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Scene opens to Kenzie Reeves lying on her bed, chest down, smoking a cigarette. She glares out the window as her brother Jack (Small Hands) reads a book on the living room couch. When she offers Jack a cigarette, he refuses, reminding her that he quit. She gets up from the bed and approaches the couch, telling him that he could just have one. He reminds her that people who quit tend to no longer smoke. When she confronts him as to why hes reading books all of a sudden, he gets visibly annoyed. Im trying to better myself, he retorts. When she tells him about all the good times they used to have getting trashed together, he shakes his head in bewilderment stating that that was almost a decade ago. She ashes her cigarette and it lands right in his book. Jack yells at her, telling her his schooling is important to him. But Kenzie is bored and doesnt care about her stepbrothers scholastic endeavors. She wants to kill some time and starts seducing him. He tells her to get lost but its clear that Kenzie isnt going to let up. She gets on her knees and starts running her hand up his leg. Jack tells her that what they did in the past was a mistake; they were young and confused and didnt know any better. Kenzie starts jerking him off and Jack cant help but put his book down. He tells her that this is going to be the last time. She nods eagerly, desperate to feel his touch as he grabs her head and starts kissing her. He pulls down his shorts and shoves his cock deep down her throat. She chokes on it and gags taking it all in at once. He holds her hair and pushes her down on his dick as she swallows him whole. She takes both of his balls in her mouth as he slaps his dick on her face. When he gets up, he face fucks her, grabbing her by the throat and asking if she likes it. She nods as he picks her up and throws her on the bed. He removes her panties as she waits eagerly for his dick. He slaps her face as he shoves his cock inside her, asking her if this what she wants. She says yes as he pounds her cunt ramming her with every thrust. As she rides his dick, she makes sure he cums inside of her. He lies down instantly regretting the whole thing.
Scene cuts to Jack sitting up on the bed with a look of desperation on his face. His life needs to change and in order to do so, he needs to stop repeating old patterns. He tells Kenzie that he needs to leave this trailer park or hes gonna end up stuck there like everybody else. She smiles, telling him that shell go anywhere he wants to go. He shakes his head in disbelief, explaining that wherever he ends up, hes going alone. She pulls him down to the bed, saying that they should get some rest. Jack is wide awake thinking about his life and what he needs to do. He cant go on like this and has to make a decision. He gets up and packs some things and leaves the house. When Kenzie comes to, she calls out to Jack but gets no answer. When she turns around, she realizes that hes gone. She calls his name in a panic as the scene cuts to Jack walking outside. He looks tormented and directionless. As he glances back at his former life, he struts to the car, opens the door angrily and drives away.
Scene opens to Jack lounging in his car with his legs lying out the window. We see Joanna Angel in the distance walking towards the car. She looks ahead wondering whos inside the car and what theyre up to. She walks towards it and knocks on the hood, waking Jack up in the process. He recognizes his classmate and greets her. When she asks him why hes napping in his car, he tells her that he wanted a good parking spot. They laugh as she offers to wait for him so they can walk to class together. When she offers him a coffee, he cant resist a free cup of Joe. He enthusiastically grabs his things and joins her.
Scene cuts back to Kenzie frantically searching through a makeup bag. She finds her birth control kit and sits down on the toilet. She waits for the appropriate time to pass and looks at the results. When she realizes shes not pregnant, she screams in agony begging the silence for a baby. She knows that if she has Jacks child, it will push him to stay home with her. She rubs her stomach as the camera fades to black.
Scene opens with Jack anxiously writing his test. Time runs out. His teacher asks the students to leave the exams on her desk. She then says that before they leave, shed like to conclude the class with a sharing session. Joanna volunteers first, speaking honestly about how her parents laid out a path that has never served her and how shes been struggling and continues to struggle with making her life hers once and for all. Jack raises his hand and, with a defeated look in his eyes, confesses how his free will has worked against him, despite his best intentions. The teacher steps in, stating that it looks like hes getting ahead of the curriculum as they will be covering these very same topics next week. The class ends as Joanna asks Jack what time his next class is. When he responds that he has quite some time till the next one, she invites him back to her apartment, adding that its not much but certainly more comfortable than his car.
Scene opens to Joanna and Jack making out as they lean against the kitchen counter. They stop for a moment and confess their feelings for each other as they embrace more passionately than before. As Jack runs his hands over her chest, Joanna runs her hands through his hair. He pulls up her skirt and starts eating her wet pussy. As he devours her, she cums all over his face. He gets up and unbuttons his shirt when she stops him to confess something. She stutters trying to get the words out, then finally tells him her big secret...shes a virgin. Jack is stunned and cant believe his ears. He tells her that he likes her and can wait if she wants to, but Joanna wants him now. She suggests he fuck her ass instead. He doesnt presume to understand her logic but will fuck her ass nonetheless. She leads him to the living room and takes off her panties. She gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick, deep throating it in the process. She makes sure its nice and wet so it can slide perfectly into her ass. When she climbs on top of him, he starts thrusting himself in and out of her ass, pounding Joanna in the process. He fucks her missionary as he chokes her and then from behind. Fucking her doggie style, he cums all over her ass.
