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On a hot tin roof of a Japanese school in boiling not less than a hot verbal duel between the high school student Kurosaki Agenoy and Sumia Sakura. The cause of the conflict is obscenely banal. Both girls put an eye on one young man – Mamoru Amakawa. Amakawa will be difficult to make a choice between the black-haired beauty Cherry blossoms and a platinum blonde with Agehas. And the choice he has to do as quickly as possible, because verbal sparring threatens to turn into open fighting. For Sakura belongs to the Yakuza family, and Ageha comes from a powerful mafia clan... hentaimag.ru
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When Autumn Falls catches her stepbro sneaking back in after a crazy night out, she snitches right away. So, when he catches her doing the same exact thing one week later, he is not going to let her off the hook too easily! He pulls out his raging boner and Autumn slobs all over it so he will keep his big mouth shut. Then, he pounds her tight, caramel pussy as she begs for more cock. She hops on top, and makes sure that this little incident stays between them with her pro dick riding skills. Then, she opens her mouth to take a gooey load of cum right on her hungry tongue. Autumn definitely knows how to make sure a secret stays a secret…
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