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Christian is stuck in a Catch 22. He loves his girlfriend but, cannot stand her sister. Just when he thinks he has some time to himself... the sister shows up unannounced. The dirty, little tramp has some sneaky shit up her sleeve and begins to make a move on her sisters man. Despite the fact that she annoys the hell out of him, Christian decides that its time to put this chick in her place. Just as things are getting a little intense, his girlfriend surprisingly arrives. Her shock and dismay at seeing her man is just the tip of the iceburg as Christian decides its time to show both of these bitches who the Boss really is... Now, he takes it even further as he fucks the sisters holes while the other one must watch. Not to feel left out, each twin has a vibe bound to their pussies. Christian can be a merciless Master, but he is fair after all...The girls are used to the fullest extent and then left bound and alone...
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Beti is having car problems, so she takes it to her local mechanic. Upon inspection she realizes that there are more repairs needed than she can afford. She is propositioned to make a better deal, but has no idea what she has signed up for. Once she is in the "finance room" it becomes clear that this wasnt the best idea, but its too late to turn back now. She gives in and lets the mechanic have his way. After he gets her bound, she is subject to his twisted way of bargaining and all the filthy things he can think of. Some girls will do anything to get a deal.
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UNEDITED VERSION! Back in June, we saw a taste of domination in "Kinuskis Dark Fantasy." Now enjoy the whole BDSM experience - not for the faint hearted! Cute housemaid Kinuski is doing chores in the country house where she works, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Veto” begins. Tapping the piano keys, she gets carried away and sits down to play, but is caught by the owner, sexy blonde Cherry Kiss, who takes the opportunity to punish her in the kinkiest way possible. Dragging Kinuski by her braided hair to the bedroom, Cherry tosses her on the bed and orders her to strip – only to discover she has an incredible body under her plain uniform. Cherry masturbates as she commands her maid to do the same, then starts to spank and lick her shaved pussy, making her moan through the hand that covers her mouth. Submissive Kinuski sucks the pretty toes of her mistress, then eats her pussy and ass from behind, her avid tonguing earning Cherry’s praise and driving her to an intense orgasm. Cherry positions her maid face down on the bed and spanks her ass, then fingers her tight pussy deep and hard, making her climax. Now Cherry sits on Kinuski’s face, grinding as she gets licked until she orgasms again. Putting Kinuski on her back with her legs over her head to splay her pussy open, she frigs her until she is begging to cum. But was the whole thing just a figment of the maid’s filthy imagination?
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 Jenna Haze works as a cleaning lady, and even though shes not very good at her job, Scott keeps her around because shes so hot. But when he gets home and finds all of his Christmas presents have been stolen because she left the door open, thats the last straw! He hikes up her pretty red dress to fuck her hard, and shes begging for his cum as he pounds her ass with his big cock. She sucks and fucks his dick with every one of her holes, giving him a blowjob, some unforgettable anal sex, and then finally jerking the cum out of his dick and taking a big facial cumshot!
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