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Okino Kazuki is an ordinary student who is happy with his quiet life. In his life there are two important girls, his sister Rinka and childhood friend Sakuragi Otome.
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A guy named Colleen dreams of a beautiful girl Filia begging to save her. Guided by the voice of a stranger, Collin, along with the traveler Lily goes to a mysterious cave. The campaign ends successfully: Philia found and rescued from monsters, but it turns out that everything is not so simple. The girl suffers from loss of soul, to return where you need to go back to the cave...
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We've been in the Helix kitchen cooking up the perfect recipe using only our FRESHEST ingredients! We've assembled our most tender young chickens fresh from the oven and they are piping HOT! These tasty twinks are gladly eaten, stuffed and basted with their buddies young boy batter till their hot holes are filled and dripping with dessert! Cream-pie anyone? These eight sex prodigies are definitely built for this. Here they are just for you, doing what they do best. The freshest of the fresh blended together organically with surprisingly perfect sex instincts for such tender young twinks. This epic bare back twink-a-thon hits every note (and hole) and will leave you ravenous for more helpings of "Raw Talent."
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Connor Bangs Lucas Lucas was Corbin Fisher’s first true star, winning over legions of fans with that amazing face, incredible body, and his sexual appetite and skills. When you team up two of Corbin Fisher’s all-time most popular, biggest stars the sex is raw, intense and scorching hot, and the results will blow your mind. - Connor Nails Ethan Like Connor, Ethan is tall, ripped, big-dicked and hot as hell. He arrived at CF used to being the alpha male and getting his way, but soon found himself on the receiving end of a deep, hard fuck from Connor’s thick dick and loving every bit of it. - Dawson Connor Double Team Austin Connor teams up with one of his best friends, Dawson, to take turns on Austin’s lucky hole. One has to wonder whether Austin had any idea what he was in for as Dawson and Connor set out to tag team his ass, use his mouth, and have their way with every bit of him - but it’s clear he wasn’t complaining! - Marc Steps Up To Connor Marc may very well be one of the cutest, most innocent-looking CF studs you’ll ever lay eyes on. With Connor’s raw cock pounding away at his ass, though, he can’t help but go wild as inch after inch of Connor’s big dick stretches his hole.
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