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Katrina Moreno is one sultry woman. Not only does she have beautiful breasts and a plump ass, but she has an attitude that makes you want to fuck her. We meet her in the street dressed for success, her skin-tight apparel attracts attention. The men on the street go wild watching her pull her giant tits out in public. She even satisfies them by letting them touch her perfect rack. When they move to the studio she shows off her talents by being absolutely wild, the hottest blowjob, the hottest fucking. This is one to watch.
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Sofi Ryan is excited to start work at a new hospital and is getting the grand tour by Dr. Riley Reyes. Although Sofi is ready to change the world, Riley acts as though its already crashed and burned. As optimistic as Sofi tries to be, Riley brings it down with her pessimism.
Finally, Sofi cant stay quiet anymore and asks Riley whats bothering her. Riley insists that nothings bothering her, but Sofi insists that Rileys changed -- she used to be so enthusiastic about helping people! Of course, as soon as the words escape her mouth, Sofis worried that shes overstepped her boundary...
Riley assures her that its fine. Sofias right: she HAS changed. She used to want to make a difference in the world but after a few years, reality hit her. It doesnt feel like shes made a difference at all.
Sofi is shocked to hear this, insisting that Riley makes a difference every day! In fact, it was Riley that inspired Sofi to get into health care. Without her, Sofi wouldnt be doing what shes doing today either. Maybe Riley just needs someone to inspire HER!
Moved by Sofis words, Riley moves in for a hug, finally letting her guard down, but Sofi takes it a bit further. Maybe itd also help Riley if she let loose a little. Theres a spare hospital bed nearby, so why not??
Although Rileys still a bit hesitant, Sofi wins her over with her determination and passion. They tumble into bed together and peel away their scrubs to get close and personal. It isnt long before theyre making each other tremble by diving into each others pussies. All Sofi can hope is that all of this inspires Riley to keep being the best that she can be!
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