They get dressed. Joanna hopes to see Jack soon, adding that she would really like to get to know him better. Jack laughs, saying that hes pretty certain she wouldnt. When she asks him where his next class is, she finds out that theyre going in the same direction. Joana tells him to wait up so she can join him. They exit her apartment, kissing under a sunshine-filled sky. Site: Genre: Categories Blonde, Brunette, Hardcore, Anal, Natural Tits, College, Pussy Licking, Petite, Family Roleplay, Step SisterDateRelease: 04-03-2018%image_main%https://images01-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/67827/67827_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/67827_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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Scene opens to Tommy Pistol relieving himself and zipping up. When he turns around, he asks India Summer where the car is. He needs to go buy some cigarettes. Kenzie Reeves enters the scene and greets the two as she sits down. When India reminds him that Jack (Small Hands) took the car to school, Tommy starts getting angry. He says that Tommy needs to stop wasting his time in school and get a job. When India retorts that his daughters not working either, he reminds her that shes a tight little hottie who can sell her ass if need be.
Jack comes back from school and greets everyone. Tommy tells him that he better have filled the gas tank or hes gonna be sorry. Jack gives him a dirty look and kisses his mother on the check. Kenzie is ecstatic that her stepbrother is back as she grills him with questions. When he replies that she knew he was at school, she tells him she spotted a moving truck in the neighborhood and stole some brand new pillows from the back just for him. He shakes his head in disbelief and starts yelling at her that he didnt want her doing that. When he walks away from her in disgust, Kenzie realizes that she needs to regain control. Shes losing him. She tells the family to gather around as she has some big news to share. When her parents ask her what it could possibly, Jack just looks on wondering what plan shes hatched now. Much to Jacks horror, she tells her family that shes pregnant. When her parents ask her who the father is, she looks at Jack and adds that its someone special. Jack interrupts them asking Kenzie if he could talk to her inside adding that he would like to see those pillows she stole for them. With Jack and Kenzie gone, Tommy tells India that they should celebrate. He pulls her close and kisses her face. She asks him what he has in mind; he pulls her shirt up and starts sucking on her tits. When he pulls her pants down, he sticks his tongue right in her ass as she demands he shove it in deeper.
Back inside the house, Jack is furious with Kenzie. He cant believe she would pull a stunt like that. He thought her getting pregnant was impossible; she was on the pill for fucks sake! Kenzie tells him its a miracle and now they can finally be a family. He yells, asking if she realizes that shes clearly lost her fucking mind. They are on the brink of poverty and the last thing they need is another mouth to feed. When she tells him shes keeping the baby, he gets so angry that he slaps her in the face. When she screams for him to do it again, he storms out of the house and slams the door behind him. Kenzie is left on the bed all alone collecting her tears.
Jack gets into the car and turns on the ignition but it wont start. He slams the steering wheel and screams. When he gets out of the car, the punches the hood in frustration. He has no idea how hes going to get out of this. Trying to collect his thoughts, he paces back and forth. He sits back down in the car and pulls the seat back so he can lie down. He stares out into a starless sky and tries to find a way out of this nightmare.
Scene opens to early morning sunshine as Jack waits pensively. When he sees Joanna walking towards him, his face lights up for the first time in awhile. He kisses and thanks her for meeting him so early as she hands him a coffee. Back home, Kenzie walks out the trailer and closes the door behind her. As she gets on her bike, its clear that shes on her way to look for Jack. She bikes through her neighborhood, looking around to see if she can spot her stepbrother. As Jack and Joanna chat on the park bench, Kenzie spots them from a distance and starts crying. She cant believe her brother would do this to her. She doesnt care who this bimbo is, no one is going to destroy the special relationship she has with Jack. When she goes to confront them, she tells Jack that he needs to come back home and give mom her car keys. Jack knows what kind of game Kenzie is playing but has to play it cool. Hes very aware that she could ruin everything if she decides to tell Joanna about their relationship. When Kenzie invites Joanna over to the house, shes hoping that when she sees that Jack is white trash, she can count on her leaving their lives forever - and Kenzie can have her brother all to herself.
