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Amazon Goddess Ivy loves controlling weak, little men like yourself as she stands tall and ready to transform you into her personal pet. You will be kept locked in your cage until your mouth is in need of use as Goddess Ivy as very greedy when it comes to her orgasms. She is a kind Owner though and allows you one last and final orgasm before she officially collars and locks you into chastity. Your life long servitude to the one and only Amazon Goddess Ivy begins now!
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Master Anastasia may be young but she is a cruel and brutal Owner who will stop at nothing to get her way. Her newest piggy has a lot to learn about servitude especially when it comes to learning how to worship her fishnet covered soles. She humiliates and verbally whips the piggy into shape as her toes get shoved down his throat where they belong. A true Humiliatrix in the making!
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Dont be afraid and crawl over here on your knees my good and obedient slave. You are going to do any and everything you say as you know how much that pleases me to see you so subservient. I am going to turn you into my perfect toy as I tell you just how to stroke your cock and be my pretty little entertainment. I love controlling your every stroke and your every orgasm as you fall deeper and deeper into being all mine. xxx Gianna Dior
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"Interesting premise - a compilation of scenes, all young ebony beauty Sierra Simmons, as she progresses through pregnancy. The plot has her being accidentally impregnated by her stepdad, with all but one subsequent scene being between those two (the exception is a scene between Sierra and her cousin). Definitely ... those consumers who like hot black girls, interracial, and/or daddy porn. The scenes are somewhat diverse, with creampie, butt, and belly shots. Would have been nice to see a facial with her sexy dark skin, but there is a lengthy pov blowjob scene at the end."
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