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his is a story of a town called Ronsard, in a small late 19th century European country known as the Grand Duchy of Edenbourg. Claude was a poor scholar living in England who is called back to become the Lord
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Shibui Ryuji is a teacher of a girl school whose students are born in well-off families. All students hate him because of his figure and perverted nature. However, he happens to know the weakness of Tenkawa Ayumi, so he raped her. Tasting blood, he begins to rape his students, one after another taking advantages of their weakness.
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The main character even has a reason for such a relationship with his sisters. The uncle of this young man, called Yu, brought a strange bottle called "Inanna Bottle"from his business trip. On this bottle lay a curse that can only be removed with the help of "female juices." Yui had no need to go looking for suitable candidates, because he shared the roof with three charming (so be it - half-sisters). After all, the one who will be able to fill a bottle of "women's juice" and will lift the curse, will be granted one wish. And "Bubble Inanna" with pleasure "tells" the young man a good time to hunt for the coveted liquid... Hentaymag
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Girls warriors fight with mutants to win they need a magic book, which is stored in the boy-schoolboy. One warrior caught monsters, and used for breeding, and the other hidden in a local school under the guise of a simple schoolgirl.
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There's a girl that Utah loves. Once lost in thought over her photograph in the cell phone, doing this it finds its cousin, Kay. Kay also mistakenly thought it was because of exams and decided to tease. To reproach him for his attitude to school, she stepped on his groin. But suddenly I felt like he was excited and after such a situation, too, began to get excited.
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A young guy Mishiro, falls into clutches to beings who eat human soul before the demon managed to absorb completely vital energy, it rescue. But the demon is not going to give up a delicious soul and constantly pursues the boy. On this to protect him him put "bodyguard" noisy and active Natsuno. Which eternally involves our hero in any not a gratefulness at new school, for example pushes on girls and Mishiro or a person falling about between the legs, or grabbing a soft and elastic chest of his classmates. That every time gets ) the Poor, after several such incidents even afraid to talk with them, because everyone thinks him a pervert. Although in principle it is, just doesn't know it. No matter how much he was not beaten but the girls still like his Frank "hints" and they gradually begin to fall in love with him. Comic scenes make this a particularly attractive hentai that is good.
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Brother of the main character - Raika dies suddenly. Trying to understand the cause of his death, Raika begins her own investigation. As the investigation progresses, our heroine begins to face obstacles... Perhaps the fact there are indirect causes concerning the brother... As is known in the school dominated the cult teen who rape their classmates. Was her brother one of them? Will she be able to stop it or become another victim?
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It was supposed to be a simple summer camp.... Yuki's the Manager of the baseball club. She and the other participants remain in a training camp on an isolated island. Suddenly, a civil war breaks out. Male teachers leave the island to find out what's going on. However, they do not return. A few days later, they find out that their ship is destroyed. Nothing to drink.... Nothing to eat.... They gradually lose their composure....
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Takashi is a teacher. One day, two new students come to his class, Shizuka and Satsuki. Shizuka is friendly and Satsuki is quiet. Some days later the vice-principal suddenly orders Takashi to take care of them, and it turns out that Shizuka is actually selfish and egoistic...
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It has been 6 years since Hiro's older brother passed away, and during those years, he has been living with his brother's widow, Yayoi. Fast forward to the present, Hiro's feelings for Yayoi is brighter than ever.
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In the first episode: pop star, which can satisfy only the head of the Corporation. In the second episode: a social worker who will give you a special service.
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