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One of Alexis Fawxs best guy friends was over at her place when they started talking about relationships. He admitted to her that he thinks about footjobs when he masturbates and really has a thing for smelly feet. Since he was feeling a little down and she had been wearing high heels, she knew her feet would be moist and smelly so she pushed her sexy feet onto his face.
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I was teaching a sex education class to my students on safe sex practices. I believe ejaculating on feet is one of the best forms of contraception. As I was talking about it with my students, I got so turned on I could feel my feet getting moist and sweaty in my stockings. Then I did the inappropriate and fucked my student Jake on my desk in front of the class. The young girls seemed excited watching my smelly feet getting licked and sucked in stockings and then rubbing all over Jake’s big cock. They got a real lesson in how to perform safe sex!
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I was on the phone with my girlfriend while walking home from my university. She wanted to make sure I got home safely since Jenny told us about the feet fucker: a naked-masked man who just stalks girls to fuck their feet. I safely got home and locked the door. I was freaking out although I wasnt sure if she just made it up for Halloween? Who would want to fuck my dirty smelly feet? Makes no sense. Suddenly a masked man jumped out from behind the curtain grabbed my feet and started to fuck my soles with his hard cock! OMG! The feet fucker is real! I pushed my red pedicured feet into his face hoping my sweaty and stinky feet will scare him away but it only turned him on more! I ran up and locked myself in my bedroom and called my girlfriends. He popped out from behind my bed, tackled me down, and just kept fucking my feet! He was so into it he didnt pay attention to what I was doing and I was able to pull off his mask and holy s*** it’s professor King! I was shocked so as he. He begged me not to tell anyone. I always thought professor King was hot and always had the feels for him. So I told him, “I’ll let you fuck my pretty Asian feet if you fuck my pussy!” Of course he agreed and I liked seeing his cum on my red polished toes so much that it turned me into a little foot slut!
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Jake and I have been friends for a few years. I’ve always had a crush on him but lately I was getting the feeling that he knew of my crush. One night after watching a movie together, as friends, I joked that it would be “funny” if we watch porn together. He seemed to like the idea because he queued up many different genres for us to watch. To my surprise though, his first suggestion was some foot fetish porn. So I blatantly told him, “If a guy tried to suck my toes, I’d probably let him.” He seemed stunned like he couldn’t reply so I was about to leave when he stopped me and told me he wanted to suck on my toes. I probably should’ve been shy or embarrassed since my feet had been sweating and cooking in my socks and shoes all day but he seemed to like the overwhelming aroma. It seemed intoxicating to him which made my pussy so wet. He started licking my arch up and down and sucked on each of my toes until I could hardly breathe; I needed to feel his big cock throbbing inside of me. I couldn’t help but touch myself while he worshipped my soft soles and smelly feet. Finally, I tightly wrapped my feet around his cock and gave him a footjob before the sloppiest of blowjobs. He fucked me so hard I can’t remember how many times I came. Obviously, my feet smelled like sex and sweat after he came all over them. I don’t know about our friendship anymore but at least I have a new feet sex buddy.
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It was a sunny afternoon in LA and I had just hung out at my girlfriends house while enjoying a glass of wine. So when I left, I ordered a car from a ride-sharing service. When the driver arrived, he politely opened the door for me and we locked eyes right away. I couldn’t get over how cute he was! After giving him my address, I asked if he mind that I take off my high heels and let my barefeet hang out on his arm rest. The open air between my red pedicured toes felt so good I was wiggling them wildly which seemed to catch his attention. Once we looked at each other through the rear view mirror, I immediately realized he was down to play around. I smothered his face with my moist and slightly smelly feet. Right away, he found his way to my lollipop toes and started to lick and suck on them. He was passionately making out with my feet which got my panties super wet. When we finally arrived at my house, of course I couldn’t wait to ask him to come in so I can give him a slutty footjob. After jerking his cock with my sexy feet he slid that big hard cock into my juicy wet pussy while licking my beautiful red toes. I came so many times on his throbbing cock and at the end he came all over my sexy feet and toes. I gave him five stars on the driver rating.
