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When you brought your new girlfriend Eveline home to meet your stepmom Shalina, you were just hoping that they would get along. You have always been close with mom, in fact you even had an affair with her for years. Now you want her to meet the woman you love so that they can get along. As soon as Shalina lays eyes on Eveline she is jealous. The pretty young girl is bouncing through the door full of energy with her pert ass barely covered by her tiny, tight shorts. She doesnt see what you see in such an inexperienced young thing. When Eveline excuses herself, Shalina does her best to win back your affections, spreading her legs to show you that she hasnt changed her habit of going without panties under short dresses. You try to resist, wanting to remain true to your new love, but the memories come flooding back. Moms sweet pussy, her gentle touch, the way she always took every inch of your cock. Watching her tease makes your cock hard and she is on her knees before you can think it through. Her mouth is hard at work on your shaft when Eveline comes back into the room. She is shocked, but not angry. Watching mom suck your cock is making her young pussy horny and she wants to share in some naughty fun. She lets Shalina ride your cock, but spreads her long legs and wants mom to eat her out. Surprised by how kinky your new girlfriend is, Shalina approves of her and puts her tongue to the test when she finally lets your girl ride you. They like eating each other almost as much as getting fucked by your cock, but that means everyone gets to cum nice and hard. Taking charge again Shalina shares your cock with Eveline, showing her how you like to cum in her mouth and on her face. Mom loves your new girlfriend and cant wait to share her with you again.
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Masha loved spending time with her cute friend Alecia Fox. They got along well and a lot in common, but mostly Masha liked hanging out with Alecia to relax in the pool. Having a friend with money was nice, especially on long hot summer days. There were other benefits as well. In addition to the pool and nice house, Alecia had a hot older stepbrother who Masha couldnt stop fantasizing about. Whenever possible she flirted with him and teased him, knowing that her half naked body would capture his attention. It came as no surprise one day when Masha saw the big bulge in his pants. What did surprise her was the way Alecia was staring at it and licking her lips. Realizing that they both want the same thing, the girls float over to him and try to get him to come into the pool. He refuses, trying to hide his hard on from them. The girls get out of the pool and sit next to him, teasing each other and letting their hands graze the throbbing bulge in his shorts. Knowing exactly what they want, they take out his cock and kiss the head. The two young sluts pass it back and forth, sucking him deeply and slobbering all over his meat. Watching sexy sister and her slutty friends take turns sucking his cock drives him crazy and he is down for anything the girls want. What they want is to ride his thick dick and fill their pussies with it. Masha enjoys sucking his dick right out of her friends pussy and then eating her to a loud orgasm. Watching her best friend fuck brother, Alecia just cant wait for a second turn. He pulls out and showers the sexy teens with a load cum. Alecia and Masha share the sticky surprise knowing that they are more than just friends from now on.
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Most of the girls at Jessicas college are obsessed with two things, shopping and boys. Not Jessica. She spends her days studying hard and in her free time she plays video games for hours. It isnt that Jessica doesnt like men. In fact, she has had a huge crush on the same one for a few years. It isnt some guy at college who has her panties all wet though, it is her own stepfather. She knows it is wrong, but Jessica cant stop thinking about him and even listens at the door when he is making love to her mom. Their passionate moaning turns her on and all she can think about is getting him alone and showing him that she is even better than her mom. She always plays her games on her bed dressed in skimpy outfits hoping he will notice her when he walks by her room. One day when they are alone, dad gets a peek at Jessicas nearly naked ass and cannot stop staring at her tight young body. She notices him watching and knows this is her chance. Jessica starts shaking her ass, inviting father to come in and play with her. He cant resist and grabs her firm cheeks with both hands. His cock is hard and she begs him to put it inside of her. Neither of them care about how wrong it is or about getting caught. They are lost in the moment and give in to their mutual lust. Jessica cant believe that she finally gets to feel fathers big cock in her tight pussy and he cant believe that she is an even better cock sucker than mother. Daughter rides his fat cock and sucks it until he explodes in her mouth. She will be staying home playing even more, but she wont be playing alone from now on.