Scene opens with Kenzie back home going through her makeup bag again. She pulls out her pregnancy kit and prays to God that shes pregnant. She knows that once Jack sees their child hell get rid of the bimbo and be Kenzies forever. All she has to do now is test positive and have his baby. She sits down and waits for the results as she prays for a miracle. When the time elapses, it seems that God didnt answer her prayers because its still negative. She smashes the kit on the floor and storms out of the house. When she finds her mother outside, she takes a cigarette out of her pack and lights it. Her mother tells her that she shouldnt be smoking, its bad for the baby. Kenzie confesses that the kit indicated that she wasnt pregnant. She begs her mother to keep this a secret from Jack and her dad. India flat out asks her if shes just trying to get pregnant to keep a man; she explains that that didnt work with Jacks father, and it aint gonna work here. The trick is to look and stay pretty. When Kenzie confesses that she hasnt felt pretty in a long time, India kisses her stepdaughter on the mouth, promising shell make it all better.Site: Genre: Categories Outdoors, Blonde, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Rim Job, Fingering, MILF, Mature, Tattoos, Pussy Licking, PetiteDateRelease: 04-26-2018%image_main%https://images01-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/67828/67828_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/67828_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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Strangers Held by Unknown Powers and Tricked into Fucking for Freedom
SCENE opens on an unconscious 19-year-old girl, Nora, lying on the floor of an empty cell. She is wearing weekend clothes: a tank top and skirt. From her perspective, we hear the voice of a man telling her to wake up. As she comes to her senses, she opens her eyes and, through her POV, sees a man, Alan, clearly older than her, mid 30s, dressed in boring business clothes (math teacher). Are you okay? He asks. She screams and tries to get away from him. The man also gets frightened and moves away in his corner. I dont want to hurt you, Im in here like you! The girl lets out a gasp and looks around the cell, nervously pacing. Its no use, says Alan, nervously. Ive tried. Where are we? asks Nora. I dont know! I think we might have been... taken! While screaming and kicking, Nora notices a security camera in the corner of the cell, near the ceiling. She screams at it LET US OUT! Alan, still in shock his corner of the cell, says Ive been here almost a full day, they havent said anything. I think they brought you in when I was snoozing. Nora sits down, her head in her hands. What do they want from us? Alan responds I dont know... all I know is that we are being watched .... and... there is...that! He points to the 4th wall. From the POV of the wall, Nora gets up and slowly walks towards the camera. A reverse shot reveals a big digital clock reading 23:55:04 and counting down.
CU of the clock: 19:59:39 and counting down. Under the clock are 5 unlit led lights.
Nora is in a ball in a corner of the cell, rubbing her arms to be warmer. Alan is in the other corner resting. As she shivers harder and harder, Alan wakes up. Its almost been 2 days, look at you ... you are shivering! I told you I am not going to hurt you. Come and sit next to me, Ill warm you up. No thank you she replies. Alan gets up and removes his dress shirt, leaving him in an undershirt. He walks towards Nora At least take this, I cant stand to see you like this! She is clearly hesitant, but lets the man come closer. As he puts his shirt around her shoulder, he kneels and says here, at least you wont freeze! He puts his hand on her folded leg. As soon as their skin touches, all lights shut down, and a mechanical sound is heard. When the lights come back on, two blankets and a whole chicken are on the ground. At first, both fear the noise, but then see the blankets and food. They both jump on it. They wrap themselves in the blankets and start eating like starved animals each in their corners. The camera slowly pans towards the countdown on the wall. 19:57:22.
Smash cut to the bare chicken bones on the ground. We can hear their bellies grumbling. Both detainees are sitting in their corners. Nora speaks So... do you think at the end of this countdown they will let us go? As she points to the clock, it now shows 37:13:45. I dont know, says Alan, rubbing his wedding ring. Im... Im Nora by the way. Alan. A silent moment. Nora adds And... what were you doing before... you know. I was going home from class... I... I teach math at Northwestern, and I. Before he finishes, Nora cuts him I used to go there. She tells him how she used to attend College to become a lawyer but dropped out when she turned 19 because she wanted to become a painter. He tells her how he was in a promising band in College but was pressured into taking a real job by his girlfriend of the time. They share a look that says, We are different but we are the same, followed by an awkward moment. Good night Alan she says, before turning away in the blanket.
Nora is pacing the room as Alan is sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth rubbing his wedding ring.
My wife must be worried sick. You are married? Yes, almost 10 years now. And now she must be alone, pregnant and scared. Pregnant? Nora asks. Alan starts crying. He explains how his girlfriend from college pressured him into taking a job because she was pregnant back then. They got married and then had the child who then passed away. They didnt think they could have another child, the pain was too much. But then Maria got pregnant again... that was 6 months ago. He sobs.
Nora slowly walks toward him. Hey ... dont worry, Im sure well get out. She reaches her arm towards his shoulder. As soon as they touch, the lights go pitch black and, a moment later, pillows appear. They tense up and stare at them.
Alan gets up, wiping the tears off his face. Wait a second... He suddenly grabs her arm. The lights go out again, and candies appear. I get it, says Alan, terrified, when I gave you my shirt, and just then my shoulder and now your arm... they want us to touch each other! Puzzled, Nora puts a hand on Alans chest, over his undershirt. Nothing happens. Alan moves her hand slowly to his exposed skin, the lights go black and more candies appear. CU on the security camera zooming in.
They both look at each other. Alan is the first one to understand and takes a step back and says, Oh my god as he grabs his face. Nora goes What? Now we know how to get food! Dont you get it Nora...They are watching us... they reward us when we touch skin on skin. This is some twisted pervert! (trailer moment).
Nora stares at him. Then she looks at the clock. Then looks at the security camera, she walks towards it. She takes off her tank top revealing her breasts. A green light flashes, and the clocks beeps fast-forwarding to 09:59:59. Alan in horror tries to look away muttering what are you doing?. She pulls down her skirt and panties. The green light flashes, and the clocks beeps fast-forwarding to 00:04:59:59.
