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It’s been an epic weekend for long distance boyfriends; and Spencer Locke isn’t happy to see Brian Gibson start packing. He tosses his boy’s clothes out of his suitcase, then takes the clothes off of his BOY! Spencer strips the young stud down to his gray undies, which are FILLED with ENGORGED COCK! Wide eyes Spencer pulls at the overfilled briefs, and gets smacked in the face with a fuck load of phallus. Loving every second of it, Locke lays into the lad’s extra large uncut loin, heating up Gibson’s horny hunger for hog as well. After receiving a thorough schlong sucking, Brian pulls his guy up by that pretty face, then pushes him down on the bed, and services his long dong with some serious deep throating. Then, Gibson flips the pretty boy over, and plunges his darting tongue deep in that epic ass, prepping him for his uncut colossus. Gibson stands up, and eases his big boy deep inside Spencer’s smooth seat. He works up a porny pace with nice, long, thick dicked strokes, before letting his dude know, he’s down for a dicking as well. Locke leaps at the opportunity, and plunges his perfect piece balls deep on the first dip. He smashes Gibson’s gorgeous bubble with porn star skill; but, Brian wants one more crack at that can before his flight. He makes this last lay COUNT, slamming Spencer’s sweet spot full of uncut meat like a young master, till Locke launches a load of fuck fireworks through the air. Brian watches the dicktastic display, and it fires up his own furnace. Spencer notices the nut cumming, and plants his pretty face in the line of fire, wanting one more taste of his guy before Gibson heads to his flight.
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After a thorough examination and deep penetrating probing of his prostate, tattooed hottie Teddy Bryce returns the favor as payment to the friendly physician Dr. Drew Dixon and naughty nurse Drew Sebastian. Youve got two fists and weve got two holes," says the doctor in his sexy British accent, and before long, he is blowing his amply endowed assistant while bent over the exam bench for a hungry ass eating from Teddy. The private practitioner soon has Teddys accomplished fist getting to the heart of the matter. Nurse Drew is next, and his furry ass gets the punch-fucking attention he craves, sucking Dr. Drews delicious uncut dick while Teddy twists his wrist and turns the screws. Finally, both doctor and nurse lie side by side while Teddy does double duty delivering two fistfuls of hole-hammering loads of pleasure.
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In the dark corners of the Fisting Spa, Drew Dixon strokes his cock and entices Ashley Ryder with his uncut cock. Separated by metal bars, Ashley decides to take Drew up on his invitation, and the two swap spit before Ashley gets on his knees to suck on Drews cock. Drew emerges from the bars to join Ashley and continue gliding his cock down Ashleys throat. Ashley gets in even deeper with his mouth when he bends Drew over to tongue-fuck his ass, stroke his cock and finger his hole. When Ashley has Drews ass nice and primed, he dips his gloved hand in a vat of lube and starts to work his fist into Drews receiving end. Drew takes every punch from Ashleys thick fist until hes left with a bulging rosebud that Ashley savors. Wanting to feel Ashleys fist even deeper, Drew hovers over Ashleys hand to continue getting his ass busted. Now on his back, Ashley keeps fist-fucking Drews gaping hole, handballing him to a frenzy. To send Drew over the top, Ashley keeps up his relentless pace, producing rosebud after rosebud every time he pulls his forearm out, until Drew cant hold back any longer and dumps his thick load all over his sweaty abs.
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Handsome silver fox Daniel has been looking forward to his scene with Archie for a while. "Although, hes like a fucking bad boy, got that classic look, hes got a really cute face. And Im excited to cum on it!" Hes also hoping to make today his first ever creampie, and Archie is more than ready. "No ones ever came in my hole before, so its something Im looking forward to. I wanna know what it feels like." Daniel gets to fulfill both his ambitions as Archie rides his dick and milks out all his cum with his tight hole, while the sexy bad boy shoots over and over. These guys dont stop till Daniel pulls out to put his second load right on Archies cute face!
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Ashley Ryders gets his turn to have all of the attention at the Fisting Spa. Laying back with his mouth open, Drew Dixon positions himself just right to shoves his hard meat down Ashleys mouth, feverishly fucking his face. When Drew is done with pounding Ashleys face, he rolls him over on all fours and drills his tongue in deep to Ashleys eager butt. Starting with long, deep licks, Drew gradually works his way up to fitting a few fingers in Ashleys hole. Ashley tells Drew, fuck me, I want your dick. Drew happily obliges and pile-drives Ashleys hole with his cock. When Ashley wants his crack gaped even further, Drew gloves up and works his hand into Ashleys ass, going up to his forearm. Drew knows Ashley can handle so much more, so he puts Ashley on his back and keeps fist fucking his puppets widened hole until a bright red rosebud pops out. Back at it and up to his elbow inside Ashley, Drew gives his bottom permission to cum so Ashleys keeps beating his meat until a thick creamy load, erupts from the tip of his throbbing cock. Even after Ashley has blown his load, Drew keeps his fist planted deep inside Ashley elbow deep, until he decides when its time to slide out.
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Sam has a very big cock with a very sensitive head, and I used that against him in this video. I teased, sucked and licked his cock head and balls, and rimmed and fingered his sweat ass while he softly moaned and whimpered, and his hardon throbbed and bounced. I focused exclusively on the head of his dick, producing intensely pleasurable sensations which were almost unbearable. I slowly brought him to the edge twice, then stopped abruptly, leaving him aroused and frustrated, then went back to slowly teasing the head with my tongue and finger tips. In the end, I gently licked and sucked the head relentlessly until he shot a big load onto his abs in an intense cum shot.
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"Two heads is better than one, right?" jokes Jax as he and Kurt put their cock heads together in the shower to plan out their scene. Jax admires Kurts cock and Kurt washes Jaxs back before the guys start getting hot and heavy on the couch. Kurt swallows Jaxs huge meat and Jax tongues Kurts asshole to get it ready for a deep doggystyle fuck. "Feels so good, stretch my fuckin tight hole!" Kurt moans before he cums all over his taut abs, and Jax pulls out and sprays him with a thick hot load.
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Levi Karter welcomes Zario Travezz for his CockyBoys debut. In the condom-free scene Zario is eager to please and gives Levi exactly what he wants: heavy kissing, choking and taking control. Zario barely has to order Levi to suck his dick and keep him on it. Outside the bed Zario keeps it strict, sitting Levi down to do as he says before proceeding to face fuck his willing mouth, throat.
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After a game, Jacob Dolce accompanies Tony Milk back to his place. Theyre just going to hang and maybe watch a movie, but Tony wants to clean up, first. So heads out to take a shower. Fortunately, he forgets something and comes back to his bedroom. And what do you think he finds? Jacob, laying on the bed, still in full kit, and jerking off. Tony joins Jacob, and after making out, the twinks trade blowjobs. Tony, whos been wanting Jacobs sweet little ass, then spoons the boy and slides home. Tony bareback fucks Jacob on his side and on his stomach before Jacob impales himself on Tonys cock and goes for a ride while stroking his uncut cock. He shoots a load thats got to be seen to be believed! Tony soon follows, but Jacob... Wow. What a finish!
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This week we introduce for your pleasure not one but two new mates: supersized stud Sir Peter from Portugal makes his porno debut and films his first amazing scene with Valdo Smith, a hot sweet newbie that is our last discovery from Colombia. The dick that Sir Peter got between his legs is a real monster and we are sure youll be delighted watching him fucking Valdos hungry boy-hole like a pro. Our young Colombian takes every inch of the huge cock deep and raw, begging for harder pounding, no matter what position and ends up with his thirsty mouth doused with a thick load of cum!
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