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Sybil is a college student who still lives with her strict parents. They are very controlling, especially over her social life. They tend not to like most of her boyfriends, but are particularly unhappy with the young man she is currently seeing. So much so that they have forbidden their daughter from even seeing him. This of course only makes Sybil feel more strongly for him and want to do anything she can to see her boyfriend. On the night of her next scheduled date, Sybils parents are away, leaving her stepbrother to watch over her. He has been tasked with keeping Sybil at home and away from her boyfriend. She tells brother that she has a very special surprise for her boyfriend and that she will show it to him if he promises to let her go out and not tell their parents. He is curious and agrees to let sister go in exchange for a peek at the surprise. Sybil lifts her long summer dress to reveal that she is not wearing any panties. As he looks up at her bare pussy, Sybils brother likes what he sees. She notices him staring up at her and feels a tingle in her tight pussy. Since her surprise also included banging her boyfriend all night, Sybil was already horny. Faced with opportunity to further ensure brothers discretion and ride his cock, she had only one thing on her mind, getting his cock into her as quickly as possible. He tries to tell sis that it is wrong, but his cock is so hard that he cant think straight. Sybil has it in her mouth and looks up at him with her pretty eyes. There is no way he can resist and no way he is going to tell his parents anything. She is surprised to see that his cock is even bigger than her boyfriends and makes her pussy drip long before she rides it. He fills her up and all she can think about is good it feels. Sybil cums so many times she loses track before finally milking a big load from brothers fat cock. He agrees to let her go, but now she knows that she doesnt have to leave the house in order to get the dick she needs.
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Tiffany Rouso is concerned when she catches her new stepson in her daughters room late one night. She takes a closer look and is shocked to find him jerking off to the sight of new sister sleeping. Taking a closer look, she finds that his cock is very big and hard as a rock. To her surprise, the entire thing is making her more horny than angry. She decides that she just has to have some of that big young cock. Telling him to relax, she slides over close to son and strokes his cock. He is worried that he is in trouble, but she assures him that she only wants to help him with that big cock. With daughter sleeping just inches away, Tiffany takes his meat into her mouth and hungrily sucks him to the root. He is shocked when hot blonde mom takes his dick from her mouth, turns around and instructs him to put it into her wet pussy. The idea of fucking son with daughter in bed sleeping is too much and she starts to cum loudly on his thrusting shaft. He loses control and shoots a big load into her horny pussy. Their loud banging wakes daughter up. She sees everything. Tiffany is afraid daughter might tell her new stepfather, but she promises to keep it a secret, so long as she gets some of big brothers big cock as well.
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We can’t guess the perfect formula to get a date. But we can organize a Traffic Light Party to help you finding your match; someone who is as excited as you about shagging by the pool. Raianny Duarte and you didn’t need to share your zodiac sign to know you both like cowgirl position. You don’t really know if you will meet again, but you will always have the good memory of a shared cumshot to relive in your oculus quest.
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Sexy teen Masha has her hot friend Alecia Fox over for the weekend. The girls enjoy breakfast while Mashas mother Georgie and brother are in the kitchen. Alecia has always thought her friends brother was cute and convinces Masha to help her tease him. With mom so close, he is nervous, but really interested when the girls get closer. He wants Alecia and cant believe that Masha is on her knees next to her friend. Wrong or not, he cant wait to feel two horny mouths on his cock and doesnt care how close mother is. They take out his cock and smile at how big and hard it already is. Passing it back and forth, they savor the meat while he tries to stay quiet as mom prepares breakfast just a few feet away from the debauchery. They cant keep a secret for long and Georgie catches daughter and her slutty friend giving son a blowjob. Mom is shocked, but also eager to join the two younger blondes. A cock that size is nothing to let go to waste and Georgie wants to teach girls how to properly suck that big rod. All three of them pass the dick back and forth before Alecia gets on top and puts it into her pussy. Masha and Georgie are overcome with lust by now and eat each other out right in front of brother/son while waiting for their turn. Georgie gets on top, taking every inch with great enthusiasm before Masha goes last, fucking brother until he is ready to explode. The two pretty teens stroke his cock together until he explodes all over slutty moms mouth.
