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Kasey Miller is one sexy babe and she is looking fine in her tight black bodysuit that shows off her ass and tits well. She loves how sweet you are and can not wait to get down and naked so she can masturbate with all of you! She grabs her tits with a moan and spreads her legs wide giving you a delicious view of that wet pussy! Dig on in and taste just how sweet this horny girl is! Archive from 10-30-2018 12pm LIVE show!
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Jake Adams is jerking it to porn when his stepmom Krissy Lynn catches him in the act. Krissy reminds her stepson that masturbating is a sin and that he needs religion in his life. Briefly shamed into compliance, Jake agrees to cut it out. Obviously he doesn't mean it because later he's jacking off in the living room when his stepsister Avery Moon busts him. Avery is a little bit more forgiving than her mom, so after her lecture she offers to help Jake out with his hardon.

Reaching out, she tentatively strokes her stepbrother's dick. She likes the way it feels, but before Avery can get too into her handy her and Jake's adopted sister Brooke Haze walks in on the two of them. Brooke can't keep her disdain to herself; she mocks her adopted siblings until Jake leaves the room. Not even a few hours later, Brooke walks into the bathroom and finds Jake masturbating in the bathroom. Now that she's alone, she offers to help her stepbrother by giving him a blowjob that culminates in a mouthful of cum to swallow.

The following day Jake is at it again when Avery walks in on him. She feels badly for not finishing him off earlier, so she offers to help him out again. Just as Avery gets her lips wrapped around Jake's dick, Brooke catches her in the act and offers to join in. The sisters work together to give Jake a BJ, then peel off their clothes and take turns fucking their brother and eating out each other's pussies in a raunchy threesome. Just as the girls have finished Jake off with a tandem handjob, Krissy walks in and catches all three of them in the act much to her horror.
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