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"Demmy Blaze told me about SCORELAND," said sweet coed Cheryl Blossom, a girl with an incredible student body. "I became a webcam model when I was almost 19 years old but I just started my career as a photo and video model recently. I enjoy being a webcam model. I regularly meet very unusual people there." We thank Demmy for giving Cheryl the good word about SCORELAND. "I started to wear clothes with a low neckline just recently. Earlier, I tried to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable. Now I like clothing with a low neckline, although I don't think that in order to draw attention to my breasts I need to wear something special." Cheryl is not shy about being topless. As time goes on, she'll become more and more comfortable. "By the 8th grade, I had the biggest breasts in school. I was constantly teased so I didn't understand for a long time that big breasts are beautiful." And so Cheryl has blossomed.
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