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Princess Stephanie West is ready to completely ruin your simple existence of a life. Once she is finished melting your brain and turning it into a pile of goo you will be completely addicted to your new Master. You will live to serve her every need and desire thinking only about how you
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You have become a worthless man in life but luckily Goddess AJ has a special love for sissy sluts. Instead of throwing you to the curb she has decided you would make a much better sissy with the proper training. If you want to stay Goddess AJs slave you will need to let go of every last ounce of your precious manhood. Dont be embarrassed as your Goddess loves seeing a strong man all dressed up in sexy black lingerie ready to obey her every wish. Once you step into your new sexy lingerie Goddess AJ picked out just for you then your life as her personal sissy slut will begin. Are you ready to let go of everything you ever knew? Yes? Then lets begin your transformation...
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If there is one thing that makes Mistress Mazzy Grace turned on its hearing the sweet sounds of pain from her slave. To teach him a lesson in cock control Mistress Mazzy has her bitch in a very sharp steel spiked chastity device. With just the slightest aroused cock the spikes will dig deep into his skin making him scream and beg for mercy. Once he can learn to control his cock like a good boy and only get hard when ordered then maybe the cruel chastity device will be taken off. Until then he will suffer for as long as Mistress Mazzy desires which seems like a very long time...
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