Her attitude suddenly changed, she is now more aggressive. She turns toward Alan and goes to him. Get naked Alan, thats what they want! She tries to pull him up. He struggles to not look at her. Come on, you pussy, were not at church! We can get the fuck out of here if we give them what they want! Strip! Alan collects himself. All right... all right. He takes off his undershirt and pants. The green light flashes, and the clocks beeps fastforwarding to 00:59:59 and counting down.
As Alan finishes taking off his socks, Nora screams Ok! Now what!? You sick fucks! When Alan is done, one of the five led lights under the clocks lights up. They stare at it for a beat. Nora turns to Alan You need to fuck me!
Alan stares back in silence. You were right Alan, this is a fucked up little circus weve been put into. I bet you they want us to fuck before the clock hits zero. Alan stutters But I ... My wife... I just... Nora pins him against the wall, Look, its this or we are both gonna be in here for ever or until we starve. I know you are a good man, but I want to get out of here, I know you do too! Do it FOR your wife, do it FOR your kid! Nora points at the security camera as she says Tell them! Tell them you will fuck me! Alan takes a moment, then says Ill... Ill do it. Ill fucking do it!.
Nora drops to her knees and start blowing him. After a minute or so, a second led light lights up under the clock. Alan says: Its working!
They descend in BG sex scene where Nora dominates and yells at the security camera You like what you see? etc... As they change position, the led lights turn on one after the other leaving only one off.
Alans attitude gradually changes as he his pumped by Noras yelling.
As Alan is stroking his dick before cumming onto Noras face, they both say the each other Its almost over, were getting out! Almost there and then to the camera Thats what you wanted you twisted perverts? He cums on her face. They take a beat looking into each others eyes, proud of themselves. Alan is then struck by what he just did and stumbles backward. Nora then turns to the clock, now reading 00:00:20 and still counting down, with one led still off.
It didnt work says Nora. Its still counting down! Alan comes near her. They both are now hysterical, yelling Wait, well do it again, please, no let us g..!.
Their voices are cut off over the image of the clock going to 00:00:00.
Credits over total silence.Site: Genre: Categories Natural Tits, Facial, Deepthroat, Big Dick, TakenDateRelease: 04-17-2018%image_main%https://images03-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/67860/67860_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/67860_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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Winner AVN Best Supporting Actress Joanna Angel
Scene opens on Joanna Angel on her bed studying hard for physics. She invites her friend, Abella Danger, over to help her. When Abella asks her how her relationship with Jack is going, Joanna confesses that shes really into him but that theres a slight problem; she feels like she doesnt know him at all. She has an idea and if Abella is willing to help her, she might actually be able to pull it off. Since most guys are into threesomes perhaps Abella could help her seduce him and maybe get him to open up in the process? When they solidify their plan to blindfold him, the girls are just in time as the doorbells rings. Jack walks in and introduces himself. Joanna tells him shes got a surprise for him and pulls him to the bed. When Abella starts kissing him, he gets the message fairly quickly. She takes off her top and blindfolds him. While Abella sucks his dick, she takes his wallet out of his pant pocket and takes a picture of his drivers license. Now that she has his address, she can check out where he lives and see what hes hiding from her. When they finish off, the girls leave the room temporarily. Jack spots Abellas purse on the floor, he hesitates for a moment but decides to finally open it. When he sees her wallet, he grabs it and quickly puts it in his pocket. He shakes his head in regret and leaves Joannas place as he closes the door behind him.
Scene opens to Jack walking into his place. Kenzie is on the couch and is so happy hes back. When he tells her hes finally got hold of some cash to afford the abortion, she breaks down and starts sobbing. She exclaims that she wants this baby, that God wants this for them but Jack doesnt want to hear another word from her. He leans an inch away from her face and yells at her saying that hes her fucking stepbrother and not her boyfriend or husband. He doesnt want to raise a kid with her and stay in this godforsaken trailer park. He grabs her face, looks at into the depths of her lost little soul and tells her he doesnt love her. He throws her back on the couch as she recoils. He then adds that theyre gonna to go to the clinic tomorrow and get rid of this fucking baby that she wasnt even supposed to be able to have in the first place. Much to his surprise, she agrees. But Kenzie has one condition; he has to fuck her one last time, its not like she can get pregnant anyway. He shakes his head but shouldnt be surprised, she grabs his cock telling him that he can shake his head all she wants but she knows theres a part of him that wants her. He yells at her telling her this is going to be the last fucking time.
