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After a long day of shopping with aunt Angel Wicky, Tindra Frost comes home happy. She is still a virgin, but her cool aunt has been showing her how to dress sexier and open up to new experiences. Tindra has a secret. She has decided who she wants to take her virginity. Before she could share her big news with aunt, Angel shocked her pretty young niece with a kiss. It wasnt Tindras first kiss, but it was the first one that set her pussy on fire. What was happening? What neither of them knew was that Tindras brother home, sitting in the next room watching porn on his computer when they came home. He watches for a while as aunt Angel guides sisters mouth to her huge breasts. To get a better look, he closes his laptop, but they hear him and immediately drag him into the room. Angel and Tindra tape him to a chair before he can object and then he has to sit and watch as they continue undressing. Angel bends niece over in front of brother and spreads her ass, showing him how wet her sweet, virgin pussy is. While aunt gets busy using a huge dildo they bought during their shopping trip, Tindra keeps looking over at brother. She has been masturbating for weeks over the thought of him taking her cherry and not her pussy stretches around the big toy with him so close. Instead of brothers cock, she takes toy deep inside of her, cumming while she stares into his eyes. Angel sees how hard nephews cock is and shakes her huge tits at him while she and Tindra share the two-headed dildo. She doesnt know about nieces secret fantasy, but wants that cock all to herself. Both women look at him and think to themselves, next time. Next time they fuck him.
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From the moment your wifes best friend came to stay with you after her divorce, you knew you were in trouble. She is tall, stacked, beautiful and fresh out of a bad marriage and always on the prowl. Staying away from her was never going to be easy, but she did her best to make it impossible. You tried to watch her secretly, but she caught you peeking one too many times. Veronica and your wife had begun going out and having girls nights and before one such evening on the town, she came into the room to show you her outfit. She said she wanted your opinion, but really she wanted to tease you with her long legs and full, partially exposed breasts. She could tell you liked what you see and knew that your wife was already at the bar waiting for her. It was safe for her to take her teasing to the next level and that is exactly what Veronica did. She opsnes her blouse telling you that she has seen you checking out her tits. Its OK though, she likes it, she wants you to look and lets them almost pop out of her bra. Just when you are about to get a good look at them, your wife calls Veronica. She assures her that she will be along shortly and resumes stripping for you. Finally letting her tits out, she shakes them and smiles at your growing hard on. She will let you see the rest if you promise to take out your cock and stroke it for her. Watching you play with yourself turns your wifes friend on so much she has to rub her pussy and slide fingers inside while she moans along with you. You both cum together and Veronica vows that next time your wife is out, you wont stop until you have thrust that big cock deep inside of her.
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When Ginebra Bellucci finally got her cosplay costume right, she couldnt wait to show it off at the comic book convention. It had been months of planning, designing and customizing to get the look just right. She was so proud of how she looked and all of her friends approved. What she didnt expect was how the costume would affect the men at the convention. The looks she got from so many men were more than just admiration for her hard work and commitment to character. They wanted to fuck her in costume and their looks were in no way subtle. At first she was a unsure how she felt about their obviously lustful leering. Dressing up wasnt about being sexy, but somehow that is what happened. Throughout the day people would stop and ask for pictures with her. Ginebra could feel the heat coming off of certain men as they put their arms around her and complimented her costume. More than once she was certain she felt their hard cocks pressing into her side through her costume. Not used to this sort of attention, she was confused at first, but also turned on by how they responded to her. By the time she got home Ginebras panties were soaked and she could barely get them off before reaching between her legs for relief. Leaving her costume mostly on, she rubbed her pussy furiously imagining all of those cocks she made hard lined up and waiting to fill her. She came harder than she could remember. Next time, it wont be just teasing.
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Pretty young Nelly Kent decides to skip her college classes because she has a big test that she has not studied for. Thinking she will be home alone, she is shocked when she finds her stepbrother in the living room. He has no classes today, but knows that she is skipping hers. Nelly knows that he will tell their parents if she doesnt think of something really quickly. She sits in his lap and begs him not to tell them. Sis offers to clean his room for a month, wash his car, do his laundry, anything he wants. He is looking at her in a way she has never seen and sister feels something hard in his lap. Seeing the smile on her face, he reaches out to feel her tits, watching her nipples get hard through her tanktop. Nelly knows what it will take to keep him quiet and promises to let him do whatever he wants if he will just keep her secret from their parents. He quickly agrees and Nelly takes brothers fat cock out of his pants. It is bigger than any of the boys she has dated and she finds herself quite horny while sucking it. As she squeezes it tightly between her tits, Nelly asks if he would like to put it into her tight pussy. She is willing to do what it takes for him to keep her secret, but also wants to fell that big thing inside of her. After just a few strokes they are interrupted when mother comes home. Nelly runs off to hide. The next morning he finds Nelly in bed and plays with her pussy. She stirs but does not awaken until he slides his cock into her tight hole. Sis wakes up and is worried about getting caught, but does not want him to stop what he is doing. His deep strokes fill her pussy and she wants to feel every inch. No one is around to interrupt them this time and she rides his big cock until he pulls out and explodes all over sisters pretty face. He promises to keep her secret, but now they both have an even bigger one to keep.
