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Leah Winters - Meet Leah and her monkey toes. Apparently, she can pick things up with her toes and that is why she calls them that. She didnt always like her feet until she started porn and discovered all the fun things she can do with them. She likes sucking dick and burgers, she is the perfect girl.
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Daisy - Poor Daisy! Its been almost a year since shes had a proper vacation and shes desperate for a break! She had planned to take some time before the summers end to go visit her family back in Mexico, but her uptight boyfriend is flat-out refusing to go with her. Seems hes a bit afraid of being a gringo south of the border these days. While Daisy can appreciate his concern, she just needs some time off of her feet. But theres always a solution. Daisys boyfriend may be too scared to travel with her, but that wont stop him from giving her a little something to remember him by while shes traveling back home! He knows her feet need a good massage and like any guy he knows that a good massage can lead to all sorts of wonderful things. The night before Daisy leaves, he treats her to a full-on foot loving bonanza and sends her off in the morning with relaxed feet and dried semen all over body!
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