Scene cuts to Joanna driving on a highway looking preoccupied. Meanwhile back at the trailer, Jack is taking all his anger and frustration on his stepsister. Pounding her, he chocks her every time she speaks. He doesnt want to hear another word coming out of her lying mouth. Joanna is now at the door, looking in watching Jack fuck his sister. When Jack cums all over Kenzies face he does this to spite her. Joanna walks in with a look of disgust and when Jack tries to explain himself, she tells him hes a wretched liar and storms out of the room. Kenzies is on the bed smiling. She finally has her brother back where he belongs. She knows hes not gonna amount to anything and he knows this as well. He sees it written all over Kenzies face. As he starts to punch her, she screams for more, echoing his agony and shame. He storms out of her house leaving Kenzie bruised and wanting more while she sits up on the bed smiling victoriously.Site: Genre: Categories Brunette, Hardcore, Threesome, Anal, Natural Tits, Pussy Licking, Facesitting, Family Roleplay, Step Sister, Ass to mouthDateRelease: 05-10-2018%image_main%https://images01-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/67829/67829_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/67829_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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SCENE opens on the interior of a medical exam room as the door opens - a doctor enters the room and closes the door behind him, then greets the young woman sitting waiting on the examination table as Dr. Greenwood. He thanks her for coming and for participating in the clinical trial - she just has to pass a quick screener and then they can begin. Holding up a clipboard and pen, he asks her some questions - her name (Jamie Lawson), her age (I just turned 18 a couple of months ago), is she pregnant (no), does she have any history of health conditions - asthma, heart problems, osteoporosis, breast cancer (no, none), and her level of daily physical activity (well I play lacrosse about twice a week, plus daily running and morning yoga). He makes a quip that she must be quite flexible, to which she rolls her eyes and says sarcastically that shes never heard that one before. Satisfied with the responses, the doctor tells her hes going to be asking her to complete a series of exercises, while monitoring her to measure physical stimulation and stress. They have equipment set up in a room down the hall. On their way out the door of the exam room, Jamie jokes that she doesnt stress easily, and Dr. Greenwood smirks in reply and says Dont worry, Im sure well find a way to get you to break a sweat!
We cut back to the two already midway through setting up in another larger room, containing a hybrid of medical and exercise equipment. The doctor is mostly done applying medical electrodes to her temples and clavicles. The last thing he has to do before they begin is to take her blood pressure and resting heart rate, so he can compare these with after the trial. First he takes her blood pressure - as he moves to strap it around her arm his hand brushes against her breast, he chuckles a brief apology and continues as if nothing happened.
Jamie tries to make small talk with him as he pumps and holds the gauge in his other hand - So, what is this trial for? Some sort of new performance drug or something? The doctor provides only the most evasive of replies - he cant discuss the trial with the subjects beforehand or it could compromise the results. Youre offering way more for this study than the last one of these I did, Jamie remarks. Oh, is that so? the doctor replies, still acting elusive. Does she sign up for clinical trials often? Yeah, well not until recently but I really need the extra help right now, Jamie grumbles, my dad hurt his knee and cant work so Im trying to support him whenever I can. Its a drag, but Im hoping it wont be for much longer. The doctor smiles politely and says Well, we have your contact information now so if more of these opportunities come along, well be sure to contact you. He finishes taking her blood pressure, notes something on his clipboard, and then tells her hell take her heart rate now. Do I have permission to touch your chest? Jamie looks taken aback - she supposes so, but dont they usually check at the neck? I prefer my own methods, the doctor insists, and reaches his hand towards her chest to feel her heart. Again, his hand brushes her breasts - this time he doesnt apologize. Jamie looks a bit flustered and is about to speak up, but thinks better of it.
After a long awkward moment, the doctor releases his hand from her chest and notes something on the clipboard. He pats his legs, stands up, and says great - theyre ready to get started! Hed like her to start with some simple jumping jacks. He stands her up in the middle of the room, the wires leading from her body to a small handheld device he holds in one hand, his clipboard in the other. He asks her to begin. She does a few, but he stops her. Ill need you to remove your bra, actually. What? Why? she protests. It interferes with the test, he says vaguely, but he assures her its quite necessary to the results. He turns around so that she can take it off with some privacy - she lifts her shirt up to reveal the bra, and unclaspsit, exposing her breasts momentarily before pulling her tank-top back down to cover them. Beginning the exercise again, her breasts now bounce up and down tantalizingly beneath her shirt as she jumps - with the doctor and the camera both clearly narrowing in on this bouncing as their primary interest.After several jumps with no indication of stopping, Jamie gets a bit frazzled and asks the doctor how many of these shes expected to do - this snaps him out of his reverie and he nonchalantly says five more, and then well move on to the next exercise. Jamie exhales sharply, a bit frustrated, butacquiesces.
Next is an exercise bike - Dr. Greenwood asks her to mount it, and then begin cycling at a pace shes comfortable with to start. He stands behind the bike - his focus clearly fixated on the crack of her ass peeking out of her yoga pants as she pedals - and he offers her some mild platitudes to keep herencouraged. After a minute, he heads to the front to increase the resistance of the pedals - we need to see you break out a sweat, so lets turn it up a bit, shall we?, he says, and then instructs her to continue.
CUT to roughly fifteen minutes later - Jamie has been on the bike for a while now, as is obvious by the thick beads of sweat dripping down her face and chest, and soaking her workout clothes. Shes showing no signs of exhaustion yet, but its clear the workout is no walk in the park for her either. The doctor meanwhile is still just looking her over, with perverse appreciation. Thats enough of that for now, he says finally, and Jamie lets out a sigh of relief and slows her pedaling down. She gets off the bike and takes a nearby towel to wipe off the seat. Thats quite alright, you can leave it the doctor says. Jamie looks increasingly puzzled but shrugs and starts to pat her head with the towel. The doctor rips the towel out of her hand - I didnt say you could do that yet. Jamie starts to argue that shes just wiping sweat off when the doctor cuts her off - If you want to disagree with my methods, thats fine, you can leave at any time and Ill just move on to the next subject. Jamie realizes how bad she needs the compensation, and holds her tongue. Whats next, then? she asks. He tells her to go grab the exercise mat a few feet away. As she turns around to fetch it, he runs his finger along the sweaty bike seat and then sniffs or licks his fingertip.
