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There's a girl that Utah loves. Once lost in thought over her photograph in the cell phone, doing this it finds its cousin, Kay. Kay also mistakenly thought it was because of exams and decided to tease. To reproach him for his attitude to school, she stepped on his groin. But suddenly I felt like he was excited and after such a situation, too, began to get excited.
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This is the first title by Princess Sugar. Celina is the princess of the prosperous western European country of Mellberg and came to Japan to study at a normal school while concealing her true identity. Since she is a distant relative to Yuu, she ends up living in his house. One day, the princess of the resource-rich country of Marualand, Olivia, was exiled to Japan in a coup d’tat. Quickly gaining notice around the town, she was treated like a honored guest. However, Yuu disapproved of her snobby attitude since he had grown accustomed to being around princess Celina. Then, Celina told Olivia not to be near him as he is her most precious person. Not backing down from the challenge, she states that she will make him hers.
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Icon Male is pleased to bring you four blazing hot vignettes where hot firemen save the day. Young jock Brandon Wilde is rescued from his fraternity house by Fireman Rodney Steele, who has some wise words for the young man after it’s revealed Brandon started the fire…Retired fireman Nick Capra finds cutie Kyler Grey suffering from heat stroke during a hike and whisks him to safety…lonely, horny firemen Andy Banks and Billy Santoro comfort each other in the firehouse barracks…and finally, Armond Rizzo tenders his resignation to fire chief Adam Russo, who is stunned to find out why the younger man seeks to leave.
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Luscious lesbian beauties Naomi Swann and Veronica Rodriguez wake up from a sleepover in bed, wearing nothing but their t-shirts and panties. The girls have some fun rolling around in bed, acting playful with one another before getting each other dripping wet and building up to sensual but intense lesbian sex! These girls show off their pussy eating skills while getting each other absolutely dripping wet! These two smoking hot chicks absolutely love to stimulate each other's clits! This is one sleepover you wish you were invited to!
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[i]Ricky Larkin can''t stand his obnoxious mother-in-law, Foxxy. She''s bossy and she''s mean, even if she''s got a body that won''t quit! When Ricky''s wife invites Foxxy over on the night of the big game he''s furious, even if it IS Mother''s Day. Foxxy pushes Ricky''s buttons until he can''t take it anymore and throws a glass of water all over her. Foxxy, never one to take a slight, insists that the big burly man lick up the mess he''s made, making him lick and caress every inch of her stunning body. Soon Ricky is pounding Foxxy''s tight hole right there on the living room couch with his wife a few feet away, and they won''t stop until Foxxy has Ricky''s load all over her face.
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