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God - no, such a division of the Association of public health. They go on violations of the prohibitions for understanding person - themselves.And in one of their clinics, decide to conduct an experiment on the management of the human mind... To do this, they employ doctors of psychology - which has secret ambitions about this experiment...
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One day a girl came to the detective Agency. Here's her story: this girl's girlfriend fell asleep during a session at a massage parlor and was raped. The whole process was recorded on video. Blackmailed, she tried to kill herself. The police were powerless. I hoped to help former mentor - Masafumi, who now works as an assistant detective at the Agency. He, as well as two detectives Karen and Rio will unravel the tangle of crimes to get to the attackers.
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Gina is a bad girl. She's been floating around this store quite a while, and her bag is looking heavy… Is she lingering too long? Oh, fuck, she's pocketing merchandise! This shoplifter is confronted by poor manager-cum-clerk Sean, who tears open her purse to find various sexual items. Time for a frisk! And underneath her innocent exterior, Gina has some interesting rope lingerie, begging for more attention. After hamming it up, Gina and Sean get down to foreplay right in the store - sucking cock in plain view of the public. Jeepers! This deviant sucks cock way better than she steals clothing! If only her attention detail in subtle stealing were at the same level as her ball worship, cock sucking, and riding with her perfect round ass as a leash pulls at her throat.
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Kiarra Nava'Hoe and Vienna Black are roommates who attend the same college. Kiarra comes home having just bought herself a vibrator to wear about town. Kiarra's feeling horny as fuck and she can't wait to try out these new vibrating panties to get herself absolutely soaking wet while out in public! Looking to have some loving fun to herself, Kiarra gets interrupted by her nosy roommate Vienna, who barges into her roommate's room ready to vent to her about how much guys suck! That's when Vienna accidentally discovers the remote control to the vibrating panties that the naughty Kiarra's wearing underneath the blanket and unknowingly gives her an uncontrollable orgasm! Soon, these girls get over their guy problems and discover that these two horny sluts just want to have some pussy licking fun!
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Today we got the great Alexis Fawx back in the bus! After a long time she brings her great personality and big tits to find some guys. We got distracted by driving by an AssParade shoot but we went back to the hunt shorty after. She found a guy that was scared and another that didn’t really satisfied her needs. After the two I simply asked if she had enough or wanted me to hook her up with the Miami dick that she craved. Derrick came through for us to give her a hard pounding. She cums and squirts until Derrick spreads his load on her face.
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Ava Black is here to deliver the curvy goodness you all crave - big soft tits, ample ass, perfect lips (above and below)… With the evening sun showing off her curves in a public park, Ava is eager to get down to business after a quick musical tease. Let's drench this beauty in so much oil that her sweater dress clings to her skin, showing us what we want to see. Isn't she so slippery, soft, and shiny? No words are necessary when Ava jumps on the nearest stunt cock to moan, gasp, and grovel…
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Creamy, sweet, white, dripping, wet… Smoothies for sale! You thought it was something different? Anya is being set up as our stunt smoothie seller, trying to keep her composure distributing products as she's distracted in a… A sexual way, obviously. Come on, I think you get the idea by now. And if you're a fan of Anya, you know she's an energetic performer, so let's see how well she can keep her moans to herself? Probably not well, to be honest. At least it'll be fun! And Derrick gets to be the lucky guy to tease her pussy, ass, and mouth with all a manner of toys, tongue, and cock, trying to get her off script. Here goes!
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