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My daughter is engaged! She and her fiancé have been living with us and will continue to do so until they are married. Before my husband and I give our daughter away, I wanted to be certain about my future son-in-law’s fidelity. So I decided to test him. During our chat the other day, I noticed he looks at my feet a lot. Just like he always has. I asked him if he truly loves my daughter; but while teasing him with my gorgeous feet. Though he said yes, his eyes were so obviously glued to my sexy feet. I started to wiggle my bare feet and pink pedicured toes in front of his face and when he almost began drooling, I put my foot in his lap and felt a huge bulge. He tried to resist but once my bare smelly feet were under his nose, he asked if he can kiss them. I said yes on the condition that he cancels the wedding to my daughter. The temptation from a foot fetish tease was too great and he agreed. I thought I might just be an overly protective mom, so in return for giving up my daughter, I gave him a slutty foot job he’ll never forget. Once I got his hard cock in between my bare feet, I needed to feel it inside my mouth and down my throat. My slutty mylf pussy couldn’t take it anymore and needed to have his big cock throbbing inside me. He fucked me so good while worshipping my sexy feet. Cum on feet, like he did on mine, is really the only way to forget about someone...like he forgot about my daughter...
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Have you had a good day at the office? I know it was a long day and youre stressed. I knew youve been thinking of My red high heel shoes you bought for Me in Italy. Do you remember the footjob I gave you after we left the shop aroused? Think of how good it feels to be under My feet. All that matters now is to worship Me. Ive had a long day as well, so I want you to massage My feet. Shopping all day long is so tiresome, especially when trying on all sorts of shoes. Its so nice to dangle My shoe and get some air around My smelly feet. Sniff My feet, take a deep breath in! Are they smelly? I will cover your face with My foot and make you worship.MP4 * 1.35 GB * 00:09:31 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Its a privilege for you so lick my boots! I don’t care how dirty! If you keep working hard I just might poke at your balls with my boots as a reward. You enjoy licking my boots clean don’t you? Very good, just like a slave should be. Let me stick the tip of my boot in your mouth, hahaha. Lick my soles too, they definitely need some cleaning. Your proving your loyalty to me so well! MMM! I see how hard your cock is getting you filthy little boot licker! Lets see how clever you are now, take my boots off using your mouth and maybe I will let you use it in more places! Now my stocking covered foot is exposed. Take off the other boot with your dirty mouth and don’t you dare look up my skirt, even though Im not wearing any panties! Now my sweaty smelly feet are going in your nose and mouth! Now lay on your back and be subject to my feet! hahahaha!!!
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Mistress Megan and Emmanuel London are savages. They lure a famous football player back to their house with the promise of hot three-way sex. Once in their house, the ladies strip his clothes off and sit him down. The poor guy thinks he is getting laid. Instead he is getting blackmailed. The ladies show him photos of the three of them in the club they picked him up in. Does he want these photos going to his wife and the press? He is already on thin ice after his last scandal. The football player is terrified. He agrees to do anything for the master copy of the photos. All hell breaks lose as the ladies proceed to ass fuck the womanizing slut. Just when he breaks down in tears, it gets even worse. Megan brings in another man who shoves his cock down the slut’s throat and then shoots a huge load all over his face. The humiliation is HEARTLESS as the ladies parade the bitch boy around and make fun of him. They flip him on his back and jerk him off in his own face. The humiliated man tries to resist cumming but his body betrays him and soon he is shooting cum in his own face. Megan laughs as tears and spooge drip down the slut’s face. The ladies lock the slut in a cage for the night. The next morning they demand that he worship their smelly shoes and worn stockings. By the time they let this bitch go, he is stripped of not only his manhood but any dignity he ever thought he had. Megan and Emmanuel love it. They live to prey on egotistical male pigs.
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After a long day of hot yoga and extracurricular activities, Goddess Demi has made her feet extra sweaty and stinky for one lucky slave. She unlocks his cage after making him 1st worship her high heeled boots and thanking her for the privilege of being her doormat. Her foot boy is ordered to lick and clean her extremely smelly feet until they are sparkling fresh just the way she desires.
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Princess Stephanie has the prettiest size 6 1/2 soles but after a long day walking in heels they are now also the stinkiest. Her feet are extra ripe just for her foot boy as she knows how much he loves it when they are extra dirty and smelly. Her slave turned doormat is given the task of servicing every inch of her stinky feet as she has a big date night planned with her bull. Her doormat is only good for licking her smelly feet clean while she leaves him locked in chastity and goes out to get pleasure from a real men.
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