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Clean That Bathroom: Charley Chase, a brunette with a girl next door face and great curves, was up next as she scrubbed the tub in a neon green bikini top and short blue jean shorts, teasing the camera as upbeat music played in the background. Her pierced nipples looked tasty and she loved using soap suds to full effect, masturbating on the floor until pairing up with horny Mr. Pete. He lightly spanked her ass cheeks and ate her (ass included), her response coming across as very heated and natural. She sucked him a little bit when he picked her up for some upside down oral, the blowjob truncated until later as he wanted to pound her pussy hard. Charley was loud, wet, and active at riding, bouncing between polished porn performer and just a gal on the prowl as she impaled herself on the rod in various positions. The action ended when he launched a big nut all over her torso, Charley sucking his cock clean as she looked into his eyes. Yum!
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The sixth scene involves Raylene and Mr. Pete and features a steamy and lengthy anal pounding. The festivities start out in a laundry room with Raylene doing some solo-girl work that includes a strip-tease, masturbation with both fingers and a vibrator, and a bit of anal fingering. This is followed up by a cut to a room containing a black leather sofa set, where the dirty deed is done with Mr. Pete. The participants both engage in oral sex with one another, and the ensuing sex is quite hot and moves through a few vaginal positions before hitting the anal penetration. Some of the highlights are a sexy, cowgirl riding that Raylene does (vaginal), as well as the anal positions that are employed—including side-entry anal and reverse-cowgirl anal. Things come to a close with Mr. Pete pulling out of a side-entry anal position and ejaculating on Raylene’s bush, pussy, and tummy. A cut follows this, along with some re-entry. In all, this is an excellent scene, particularly since Raylene performs anal sex, but also in its heat. This one is definitely worthy of a watch.
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[A-Tier Platinum][Full HD][60 FPS][Plot] A legion of sentient viruses are infecting all androids in the area causing them to have the ability to procreate, allowing them to expand their numbers by converting any innocent machine they find. YoRHa Unit 2B is dispatched to deal with the threat using special plug-in chips that enhance her ability to extract the virus from infected androids using her own body. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Apologies for taking so long to get this up guys! This took four days of filming and two days to put together and edit because of things like me needing extra supplies, needing to edit my cosplay or install something in my cosplay, getting the angles just right to depict what I wanted to show, and overall just organizing the premise of this project into a cohesive episode in this one was particularly finicky. Thank you for all of the support! I Hope you all look forward to future projects this year as I have some really big plans coming up!
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Justin Hunt and his stepsister Avi Love are hanging out watching football and playing fantasy football. Justin's girlfriend Emily Mena is getting bored, and when Justin and Avi joke about Avi giving Justin a handy Emily freaks out and leaves. Justin is pissed that his girlfriend has stormed out, so Avi tries to apologize by stroking his thigh and hardon. Eventually she unzips Justin's pants to wrap her lips around his fuck stick.
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Let’s celebrate the vulva on a special day like today. Is there an international men day? Maybe there is, I’m too lazy cite facts, so I’ll just pull a buzzfeed et al and just opine with reckless abandon. It’s always nice when a chronic masterbater, who is a biological female, and identifies as female shows up to shoot. It’s also easier that I don’t have to entertain a delusion with a wink and an “ok terrific.” Let’s get back to the point. So apparently she watches my content, and fingerbangs her little pink clam to my amazing content. So she contacts us and asked us to destroy her. I snapped my finger like Thanos, and things were in motion. We tied her up so she was defenseless. She reluctantly began to suck cock and take slaps across the face. A quick zap from the cattle prod, and she was compliant. Obediently, she proceeded to inhale dick and spew up chunks. She got fucked nice and hard as she barked like a little puppy. 3 loads to the face, and spoon fed with cum as her arms were tied to a dirty old pipe above her head. She let the cum pool on her tongue and then she swallowed. We let her bast in the rest of it for several minutes, until she began to grow increasingly uncomfortable. She sat their with a pouty face, contemplating what just took place.
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