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Kat’s dummy wants to come out of chastity, but the only way out of chastity is to make his princess happy. Kat wants a nice foot worshipping from her dummy. If he doesn’t do a good job, then he is staying locked for another month. Kat’s dummy starts to worship, but she is not satisfied. She slaps her dummy right in the face. Do better! The slave does it’s best to please his Princess. Kat doesn’t have to deal with an apathetic or unenthusiastic foot slave. Droves of guys want the privilege to worship her perfect feet. She keeps the slave’s key and dismisses him. He will spend another month locked. (7:10 long)
Author: Rgporn -Date: 31-07-2019, 05:11 -Views: 9
Anabelle and Natalya have a slave tied to a bed in the basement of the Edging Salon. They plan to edge and tease him for hours. The slave is totally helpless, and the two girls are in complete control. Natalya sits on the slave’s face and rides it while Anabelle strokes. They tie up their captive’s balls with cute pink rope. The girls haven’t decided if they will let the slave cum today. Whatever they decide the slave will have to go along with because he has no choice. He might get an orgasm, or he might just get edged. Slave’s must learn that they are not in control of their own orgasms. Just as the girls threaten to lock the slave back into chastity with no release, the edging ends in a huge orgasm for the slave. Now, he’ll be locked back up after his monthly milking. (17:41 long)
Author: Rgporn -Date: 31-07-2019, 04:28 -Views: 10
I enjoy using my suspension equipment, and today Im going to use it to punish my bitch of a slave. I have him tightly bound on the frame, with his balls also bound. Only his cock is free, and thats for a good reason. Im going to use it as target practice. I hoist him up so that hes above me, and his cock is hanging and just ready for some abuse. Theres nothing my bitch can do and Im going to make sure he suffers. I have a very firm riding crop that I choose for my pleasure. I begin with some light strokes to see how my slut copes. As I increase the intensity of my whipping, its not long before he squeals in pain and begs me to stop. Not yet Im just getting warmed up I continue to whip his cock from both sides, with my stinging lashes bringing loud squeals from my helpless slave. The pain is intense, and Im having so much fun as I turn his cock into a purple porker
Author: Rgporn -Date: 31-07-2019, 04:21 -Views: 9