his hot stepsister Chloe Temple recently showered together as a matter of practicality, complete with some accidental touching. Now Chloe seems to have moved one while Tyler is still wrapped up in her body. Chloe asks Tyler to help her with a drama class that she takes very seriously by doing a reading with her. When Tyler hesitates and tries to bring up the shower, Chloe starts bargaining. She offers to do Tylers chores for a whole week. When that doesnt work, she throws in washing his car.
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Princess - Theres a very good reason why this young lady goes by the name Princess: its because she demands to be treated like royalty when it comes to sexy time and shell brook nothing less. Princess prefers that men approach her holiest of holies on their knees, inching forward and begging for an audience with her tight little twat. Before Princess lets a man touch her between the legs, he has to prove his worthiness by dining on her toes. Princess can tell quite a bit about a man by the way he treats her feet. If he passes these test (and others) then hes in for the time of his life; Princess likes to give as well as she gets! The only other demand that shell place on her suitors is that they deposit their creamy load all over her toes; theres no room for argument on this point!
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Princess - Princess has the creamy skin of a mixed breed. This makes for an adorable sole coloration. Her shapely legs seem to caress her pretty ankles, and her feet are decorated with agile, slender toes that can spread far apart, and which Princess loves to lick and suck.
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