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We meet Cassie and Leo as they head through the airport towards the photographer hand-in-hand and soon we note how excited Cassie is to arrive in Portugal and shoot for FTV, squatting down in the parking lot to flash her panties with an upskirt peek! This real-life couple loves to play and Cassie loves being an exhibitionist, and we hear them chat about that a little bit over a cup of coffee in an outdoor cafe. Next, were back at the house and watch as Cassie prepares a little food with a zucchini (or courgette, as its known there) but before she cuts it up we see her sucking it and using the veggie to pleasure herself as her man watches! Its a date night for this couple and we see them relaxing on the patio enjoying a glass of wine, making out as they waited for their taxi...and we see Leo slipping his hand under Cassies dress to tease and play with that pussy, then using a jeweled vibrating toy just how she likes, bringing her to a nice orgasm right there in the outdoors! Next we see them get into even more explicit action as Leo takes Cassies dress off, revealing those big firm breasts and sliding his hands down between her thighs to feel her wetness before they exchange oral, with Cassie sucking his cock and Leo licking her pussy until she stopped him, keeping him on the edge of excitement! We see her bend over the table and get fucked doggystyle, trying to keep things quiet so the neighbors (and maybe the taxi driver) wouldnt overhear, with Leo ending up cumming inside her for a creampie. Afterwards we see him lounging in the sunshine soaking up the rays and Cassie comes outside in a sexy black dress with sheer panties, stockings, and garter belt to distract him from his relaxation and convince him to come inside and help with the housework. We see her teasing and playing, then sitting on Leos face and giving him instructions so he could lick her privates through her panties for a kinky domination/submission oral scenario. To finish off the day of shooting we see her in the kitchen doing housework, washing dishes and putting on a tease as Leo slides his hands over her panties and butt, then she stops him from going any further, forcing him back and teasing him mercilessly fingering her pussy - we note the wet sounds from her excitement of having power over him - as he shot some photos like a voyeur, watching her penetrate herself and then climb on the counter to rub her clit for one last orgasm! Today is a special treat as we see the sexual dynamic between this real-life couple of Cassie and Leo as they share their pleasure with us here on FTV MILFs!
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