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Stella is enjoying a cam call with her boyfriend. Believing that she is alone, the sexy teen starts talking dirty and turns on her cam to show off her sexy body. Soon Stella grinding her pussy on the chair and telling her boyfriend all of the filthy things she wants him to do to her. She has forgotten that her stepbrother is also home and is watching her from across the room. Too turned on to notice, she is embarrassed when he makes his presence known by admiring her ass out loud. Explaining that everyone her college does this, Stella makes brother promise not to tell their parents. He agrees, but since they are both still horny from the call, he suggests they take care of each other. Sister sits on his lap and shows him her firm young tits. She agrees to take care of him as long as he keeps the secret from her boyfriend. Taking out his big cock she smiles up at him as she licks up and down the full length until it glistens from her spit. Now it slips easily between her breasts while she confesses to always wondering how big his dick was. Now that has seen and tasted it, Stella needs to feel it throb inside of her tight, wet pussy. She moans loudly, marveling at how big brother is compared to her boyfriend. It barely fits, but she loves it, bouncing up and down until her juices flow down his shaft and she is practically screaming for more. Flipping over and pointing her toes to the ceiling, Stella get the fucking of her young life, taking every inch from brothers big cock until he shoots his big load all over her pretty face.
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When your dad got married you couldnt understand why all of your friends thought you were so lucky. You saw her as your new stepsister, but they saw what took you years to figure out. Your older stepsister was an absolute hottie! She also knew that your friends loved hanging out at the house hoping to get a glimpse of her in her bikini or bent over in tight shorts. Eventually, you caught on and saw what your friends saw. By then it was time for college and you didnt see much her for a few years. She was hot as ever though and on your graduation day she was looking especially bangable. As luck would have it, she has something special planned for your graduation day. She knows that you have never had a girlfriend and are still a virgin. She wants to give you a very special present and teach you how to make love to a woman. In a pair of tight shorts and a tank top that shows off her big tits, she makes her move and you are more than happy to take her up on her generous offer to show you the sexual ropes. She takes you cock out of your pants and is pleasantly surprised by how big and hard you are for her already. Her mouth feels amazing and you dont even care that she is big sister. Teasing you a bit, she slows down and slips your dick between her big tits. Its a tight fit, but not nearly as tight as her incredible pussy. Spreading her cheeks, she sits on your cock, letting you feel a woman for the first time. You know how jealous your friends would be if they knew you were finally banging big sister. Her pussy gets wetter with each stroke and she tells you to pull out and cum on her face. Its just too good though and you cant stop, spilling a huge load inside of her pussy. That wasnt part of her plan, but it is a graduation present you will never forget.
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Natasha has been getting into cosplay pretty heavily since she started dating her new boyfriend. At first it was just fun to get dressed up and do things he liked. Then she started to notice that other guys were giving her attention. Attention that her own boyfriend wasnt giving her. No matter how sexy she made her costumes, he just wasnt interested. Frustrated, she tried a hot photo shoot in a tiny outfit and wig that made her look just like his favorite character. If this didnt work, she wasnt sure what she was going to do. Hoping that the photos would do the trick, she planned to send them to her boyfriend as a surprise. Forgetting about the pictures, Natasha left them in her bedroom where her stepfather found them. He sat on the bed looking at them. He was shocked at first, especially when he came to the naked pictures. She catches him looking at them. She notices that fathers cock is hard in his jeans, daughter knows that the pictures are working. She wants to see his cock and taste it. Natasha is right in the middle of sucking daddys dick when brother catches them. He is shocked, but so turned on that he demands some of what dad is getting. Father tries to stop it, but Natasha agrees right away. She has always wanted two men at once and goes right to work on them both. Their cocks are so big in her mouth and pussy that she wonders why she even bothers with her boring, limp-dicked boyfriend at all. Wanting to try something new, she begs them to fuck her tight ass as well. Natasha gets all three of her holes filled and then her pretty face covered in sperm.