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Things were already really bad at work, so the last thing you needed was something to make it worse. When your boss called you into his office, you were pretty sure it was to fire you. You were shocked to find Stella, his beautiful young daughter waiting as well. He was running late for his lunch date with her. You hoped to slip out and that he might forget about your meeting after lunch with his daughter, but Stella asked you to stay and wait with her. Her stunning beauty made you nervous as you tried desperately not to notice how short her dress was or how she seemed to be flirting with you just a little. Trying to make small talk while she was staring at you was difficult enough, but when Stella stood up and turned around, you almost lost it. She bent over slightly, letting her dress ride high and her ass arch out. The daring young beauty was far from finished. Sitting on a high stool she pulled up her dress to reveal that she was wearing no panties. You knew you would be fired on the spot if you boss came in, but when Stella asked if you wanted to see more, you readily agreed. Loving the attention she stripped down to just her high heels. You couldnt believe how brazen she was, naked and rubbing herself in her fathers office. You watched as she fingered her pussy and came all over her fathers chair. You were so caught up in the beautiful sight that you didnt even hear you boss come into his office.
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You have been working long hours at the office lately, trying to land a huge account that would set you up for a promotion. The money would come in handy after the moving in your girlfriend Jennifer and the expense of the upcoming wedding. She has been very understanding, but the long hours have really taken a toll on your sex life and Jennifer is far too hot and horny to let you neglect her needs for long. One day she shows up at your office looking incredibly sexy in a tight little dress and heels she knows you love. She knows you dont have time for lunch, but she also knows you cant resist her long legs or the incredible curve of her ass as she bends over and teases you. You afraid of getting caught and fired, but you also recognize the look in her eyes and know that her pussy is wet and ready for your cock. Sitting on your desk with her legs spread and her big tits on display she teases you. Not at work, not when you could get fired, but she promises that if you come home early tonight, you can have her any way you want. To show you how serious she is, Jennifer spreads her legs, opens her lips and starts to finger herself. Watching her pick up speed and finally convulse with pleasure in your chair you could hardly contain your erection in your pants. Come home baby she whispered on her way out the door Come one and give me that big dick. There would be no overtime tonight, at least not at the office.
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Sexy young Eva Elfie has been very happy and totally sexually satisfied since she started fucking her hunky stepbrother. Every time their parents are away, the two cant keep their hands off of each other. It is the best sex of Evas life and she never has to leave the house to get it. Everything is perfect. Except when brother is busy working double shifts and cant get home to satisfy her desires. Now she just stands in the kitchen, remembering the first time she saw him, the first time she caught him staring at her and of course, the first time she was brave enough to make a move. Remembering his big cock and how it filled her makes Eva even hornier. She remembers his hands on her skin, her tongue on her nipples, his cock in her pussy and the passion overwhelms her. Eva strips down and feels the cool morning air on her naked flesh. She longs for his touch, his cock, his deep powerful strokes. Matching her daydream fantasy, Evas fingers work their way up her thighs until they ease their way into her warm slit. She misses brothers big dick, but cums hard remembering how he fucked her and smiles knowing that as soon as returns home, she is going to get the loving she craves.
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Masha loved spending time with her cute friend Alecia Fox. They got along well and a lot in common, but mostly Masha liked hanging out with Alecia to relax in the pool. Having a friend with money was nice, especially on long hot summer days. There were other benefits as well. In addition to the pool and nice house, Alecia had a hot older stepbrother who Masha couldnt stop fantasizing about. Whenever possible she flirted with him and teased him, knowing that her half naked body would capture his attention. It came as no surprise one day when Masha saw the big bulge in his pants. What did surprise her was the way Alecia was staring at it and licking her lips. Realizing that they both want the same thing, the girls float over to him and try to get him to come into the pool. He refuses, trying to hide his hard on from them. The girls get out of the pool and sit next to him, teasing each other and letting their hands graze the throbbing bulge in his shorts. Knowing exactly what they want, they take out his cock and kiss the head. The two young sluts pass it back and forth, sucking him deeply and slobbering all over his meat. Watching sexy sister and her slutty friends take turns sucking his cock drives him crazy and he is down for anything the girls want. What they want is to ride his thick dick and fill their pussies with it. Masha enjoys sucking his dick right out of her friends pussy and then eating her to a loud orgasm. Watching her best friend fuck brother, Alecia just cant wait for a second turn. He pulls out and showers the sexy teens with a load cum. Alecia and Masha share the sticky surprise knowing that they are more than just friends from now on.