Once the mats in place in the floor center, the doctor proceeds to have Jamie remove her shoes and socks, and then do various flexibility tests - bend over and touch your toes, sit legs spread and reach forward, assume various yoga poses... he licks his lips as he watches each of these poses, which thanks to her sweat-drenched clothes and no bra are extremely revealing. Jamie can increasingly feel his eyes on her as she strikes each pose - finally, after the third or fourth yoga pose she snaps at him. Youre not even writing anything down anymore, youre just staring at me! The doctor seems unfazed by her sudden outburst. Well move on to the next test, then... No, she exclaims. No more of these weird tests. What was it he even said these tests were for?
Dr. Greenwood reminds her that hes monitoring her physical responses to stress and stimulus. He says that now that theyve gotten the stress tests out of the way, its time for the stimulus tests. He goes to a small table nearby and procures a sleek black featureless vibrator. Calmly, he tells Jamie that she will have to pleasure herself while he monitors her physical reactions. Jamie snaps - theres no way shes doing that. This isnt what she signed up for. The doctor sighs and shrugs - thats fine, he understands. Of course, he cant compensate her for incomplete participation - but if she stays, hell triple the amount that was offered in the ad. Jamie flat out refuses, it doesnt matter what he offers her, shes not doing that. Indifferent, the doctor says he supposes that shell just have to find some other way to support her dad. He muses that someone her age could probably make that amount in about two weeks of working full-time. A shame that shell throw away two whole weeks of her life instead of spending just one hourdoing something perfectly harmless... not just harmless, but enjoyable, even. Jamie is torn... but with some convincing, and some insistence that the doctor keeps his distance, only watches, and isnt recording her, she agrees.
She hesitantly pulls her yoga pants to her ankles, sets herself down on the mat and takes the vibrator in hand, and reluctantly starts pleasuring herself. The doctor watches intently, at first taking a note or two but quickly abandoning the pretense, his hand moving to his crotch for some over-the-pants strokes. She tries to avoid meeting his eyes, but at times he insists she looks at him or gives her some other instruction to follow to humiliate her further. The conflict between her physical pleasure and her emotional discomfort is obvious. After some minutes of this, he crouches down to her level and says warmly Its time, Ms. Lawson. He begins to peel off the electrodes and wires hooked to her. She looks relieved - you mean the trials done? He shakes his head. No, I mean its time for you to let me fuck you.
Jamie protests weakly - he agreed he was just going to watch. He smiles coldly. Come on Jamie, you knew where this was going. Did you honestly think I wasnt going to ask for more? If you really werent up for the possibility, you would have left the second I asked you to touch yourself. Jamie insists thats not true, she trusted him, but her words lack conviction. Youre a little slut, he continues calmly. You were fine with letting a complete stranger watch you strip and pleasure yourself. So stop lying to us both. We both know youre going to let me fuck you, so just be a good little slut, say yes to it and spare us the drama. Jamie sputters, but she has no words. Eventually she bitterly says Ok... just get it over with. Site: Genre: Categories Hardcore, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Teen, 69, Petite, Interracial, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Big DickDateRelease: 07-10-2018%image_main%https://images04-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/69115/69115_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/69115_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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SCENE opens on two young women, Gia and Alex, as they sit close together on Alexs couch cuddled under a blanket. The pair have been secretly seeing each other for over almost two years but, in the conservative small town they live in, their kind of love is not accepted. Gia is engaged to the towns deputy major, Gabriel Dwight. Well known in the community, Gabriel was Gias high school sweetheart: captain of the football team, all state in track, and now the expecting father of her baby. The woman kicks off the blanket, revealing her belly, and slowly slides her feet over to Alexs lap. Alex is busy looking at real estate listings back east. She seems determined and serious while Gia drifts in and out of a baby name book. The camera shows Alex scrolling through the listings, while trying to ignore Gias footsies. Finally, she shuts her laptop, a smile sneaking across her face.
Did you get any callbacks on the resumes you sent out? She asks. Gia shakes her head, adding that its only been a few days. But you did make at least copies of the forms, right? Alex adds. Gia sits up and puts her arms around her lover. Yes baby, she says. I did everything you asked. I filled out the forms, I sent them and the copies to the court clerk in New York. We just have to schedule a hearing when we get there and then they will legalize the name change. Alex looks relieved. Shes been planning their exit for months now, ever since she found out that Gia was pregnant. Alex knew it wasnt her girlfriends fault. Gabriel was controlling and manipulative. But now they have the perfect opportunity to leave and make a family somewhere more accepting. Im going to marry you as soon as we hit Virginia! She says proudly. Gia hugs and kisses her, teasing her for being such a goldstar before crawling onto her lap and pulling out some paint samples. They start looking at options for their future babys room when Gia gets a call from Gabriel, ordering her to come home immediately. The happiness drains from her face as she submissively agrees. Alex looks furious. She hates him so much, but she knows itll only be a couple more weeks before everything is ready for them to run away. She assures her girlfriend to stay strong and act like everything is normal. He cant suspect a thing. They share a passionate kiss and Gia hurriedly exits Alexs apartment.