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Sometimes adjusting to life with a new family is difficult. Georgie Lyall was used to living alone before she married her new husband. She never had to worry about privacy or little things like making sure she was fully dressed in the kitchen. On an particularly warn night, Georgie was preparing dinner for her new family. Since it was so hot, she didnt bother getting dressed, cooking in just her panties with an apron covering her body. Georgie didnt realize that her stepson was already home and watching her as she bent over to take the meal from the oven. When she notices son watching, Georgie is embarrassed and begs him not to tell his father that he saw her this way. He agrees, but only if he promises to show him her breasts. At first she is shocked, but it feels good to be looked at the way he is staring at her. The look in his eye, the bulge in his pants. They turn her on and she does more than just show him. She drops to her knees and wraps her soft tits around his hard cock. Making him promise not to tell his father, the hot mom offers to suck his big young cock. He readily agrees and helps her up on top of him so she can ride with her tight pussy and shake her big tits in his face. They make the kitchen even hotter as he fucks her harder than his father ever has, making Georgie scream and cum until she nearly collapses. Appreciative of his efforts, she crawls off and sucks him until he sprays a huge sticky load all over her face and tits. It has stay their secret, but if he can keep quiet, she promises to let him do it again.
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Ever since your mom got remarried, things have been tense. He is a nice guy and all, but his nineteen year old daughter Eva is driving you crazy. Not in a bad way necessarily. But in a I cant believe how hot my new stepsister is way. The way she walks around the house in barely anything is almost too much for you to handle. One morning you come down and find her making breakfast in something so short you can see her asscheeks hanging out. She offers you a freshly baked muffin, serving it up seductively and noticing you noticing her. Sis apologizes for not having any sweet cream for the top of the muffin, but asks if you can provide the cream for her. You think about stopping her, but she slips her warm breasts around your cock and rubs them up and down. Mom and dad are not home anyway. Why not enjoy sisters luscious mouth for a while. Stripping naked, she lets you see her body in all its glory for the first time. Her tits are even bigger than you imagined and her ass is perfect. She rides your cock, confessing that she has wanted you since the day your parents moved in together. Her pussy is very tight so you move her onto a stool where you can really thrust hard into her wet hole. Eva starts asking for cream again. You are a little confused because you arent wearing a condom, but she holds you tight and keeps begging until you shoot a hot sticky load right into pretty sisters unprotected womb. She lets it dribble onto her fingers and then tastes it. Breakfast with sister is going to be a fun new family tradition.
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After a long day of shopping with aunt Angel Wicky, Tindra Frost comes home happy. She is still a virgin, but her cool aunt has been showing her how to dress sexier and open up to new experiences. Tindra has a secret. She has decided who she wants to take her virginity. Before she could share her big news with aunt, Angel shocked her pretty young niece with a kiss. It wasnt Tindras first kiss, but it was the first one that set her pussy on fire. What was happening? What neither of them knew was that Tindras brother home, sitting in the next room watching porn on his computer when they came home. He watches for a while as aunt Angel guides sisters mouth to her huge breasts. To get a better look, he closes his laptop, but they hear him and immediately drag him into the room. Angel and Tindra tape him to a chair before he can object and then he has to sit and watch as they continue undressing. Angel bends niece over in front of brother and spreads her ass, showing him how wet her sweet, virgin pussy is. While aunt gets busy using a huge dildo they bought during their shopping trip, Tindra keeps looking over at brother. She has been masturbating for weeks over the thought of him taking her cherry and not her pussy stretches around the big toy with him so close. Instead of brothers cock, she takes toy deep inside of her, cumming while she stares into his eyes. Angel sees how hard nephews cock is and shakes her huge tits at him while she and Tindra share the two-headed dildo. She doesnt know about nieces secret fantasy, but wants that cock all to herself. Both women look at him and think to themselves, next time. Next time they fuck him.
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