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Most of the girls at Jessicas college are obsessed with two things, shopping and boys. Not Jessica. She spends her days studying hard and in her free time she plays video games for hours. It isnt that Jessica doesnt like men. In fact, she has had a huge crush on the same one for a few years. It isnt some guy at college who has her panties all wet though, it is her own stepfather. She knows it is wrong, but Jessica cant stop thinking about him and even listens at the door when he is making love to her mom. Their passionate moaning turns her on and all she can think about is getting him alone and showing him that she is even better than her mom. She always plays her games on her bed dressed in skimpy outfits hoping he will notice her when he walks by her room. One day when they are alone, dad gets a peek at Jessicas nearly naked ass and cannot stop staring at her tight young body. She notices him watching and knows this is her chance. Jessica starts shaking her ass, inviting father to come in and play with her. He cant resist and grabs her firm cheeks with both hands. His cock is hard and she begs him to put it inside of her. Neither of them care about how wrong it is or about getting caught. They are lost in the moment and give in to their mutual lust. Jessica cant believe that she finally gets to feel fathers big cock in her tight pussy and he cant believe that she is an even better cock sucker than mother. Daughter rides his fat cock and sucks it until he explodes in her mouth. She will be staying home playing even more, but she wont be playing alone from now on.
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Sybil is a college student who still lives with her strict parents. They are very controlling, especially over her social life. They tend not to like most of her boyfriends, but are particularly unhappy with the young man she is currently seeing. So much so that they have forbidden their daughter from even seeing him. This of course only makes Sybil feel more strongly for him and want to do anything she can to see her boyfriend. On the night of her next scheduled date, Sybils parents are away, leaving her stepbrother to watch over her. He has been tasked with keeping Sybil at home and away from her boyfriend. She tells brother that she has a very special surprise for her boyfriend and that she will show it to him if he promises to let her go out and not tell their parents. He is curious and agrees to let sister go in exchange for a peek at the surprise. Sybil lifts her long summer dress to reveal that she is not wearing any panties. As he looks up at her bare pussy, Sybils brother likes what he sees. She notices him staring up at her and feels a tingle in her tight pussy. Since her surprise also included banging her boyfriend all night, Sybil was already horny. Faced with opportunity to further ensure brothers discretion and ride his cock, she had only one thing on her mind, getting his cock into her as quickly as possible. He tries to tell sis that it is wrong, but his cock is so hard that he cant think straight. Sybil has it in her mouth and looks up at him with her pretty eyes. There is no way he can resist and no way he is going to tell his parents anything. She is surprised to see that his cock is even bigger than her boyfriends and makes her pussy drip long before she rides it. He fills her up and all she can think about is good it feels. Sybil cums so many times she loses track before finally milking a big load from brothers fat cock. He agrees to let her go, but now she knows that she doesnt have to leave the house in order to get the dick she needs.
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Nelly Kent is so excited she can hardly stand it. Her long time boyfriend has asked her to a special dinner at their favorite restaurant. He has been hinting that he might be ready to take their relationship to the next level and the pretty brunette is certain that tonight is the night he will ask her to marry him. When it was time to get ready, Nelly drew a hot bath and slipped beneath the water. She was so nervous, but also excited. The idea of marrying him made her smile. He was kind and funny, smart and handsome. In addition to all of that, he was also great in bed. The best Nelly had ever had. His touch left her weak and every time they made love she felt as if she felt loved, wanted and ravaged all at the same time. The idea of being with him for the rest of their lives, sharing a bed, fucking all the time, it made the warm water around her feel hotter and soon she was tingling in all the right places. Nelly spread her legs wide and slipped a finger inside of her pussy. She thought about waiting until after he proposed so they could have a truly explosive night. The desire in her was just too strong and she couldn?t wait. Her fingers slid inside of her pussy as she dreamed about marrying the man she loved and the way his big cock would keep her happy for years to come. Tonight was the night and Nelly was already off to a hot start.
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Pretty teen blonde Masha loves taking vacations with her family. They have a gorgeous summer home with a huge pool. During the day, her mother loves to shop and her father spends his days on the golf course. That leaves Masha all by herself in the big house with the pool as her personal playground. With no one around to watch, she was free to strut around in next to nothing, letting the warm sun caress her young flesh like so many horny hands. Masha was free to let her fantasies take her to new places. She imagined teasing some of the older married men she had seen at the beach. Dipping her feet in the water she imagines their tongues lapping at her flesh, making their way up her smooth thighs and settling between her legs where she wants them. As her mind continues to wander and her thoughts focus on the lustful eyes of imaginary admires, Masha notices her nipples, hard and poking through her bikini top. She takes it off, playing with her perky boobs and feeling her pussy get wetter by the second. Peeling her bottoms off, she spreads her legs, feeling the warmth of the sun caress every inch of her body. Her fingers slide between her wet lips as she starts to fuck herself. Masha moans, imagining one of her admirers taking her young pussy, fucking it hard and finally making her cum all over her thrusting fingers. One of these days she will bring one of them back with her for the real thing.
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