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Pretty young Tindra Frost has always led a sheltered life. Her parents kept her on a tight schedule of school, music and tennis lessons with very little time for friends and certainly no time for dating. At twenty years old she was still a virgin and had barely been kissed. None of that really bothered her. It was just the way her life was. At least until her cool, sexually liberated Aunt Angel came to stay for the summer. Tinda admired her beautiful Aunt and took her advice by spicing up her life a little. Her daily shopping trips with Aunt Angel resulted in a whole new wardrobe, including sexy lingerie. Even though she had no boyfriend to wear it for, Tindra enjoyed the way the lace felt on her skin and how sexy she felt wearing it. The G-String panties left her ass naked and Tindra blushed at how good the cool air felt on exposed cheeks. Just because she didnt have a partner, didnt mean Tindra didnt enjoy the feeling of being so sexy. She removed her bra and felt her breasts, running her fingertips over the stiff nipples as her thoughts ran to young men from college who she fantasized about. She imagined their lips, their hands, their cocks on her body as she peeled off the sexy panties and began to rub her pussy. Pulling out a glass toy her Aunt Angel had helped her pick out, Tindra licked it until it was wet enough to slide in. She closed her eyes and imaged which of her classmates might be the one to finally take her sweet cherry. Slipping it in she felt herself ready to cum and her mind racing about the lover she most wanted to be inside of her. As she came Tindra blushed again as she realized the man in her fantasy was her own stepbrother.
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Now that she is in college, Eva knows that the cosplay parties on campus are the best of the year and she cant wait. She is especially excited because there is boy from school she really wants to hook up with and the party is the perfect chance to make him notice her. Starting months in advance, Eva did her research and found out that he loves hentai and anime. There were so many great costumes to choose from, but Eva found out his favorite character and designed a costume that was sure to catch his eye. On the day of the party, she tried on her costume, making sure that her wig and make up were just perfect. The costume was exactly what she hoped and she knew she looked super cute. As she admiring her work, Eva started posing like the character, making sure to get everything just right. She had been fantasizing about this guy for weeks and knew that this costume would turn him on. She started thinking about how big his cock might be and found that she was getting turned on herself. Eva pushed her tits out the top of her dress, playing with her hard nipples as she imagined her crush putting his mouth on them and sucking hard. She knew he would not be able to resist once she showed him her hot wet pussy on the dress she made to turn him on. Pulling her panties aside she starts to play with her little wet hole. Eva breaks out her favorite toy and imagines it is her crushs cock. In her best Hentai voice she begs for him to fuck her pussy. The intense vibrations make her quiver and her pussy opens up to swallow her toy. She imagines him fucking her harder and harder until they both lose control and cum. This is going to be a party she will never forget.
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Ginebra gets called down for family game night to find that her stepbrother and stepdad have selected the Pie Face game for the evenings festivities. It is messy and a game they picked to play with her while mom was out. She doesnt mind and soon her competitive juices are flowing. Enjoying some early success, Ginebra laughs at brother when he ends up with whipped cream all over his face. When it is her turn, brother tells her close her eyes. Instead of a face full of whipped cream, she finds herself slapped with his hard cock instead. Shocked, she turns to father expecting him to chastise his son for his inappropriate behavior. Instead he encourages son to put the cream on his cock and let sister lick it clean. Shocked, but turned on by the big dick in her face and horny dad watching, Ginebra opens wide and savors the sweet cream. Smiling at daddy, she wiggles her ass while sucking brothers big dick. She wants to have him do more than watch. Ginebra reaches over and drags him into the fun. His cock is even fatter than sons and the pretty young coed moves her mouth from dick to dick, loving the way they taste. Needing more, she steps out of her short skirt and sits on daddys dick, never letting brothers meat fall from her sucking mouth. With two of her holes stretched, there is only one more to go and Ginebra wants a cock in there as well. Her ass is tight, but that doesnt stop them from fucking it deep and hard. Two big dicks at once is just what Ginebra needs and she is cumming all over brothers dick while father feeds her his load. All of this is too much for brother who shoots his creamy seed into Ginebras tight little pussy. The whole family is exhausted but set up the game so that when mom comes home, they can play again.
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Gorgeous Luciana Nerissa made a smashing debut two weeks ago and, very well deserved, became our “Model of the Month” for November. What a hottie! Today, sexy Luciana returns with her second Grooby Girls scene and she can’t wait to show you more! In another amazing Radius Dark-produced feature, looking gorgeous and feeling horny, Luciana strips and shows off her hot body and her perfect ass! Watch her posing and stroking her cock until she cums! We can’t wait to see more of her!
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She made an unexpected comeback a couple of weeks ago and left us all speechless with her beauty! The stunning Kendall Vuitton is back this Friday too – ready to amaze us once more! Kendall is such a beauty: she has an amazing body, nice big boobs and a perfect ass she loves playing with! Watch her posing, having fun and stroking her cock until she cums for you only in today’s smoking hot TGirls.XXX update brought to you by Omar Wax!
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She made a smashing Grooby Girls comeback a couple of weeks ago, gorgeous Kira Crash returns today once again and she has a lot more for you! Horny as she always is, Kira brings her toys and she’s ready to have a lot of fun! Watch her making her big dildo wet and fucking her tight ass with it! Then, she strokes her cock until she cums one more time just for you!
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In one of the hottest TGirls.XXX debut this year, gorgeous French model Helea Fauvel introduced herself to the world a couple of weeks ago. Today, this stunning beauty returns with another hot scene and she brings her toys! Horny as hell, she just can’t wait to fuck her tight hole with her huge dildo! Watch her playing with her big toy and stroking her cock until she cums in this smoking hot scene produced by Dave Khull!
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In a remote field of tall dry grass, inside a run-down shack, dressed in all tight latex, Natalie Mars readies her frightened captive, Dillon Diaz who is lying on his back, bound completely in plastic wrap except for his hard cock and his head that stick out. His eyes are covered in a black wrap and a red ball gag is stuck in his mouth. Natalie removes the ball-gag and sticks her latex gloved fingers down Dillon’s throat making him gag on them. Natalie bites his hard cock, slaps his balls, and covers them in clothespins. After that, Natalie unwraps him and has him get on his knees to suck her rock hard cock. Dillon takes her whole cock deep down his throat and sucks it well. Natalie lifts her legs in the air and tells Dillon to lick her asshole. He licks long licks from her asshole all the way up to her hard cock and sucks it. She orders him to put a finger in her ass and so he fucks her ass with his thumb while he sucks her cock. She puts a dildo gag in his mouth and makes him fuck her ass with it. After Natalie gets her ass fucked well with the dildo-gag, she has Dillon get on his knees. She sinks her rock hard cock deep into his asshole and fucks it. She flips him over onto his back and spreads his big muscular legs, and once again begins pounding his hole. She sits on his face and smothers his mouth and nose with her asshole while she strokes his cock. She strokes his cock and makes him cum with her hands. She collects his sperm into a specimen jar, just before unleashing her own hot load across his face.
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Originally introduced to the world on Femout in 2018, sexy Philly model Jenna Jam graduated to Grooby Girls a few weeks ago with a hot feature in our “Try Out Tuesday” series produced by Junior. Today, she’s back for some more and she brought her toys! Watch her fucking her tight ass with her dildo and stroking her cock until she cums just for you!
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