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Nerdy college girl Jessika Night is studying hard for her exams. Her horny stepbrother is watching and getting turned on. Even dressed in her usual frumpy clothes, he gets a good look at her round, full ass and it is just too much to resist. He takes out his cock and starts stroking it. Staring intently at sisters ass, he doesnt notice when his girlfriend Lana comes in. She sees him whacking his cock off and is shocked, but excited. Jessika still hasnt noticed what brother is doing so Lana sits on his lap and asks is he likes sisters ass. Turned on by how naughty it is, Lana starts sucking her boyfriends big cock while he watches Jessika. He tries to stay quiet, but eventually lets out a load moan that catches sisters attention. Jessika turns around to see brother get a deep, sloppy blowjob. Lana makes a move on Jessika, helping the shy college girl out of her clothes. She is embarrassed at first with brother watching her, but seeing his cock throb makes her little pussy wet with anticipation. Lana brings her over for a closer look and helps guide Jessikas mouth to brothers cock. The kinky scene turns Lana on as she sees just how much her boyfriends nerdy little girl loves sucking his balls. Remembering how he was staring at her ass, Lana positions Jessika on all fours and helps slip his meat into her from behind. Happy to share, but wanting some herself, Lana switches places and eats Jessikas freshly-fucked pussy while getting pounded. He cant believe his good fortunate as the two sexy babes ride his dick until it explodes into his girlfriends mouth. She spits it onto Jessikas tongue and the girls savor every drop. He cant believe his luck. He already has a hot kinky girlfriend and now how he has a horny, bit-assed sister to be his private fuck toy.
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Sexy young Lina Luxa is fast asleep, unaware that her perverted stepbrother is creeping into her room to watch. He touches her nearly naked ass and just cant stand the temptation any longer. Seeing her phone next to her head, he takes it and changes her contact list. When Lina wakes up to a sexy text from her boyfriend she is unaware of the change and the fact that brother is the one sending her the steamy messages. When she gets a message to try something kinky, Lina is happy to play along. She is told to put on a blindfold and send a sexy picture to her boyfriend. When she hears someone in her room, Lina assumes it is her boyfriend and grabs his cock right away for a taste. His cock feels bigger, but she is so happy to have something hard in her mouth that she doesnt even think that it might be someone other than her boyfriend. He turns her around and fills sisters pussy from behind, working every inch into that tight hole. Lina wants to take off her blindfold, but he tells her to keep it on until she cums. His dick makes her climax hard and Lina sucks every drop until his dick is clean. Finally taking off her blindfold, Lina is shocked to see that she just fucked brother. She knows it is wrong, but doesnt care anymore. His cock is too good and she cant stop. Lina rides him and then sucks him until he explodes into her mouth. Brother is a better fuck than her boyfriend and she is going to take advantage of that big cock.