Several days pass. Alex has been frantically trying Gias phone but there is no response. Finally, she gets the message that her girlfriends voicemail box is full. A look of concern washes over her face, as she paces back and forth. She knows something is wrong. Gia always gets back to her. Something has happened. In a panic, Alex tries to think of her options. She doesnt want to alert Gias family and she refuses to call Gabriel since theyve never gotten along, so she decides to drive past their house to investigate. She grabs her car keys and rushes out of the apartment.
CUT to Alex as she parks her car on the side of the road and slowly walks up a long, secluded driveway towards Gabriels house. She peers in a few windows before deciding to go look for Gias car, when the garage door suddenly opens and Gabriel steps out. He has Gias phone in his hand. Its been awhile, hasnt it, Alex? Gabriel says coldly, after a long uncomfortable pause. Alex panics. She knows Gabriel thinks she left town months ago. I was ... just passing through ... and was wondering if Gia and the baby needed anything... She stammers. Gabriel cuts her off. I have to admit: I was impressed by your attention to detail. Had it not been so meticulously planned, I may have thought Gia came up with it herself. But, we all know youre the smarter one. Alex stares at him, frozen. Her stomach drops. Whatever youve been doing to Gia is going to stop, he says sternly, his voice becoming almost a growl. Im up for election this year and if you think a little dyke is going to stop me from my American dream, youre mistaken! He throws the phone on the ground, crushing it under his foot, as he grabs Alex by her collar and pulls her inches from his face. Now get the fuck off my property! He storms back inside his garage, closing the door in Alexs face. She stays frozen, seething, before grabbing the phone off the ground and running away.
CUT to that night, Alex tosses and turns in her bed. In her dreams, she can hear Gia crying and calling out to her for help and the woman begins to wet the bed. The camera catches her sheer panties as they soak through and dribble down her leg. She wakes up in a cold sweat, discovering what has happened, and hurriedly cleans up her mess. Staggering into the living room, she grabs an unmarked bottle from her backpack and takes three ascorbic acid pills to calm her down. Gias broken phone sits on the coffee table and Alex stares at it, her chest heaving. Suddenly, she gets an idea. She grabs the phone and exits the room.
CUT to a close-up of Gia asleep in bed. A light touch on her arm wakes the woman up and, rubbing her eyes, she slowly realizes that Alex is leaning over her. She has gotten into Gabriels house. Panicking, the woman looks over at her passed out fianc\u00e9e before begging Alex to leave before he wakes up. He isnt kidding this time. Alex discovers that Gia has a black eye and, shaking her head in rage, she helps the pregnant woman out of bed and urges her to go wait in her car. Dont pack anything. Just get your IDs and leave. Gia seems very nervous. Were leaving tonight, Alex sharply whispers. And I promise you ... he wont hurt you or come after you ever again! Gia grabs her purse and tip-toes across the room. Alex waits in silence as she listens to her lover walk down the stairs and out the front door, before turning back to stare at Gabriel. He is completely unaware of what is happening.
Trying to summon up all her courage, Alex slowly takes off her clothes and, grabbing her bag to put on the bedside, crawls in beside him. He rolls over and drapes his arm around her, making her cringe. But, she knows what she needs to do. She takes his hand and guides it up to her chest. The man, slowly waking up and assuming its Gia, gives her breast a squeeze and then moves in to kiss her. Alex gingerly kisses back, in the shadows, before pulling out a satin blindfold from her bag. Oh, so you want to play now, Gabriel says laughing, as she covers his eyes. Thats a good girl. I knew youd come around. Alex works her way down to his pajama pants and unbuttons the. Thats right baby, he says. Pull out daddys dick and show me how much you like it! Alex, disgusted at the thought of touching a penis, slowly pulls it out from his pants. He is already hard and moaning. She takes her phone from the bag and starts to take pictures of her sucking him off. Her lips curl at the contact of the big dick in her mouth, but she grins and bears it. She takes a few more silent pictures as he instructs her on what to do. Put your whole throat into it, he orders. This aint a fucking pussy anymore!
Trying her best to ignore his crude comments, Alex pulls out a pair of cuffs and handcuffs him to the headboard. She straddles his dick as he encourages her to ride him. BG Sex Scene. Throughout the sex, Gabriel enthusiastically orders her to suck and fuck him in various positions while he is restrained. Not wanting to blow her cover, Alex does as he asks quietly and tries to get him to cum as quickly as possible. His disgusting comments are matched by her aggressive fucking. Finally, she rides him until he ejaculates on her face.
