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Your cock is already protruding in your pants when you walk into my room. I greet you warmly as you pull up a chair and await my instructions. First, I tease you by tugging on my tiny little thong. It struggles to contain my round bulge. I caress it and squeeze it as my lollipop grows bigger and harder until it eventually has to be exposed. I instruct you to pull yours out as I do the same. Then, as were staring into each others eyes, I teach you how to touch yourself. Youre an obedient boy, so you do as youre told and soon were stroking our throbbing cocks together. I can tell you want to explode, but Mama isnt done with you just yet... So I send you off to get a shot glass, and as soon as you return you learn that youll have to do just one more thing to please me before I countdown your release.
Author: Rgporn -Date: 2-04-2020, 05:43 -Views: 0