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Ginebra gets called down for family game night to find that her stepbrother and stepdad have selected the Pie Face game for the evenings festivities. It is messy and a game they picked to play with her while mom was out. She doesnt mind and soon her competitive juices are flowing. Enjoying some early success, Ginebra laughs at brother when he ends up with whipped cream all over his face. When it is her turn, brother tells her close her eyes. Instead of a face full of whipped cream, she finds herself slapped with his hard cock instead. Shocked, she turns to father expecting him to chastise his son for his inappropriate behavior. Instead he encourages son to put the cream on his cock and let sister lick it clean. Shocked, but turned on by the big dick in her face and horny dad watching, Ginebra opens wide and savors the sweet cream. Smiling at daddy, she wiggles her ass while sucking brothers big dick. She wants to have him do more than watch. Ginebra reaches over and drags him into the fun. His cock is even fatter than sons and the pretty young coed moves her mouth from dick to dick, loving the way they taste. Needing more, she steps out of her short skirt and sits on daddys dick, never letting brothers meat fall from her sucking mouth. With two of her holes stretched, there is only one more to go and Ginebra wants a cock in there as well. Her ass is tight, but that doesnt stop them from fucking it deep and hard. Two big dicks at once is just what Ginebra needs and she is cumming all over brothers dick while father feeds her his load. All of this is too much for brother who shoots his creamy seed into Ginebras tight little pussy. The whole family is exhausted but set up the game so that when mom comes home, they can play again.
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Alecia Fox is shocked when she comes home to find her boyfriend watching porn. Why would he do such a thing when he has a loving girlfriend at home? And why is he watching porn about brothers and sisters? Is he fantasying about his step sister? Alecia knows she is is way hotter than his step sister or any of the girls he is watching on the web site. Rather than getting angry, she convinces her boyfriend to stop watching and start playing with her instead. She tapes him up until he can?t move and teases him with her gorgeous young body until he is begging to touch her. Instead of giving him what he wants, the beautiful blonde calls in her own step brother. She tells him that she is tired of him always looking at other women and cheating. Today she is going to fuck a new cock and he is going to watch. Brother is shocked, but jumps at the chance to eat her pussy when she offers. With her boyfriend protesting and struggling, Alecia shuts him up by shoving her wet panties into his mouth. Brother slowly slides his cock into Alecia, making sister moan and declare loudly that he is much bigger than her cheating boyfriend. She fucks just inches away from him, flipping him the bird and reminding him that he will never again get to enjoy her body. Alecia has found a bigger and better cock and is only going to bang brother from now on.
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Pretty young Polina Max has found a way to make her streaming cooking class extremely popular. She performs the weekly show in sexy outfits like sports bras and booty shorts. Since changing her attire, Polinas audience numbers have skyrocketed as she heats things up with more than just the oven. Adding to the popularity, Polina makes sure that she adds plenty of sexuality, showing off her firm ass and stroking long vegetables in a seductive manner. One audience member who is enthralled by the show is Polinas own stepbrother. She does her stream without realizing that he is watching nearby, enjoying the sights as she takes her clothes off and prepares food with her perky tits out. By the time she turns around and sees him watching, brother has his pants around his knees and his big cock out and hard. Impressed and turned on, Polina forgets about her audience and who the dick belongs to. She just wants to be on her knees sucking it. It fills her mouth as her lips move up and down and cover every inch with her warm tongue. Needing more, she bends over and tells him to take her from behind. With the camera rolling, he starts banging hot sister from behind. They are going at it so hard and fast that they don’t even notice mother coming home and catching them. That is quite a surprise ending to the stream. After being caught in the middle of fucking live during her stream, Polina is trying to put it out of her mind. She is worried mother might tell her father what she was doing with brother on camera. As she brushes her teeth and tries to figure out what to do next, she doesnt notice brother once again lurking and watching her. She was half-naked and he wanted to see if they could finish what they started. Despite the trouble they were in, Polina was still horny and loved his big cock so she agrees to another go at it. She puts it back into her mouth and gets him hard in record time with her expert head game. Bending her over, he gives her pussy a quick sample before she suggests they move to the bedroom to get more comfortable. She slips that hard dick inside of her tight pussy and starts to ride. No one is going to come in and interrupt them this time, so the pretty blonde grinds her hips and takes every throbbing inch of big brothers big dick. Polina knows he wont be able to hold out too long so she cums all over him and then tastes her juices on his cock as she works a big load out with her mouth. Now she knows what special sauce to use in every recipe for her cooking stream. The members are going to love it.
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