Hopping off him, she quickly wipes the cum away before taking a final photo of them both naked. He tells her to take the cuffs off, so he can go pee. Instead, she takes his blindfold off and walks back to the middle of the room to put on her clothes. His eyes widen as the reality of what just happened suddenly hits him. Screaming at her, Gabriel demands that she de-cuff him immediately. He looks around the room frantically for his fianc\u00e9, accusing Alex of taking her. He threatens to call the authorities. He threatens to hurt her. When he sees his threats go unanswered, he even makes a jab about how lousy the sex was. Gia always takes it way harder. She always lets him cum inside of her. But, at least Alex got fucked by a man now too, so she knows what shes been missing. Unintimidated by his words, Alex calmly dresses before staring at him coldly. He starts to become more erratic, as he realizes that he no longer has control. She walks up to him, thrashing in his cuffs, and shows him her phone, swiping through each reputation-ruining photo. Gia and I are leaving now. We wont be coming back ... and you wont come looking for us. She says. Otherwise, the media will have a field day with these photos and your political career will be over.
She walks to the doorway, as his screams become whimpers of mercy. Dialing 911, she says Id like to report a break in at 3238 Paloma Ave. I heard yelling and glass breaking. She hangs up and holds the handcuff key in front of a frozen, dumbfounded Gabriel. The police will be here soon, she says, smirking. You didnt catch a good look at the intruders, did you? She drops the key on the ground and turns out the light.
CUT to Gia waiting anxiously in the car, as Alex runs out and jumps in the driver seat. Are you ok? she asks. Alex kisses her hard on the mouth and turns on the car. I am now, she says, and the two drive off into the night.Site: Genre: Categories Brunette, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Interracial, Pussy to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Big Dick, RevengeDateRelease: 07-24-2018%image_main%https://images03-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/69119/69119_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/69119_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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SCENE opens on a stairwell, as a man briskly walks down the steps and wipes the camera. He is calling out for his daughter, Christy, to say goodbye before he leaves for work. The camera follows behind him as he turns into the kitchen to discover his 21-year-old step-son, Daniel, standing behind the island eating cereal. He stops and asks, Have you seen Christy? Daniel takes another bite before shrugging his shoulders. You mean my beautiful, perfect, innocent, sweet step-sister? he replies sarcastically. No, I havent seen her this morning! The father shoots him a look. Well, will you please tell her when you do see her that I expect her home for dinner tonight? He asks, picking up his briefcase off the counter. Sure George, Daniel replies, taking another bite. But, remember, shes an 18-year-old girl .... so, shell do what she wants! As the step-son says this, the camera slowly weaves around the island to reveal that Christy is also in the kitchen, hidden on her knees blowing her step-brother. As he delivers his final line, he grabs her head and shoves his dick deep down her throat.
An hour later. Christy is in the shower. The camera lingers on her petite frame as she washes her privates and rinses off. When she steps out, Daniel is waiting for her with a towel and some fresh clothes. He dries her off while she looks at him submissively. Dad almost caught us this time, she says after a long pause. Daniel smirks. But he didnt! He reminds her, leading her out to his bedroom. And he never will, just as long as you keep your promise! Christy nods innocently. She is completely in love with her older step-brother and has been since they first became a family. He has always preyed up this, knowing full well that he can do whatever he wants to her. He just cant get caught. He tells her to wait quietly on his bed while he closes the door and heads back out in the house.
A tracking shot follows Daniel as he locks all the doors of the house and verifies that his mothers car is not in the driveway. He should have at least an hour before she returns from her exercise class, he thinks as he checks his watch and grabs his crotch before hurrying back to the bedroom. His routine is intercut with flashforward shots of him fucking his step-sister, allowing the viewer to catch a glimpse into his mind.
When he returns and locks his bedroom door, Christy is laying naked on the bed. She is eager but awkward ... and her body language conveys this through closed legs and arms wrapped around her breasts. Dont be shy, Daniel says. Let me see you! She slowly undoes her arms and opens her legs up a little. Daniel smiles and leans in to open them further, until she is spread on the bed. He stares down at her lustfully. You have been taking the pill I got you? He asks. Every night ... like you said, Christy replies slowly. Daniel begins to remove his clothing as his step-sister studies him. You can tell something is on her mind. But ... I dont think it would be that bad really if I did get pregnant... she mutters quietly. Daniel shoots her a look. Are you kidding me? He says sharply. That would be fucking terrible! Your father would kill me! Christy shrinks back at the tone of his voice. But, its not like the baby would come out deformed or anything, she pleads. Were not actually related. Daniel cuts her off and tells her not to ruin the mood. They cant have a baby. Not yet anyway. Not until they get married. Christys eyes light up. You really mean that? She says. Daniel smirks again, loving the control he has over his younger step-sister. Yes, of course I do, He says kissing her. Just as long as you do everything I ask you to! Christy kisses him back. Yes! She agrees eagerly. Yes what? Daniel asks. Christy takes another deep breath before adding, Yes brother! as he brings her back down to suck his dick.Site: Genre: Categories Blonde, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Fingering, Tattoos, Family Roleplay, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cumshot, Step BrotherDateRelease: 09-06-2018%image_main%https://images03-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/69330/69330_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/69330_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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