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Office drone JMac just can't get a break - after being snubbed by office hottie Shay Evans and getting left behind at work while his colleagues hit the town, JMac dozes off at his desk and fantasizes about fucking sexy Shay in the supply closet. Too bad dreams this good don't always come true!
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Lil D. was a crossing guard. Usually he was helping little old ladies to cross the street. But today Rose Monroe was walking by with her sexy butt and she asked him to follow her and help her cross the street somewhere further down. He was obedient and he followed her. Her butt was swinging super sexy with every step. She stopped and said: I want to cross here. Lil D stepped courageously in the middle of the street and put up his stop sign. Rose crossed the street safely. Unfortunately she dropped her keys, bent over and was picking her up. Lil D. could see she had no panties and he panicked. He started to blow his whistle and kept shouting: No panties!!! Rose turned around. Stop blowing the whistle! She grabbed him by his ear and dragged him to her house. Here she set her big butt on his face and made him lick ass and pussy. She unzipped his pants and his big young dick popped out. She was riding him in all positions and in the end she made him cum.
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Cute brunette Sandra Wellness takes a romantic evening stroll along Sitges shore with Juan Lucho, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Open Your Eyes” begins. They stop for ice cream and cuddles, no doubt leading to an amorous night; when they awaken in each other’s arms it’s already morning. Sandra stirs first, teasing her man awake with gentle touches of her fingertips. He fondles her beautiful breasts as she slides a hand under the covers to stroke his stiff cock with a sexy corkscrew motion. Taking his huge erection in her mouth, Sandra sucks it as deep as she can while gazing up at him lovingly. Juan is eager to lap at her perky nipples as she straddles him and grinds her shaved pussy along his shaft, then guides it into her pussy like a heat-seeking missile. Her perfect ass bounces in his lap as she slides up and down on his dick, her lithe body undulating seductively. Juan holds her tight as she shivers through an intense orgasm, then flips her over, sucking her breasts avidly and kissing his way down to her pussy, licking her until she’s gasping with excitement. He slots his schlong back into her soaked slit in spoons, fucking her with strong, steady thrusts, squeezing her titties voraciously. They switch to missionary and he powers into her, banging her through another climax and then splattering his load over her trembling body as she smiles delightedly. It’s a coupling as romantic as it is raunchy.
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Breathtaking in skimpy lingerie and a revealing top, blonde Latina Luna Star teases and strips. The busty bombshell talks dirty as she crams her anus with a massive dildo, soon welcoming director Mark Wood with a slobbery blowjob. Drool dribbles down her cheek as Mark fucks her asshole. Luna sucks his bulky boner ass-to-mouth. Luna's hefty boobs bounce as Mark slam-fucks her sphincter, and her rectum gapes when he yanks his thick prick from her bunghole. Rowdy, skin-slamming sodomy climaxes with a creamy facial and cum swallowing.
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