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Laying on down on the floor, on top of her yoga mat, Manon practices her stretching routine, displaying her extreme flexibility. Pulling her top down with her fingers, she uncovers her puffy nipples and round breasts.
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I've found a huge fluffy new friend with a massive cock to match and I have been using him a lot lately. He is so perfect to cuddle with and fuck at the same time. Just what mommy needs to be happy.Watch me suck on his dirty stained dick, then climb on top and bounce my fat juicy ass all over his giant realistic rod. He even climbs on top of me. My dark pussy lips grip him tight and he stretches me so wide showing off my even darker ass hole next to his light fleshy colored dick.This video is shot from multiple angles, offering different views and positions throughout the video.
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Double vag play, One massive toy and huge gapes!! I stretch my pussy out real good and hard, to prepare for my first fist attempt in months! I slowly slide more and more of my hand in my pussy then curl my fingers and start fucking myself hard, squirting all over. My little pussy takes some serious punishment! And i loved every minute of it! Lots of gaping stretching and different agles
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I'm a well rounded whore and ripe for breeding. In my cute little short shorts and tank top I tease you waving that ass back and forth knowing i'm good and fertile. My pussy aches for cock as I feel it rub against the fabric of my shorts. A horse cock in front of my eyes to pleasure, its so big and dripping already... I fill my mouth with intense eye contact into the camera and stroke as if it were my own. It penetrates deep inside and I pound myself hard. It fills me with its seed and I fill my gaping pussy with a fist. When i'm done ravaging myself I take it one step further by pissing into a cup and letting that cum leak out of me to have a nice surprise finish I think all you perverts will enjoy
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