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Masha loved spending time with her cute friend Alecia Fox. They got along well and a lot in common, but mostly Masha liked hanging out with Alecia to relax in the pool. Having a friend with money was nice, especially on long hot summer days. There were other benefits as well. In addition to the pool and nice house, Alecia had a hot older stepbrother who Masha couldnt stop fantasizing about. Whenever possible she flirted with him and teased him, knowing that her half naked body would capture his attention. It came as no surprise one day when Masha saw the big bulge in his pants. What did surprise her was the way Alecia was staring at it and licking her lips. Realizing that they both want the same thing, the girls float over to him and try to get him to come into the pool. He refuses, trying to hide his hard on from them. The girls get out of the pool and sit next to him, teasing each other and letting their hands graze the throbbing bulge in his shorts. Knowing exactly what they want, they take out his cock and kiss the head. The two young sluts pass it back and forth, sucking him deeply and slobbering all over his meat. Watching sexy sister and her slutty friends take turns sucking his cock drives him crazy and he is down for anything the girls want. What they want is to ride his thick dick and fill their pussies with it. Masha enjoys sucking his dick right out of her friends pussy and then eating her to a loud orgasm. Watching her best friend fuck brother, Alecia just cant wait for a second turn. He pulls out and showers the sexy teens with a load cum. Alecia and Masha share the sticky surprise knowing that they are more than just friends from now on.
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Stephanie can’t sleep, she is just too horny. But your big dick always puts her to bed after orgasming. This mature trans babe is very experienced at jerking you off, sucking you off, and eating your ass like it’s the last supper. As a matter of fact she gets you to cum all over yourself as she strokes, sucks, and fingers your hole all at the same time. holy shit what a professional
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Even though she had just turned twenty years old, Jessicas parents still treated her like she was a child. Living in their home, under their strict rules gave the young coed very little freedom and absolutely no privacy. They didnt even know she had a boyfriend and certainly would not have approved of the sexy underwear she bought to show him when they finally got to be alone. In order to be alone with him, she had to tell her parents she was sick and missing classes. They believed her story and went to work, leaving Jessica free to try on her new bra and panties while she waited for her boyfriend to show up. The bra was snug on her thin body and her nipples poked through the material as she got excited thinking about finally fucking him. She took it off and rubbed her nipples, pretending her fingers were his tongue. Jessica was so excited that her panties were soaked as she peeled them from her body and let her hands travel further down. She could put them back on when her boyfriend arrived, but now she was too turned on to be wearing anything, too turned on to stop. She needed relief and couldnt wait for him to give it to her. Her legs parted as her fingers found their way to her pussy. Jessica moaned as she slid them inside of her. There would be no one to stop her from finally getting fucked today. She pumped herself faster knowing that his cock would feel even better. Today was going to be special and as her first orgasm ripped through her body she knew that she wasnt going to stop until her body couldnt take any more.
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This is one of the hottest summers to date, and not just because we have these three besties in the same room ;). Two of these gorgeous babes just couldnt take it outside and decided to head in to cool down, but it ended up just getting hotter. They began to fiddle with each others twats and eventually started rubbing them together. As the fun ensued, the third friend returned inside in shock of what was going on! How could they start doing lesbian play without her? These bffs continued with what is guaranteed to be the hottest girl on girl on girl fuckfest of the summer. The only thing that cooled this scene down even remotely was the never ...continue reading
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Hot yoga just got a lot hotter with these 4 hotties who are best friends. They are headed into a hot yoga session with their instructor who asks why there is a cameraman with them. They inform the yoga master that he is just there to film and take some glamour shots of them doing hot yoga. The class begins and these 4 girls are in very sexy yoga pants, ones that look really good when a hot girl is wearing them and bending over. The camera is picking all of this up when one of the girls pulls one of the other girl?s pants down and starts kissing her perfectly round ass. The instructor starts protesting and asking the girls to stay focused on t ...continue reading
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Ricky Rascal knocks at May Thais door and asks to borrow her notes. The Asian stunner puts her studying on pause to answer, and tells Ricky to be quick about it. The friends get to talking, and Ricky invites May out to party, but she rebuffs him by saying she is in college to study, not to make friends. Ricky asks May if she wants to experience more, and she admits to being a virgin. Moving closer to May, Ricky runs his hands up and down her body, then they kiss as he teases her perky tits. Ricky takes off Mays top and licks her nipples, then strips her bottoms off and worships her booty. Lying the Asian virgin back, Ricky softly licks her pussy, then May climbs on top of him, riding his dick to glorious orgasm!
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Busty caramel cutie Sofi Ryan is running for class president, and she is willing to do anything to make sure she secures the election. She asks her annoying stepbrother to convince all his friends to vote for her with a little naked surprise in the kitchen. The incredibly curvy babe shows off her big tits and then sucks her stepbrothers cock to make sure she gets the votes she needs! Later, Sofi tells her stepbrother that she got caught fucking her boyfriend at school. The worst part is that she did not even get the chance to have an orgasm! To solve her problem, Sofis stepbrother stuffs her pussy with hard cock. A couple days later, Sofi gets some sexy lingerie in the mail. She shows her stepbro and then rides his dick one more time.
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